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Friday, 27 January 2017

Day 2061 - "I am He. Believe me."

I am pleased to report that the latest bout of death didn't last long for Our Mozzer and Dawn Mist. Dawny reappeared in The Wrong Arms late on Tuesday evening, whilst OM returned yesterday. Dawn has now even got a blog of here own, but more about that later.

It would seem that I have been forgiven for whatever it was that I did to upset OM, although he was quick to rap me across the knuckles on his return, tweeting:

"@TheRatsBack The chat will close if information is continually leaked. Please cease."

I pointed out that I report things because this whole thing is history in the making, to which OM replied:

"I shall write my own history. You will perhaps be a footnote on page 673."

Image result for morrissey writing

The fact that the chat room on the True Morrissey blog is a public forum seems to have passed OM by; although I guess he feels that not many people are likely to see what is written in the chat room, where as thousands of people read this blog of mine...or at least his band members and crew probably do. Whatever it is that I wrote that caused OM's parsnips to sour, I guess it has now all been sorted out.

And on the subject of the TM chat room, OM and Dawn had a conversation late on Tuesday evening which ended with OM saying, "Goodbye Damo... I mean Dawn." This could, of course, be a wind-up/tease, but I actually don't think so. I still believe that Dawn Mist is another of the characters/pessoas created by Morrissey, but I also reckon that Morrissey's close friend/constant companion/personal hairdresser/towel wafter, Damon 'Kevin Phillips' Anacreonte - or Damo as he is obviously known behind closed doors - sometimes uses the Dawn Mist twitter account and handle in the chat room. Damo quite possibly also tweets using OM's account, but this is all speculation on my part. Perhaps Monsieur Annebronte was responsible for the, er, not so well written pieces on the various blogs. I may be barking completely up the wrong tree, but I have a feeling in me bones.


I mentioned the chat room 'Damo' reference to Dawn & OM last night in The Wrong Arms. Here is the reply plus the other edited highlights of the evening:

DAWN: I've been eagerly awaiting this. OM often alludes to things that are not true.

OM: Truth is wasted on the simple and lies are more interesting. And the simple are often wasted,

RAT: As are the gin swilling intelligent...

OM: All speculation will be put to rest soon. Before that however there is a new blog.

RAT: Don't just talk about it, publish the f****** thing. All 2 of your readers are currently here and waiting.

OM: You cannot rush a genius which is why you are constantly out of breath.

RAT: B****** C*** F*****

HEATHER: New blog or blog post?

OM: A new blog. My creative juices spread across the interweb. Twotter is dead boys.

RAT: So, where is this genius new blog?

OM: In the ether. Posts are written. It is not what you have come to expect.

RATS: You intrigue me...although it is probably a lie.

OM: I would hate to prove you correct. Dawn is in control of the new place of dreams.

DAWN: I will no doubt need reigning in.

OM: Alas I know this all to (sic) well

OM: Admin Guy has been fired.

RAT: Dawny, do you ever stick OM under one of these?
Image result

DAWN: He insists on luxury bamboo 750GSM towels only.

OM: I am not pinned down not stuck anywhere. I am a seminal artiste and I will be treated as such.

RAT: Ooo, get you! I'm only trying to find out how you have your barnet dried.

OM: For what purpose? You do not need to dry your head. The water simply slides off.

DAWN: Who was that directed to? Me or Rat?

And then Dawn published the new blog -

Here is the first entry:

Dawn Mist
Welcome to the lighthouse

Thursday, 26 January 2017
Introduction: Who is Dawn Mist?

A slight dawn mist this way came and this way stayed. Blowing into life like disease into poverty. Incapable of impure thoughts and pure to the very last drop, she bows at those less fortunate than herself and praises those who live life in other realms. Desks of clutter in the lighthouse full of muster. A cluster of undeveloped ideas and archives devoid of space. In the creation of thoughts she is the spark amongst the damp, the light amongst the pitch black darkness of reality. Real me and reel me. Feel me and thrill me. Dawn, unborn and fawning, interested and yet still yawning.

In the lighthouse retrograde dreams fade and explosions of myth erupt from nowhere. Mythic forces collide with twisted logic and Dawn silently becomes.  The beauty of archaic childhood morphs into childlike adulthood. We never truly leave the past and yet Dawn has no past to leave. Created in flashes of ashes in a dark midnight storm, born but never conceived.  Living in isolation she learns the complex nature of man. Analysing and criticising and pointing the way forward. Pointing to a new dawn.  Spurts of creative energy engulf her and taste almost like sulphur.  Playing dumb does not interest her. She is the fountain of all knowledge and this we know to be true. It appears as if all knowledge came from her. An awakening so awe inspiring that steel structures crumble into rubble. The trees of life bow to her as she glides her merry way past.

Grey haired, long haired and loose grip, never laughing at countless sinking ships.  Intriguing sailors with her standoffish glance and unfathomable face. Sailors who are sober become imbibed and those who are drowning their livers with countless treats become stone cold sober at her approach. Her lighthouse is the beacon for the troubled and the lost. We are all lost until we have touched the hem of Dawn’s dress. To be in her presence is to be in the presence of an ageless beauty. The lighthouse lights the way for those who are willing to be led astray. To be led astray is to be led to awareness.

The slight dawn mist is a heavenly and careless breeze.

I would suggest that it was Morrissey who wrote these dreamy words, and NOT the hairdresser!
Image result for morrissey writing

There have been two further entries on the Dawn Mist blog, both pictures:

Virginia Woof's To The Lighthouse could well be Morrissey's influence for Dawn's character and the whole lighthouse thingy. It goes without saying that I have never read To The Lighthouse, but a quick google tells me that themes of the book include subjectivity, the nature of art, the problem of perception, poets, writers, artists etc, so it is right up Mozzer's alley. No doubt it will now instantly be acclaimed by MerryAnne as her favourite book of all time...

THERAPY RAT: Stop it need, you're better than that.

RAT: No I'm not.

THERAPY RAT: Fair enough. Get on with writing your blog then.

RAT: I haven't stopped writing it, and now you're in it!

THERAPY RAT: Who, little old me? Ooh, nice. Does my hair look ok?

RAT: Twat! If you think I'm paying for this session, you've got another think coming.

And finally Esther, and finally Cyril, it would appear that someone new has stumbled upon our little world; although as ever, my natural first thought is to presume that it is one of the old guard in a different guise, but I hope I'm wrong. A comment was left on the last FTM entry by somebody calling themselves Aimee Twist, who has subsequently joined us in The Wrong Arms as @twistedshaimee. Aimee is finding this all rather confusing; which is quite understandable, and tweeted to me yesterday to ask, "I thought you said that Seminal Artist was Morrissey? Less than 300 followers? Surely Morrissey would attract more."
I replied, "You'd have thought so, but this is 2017, and not 1984. Did you listen to World Peace? : )" Oh, I do make myself laugh at times.

Aimee then asked, "Who is Slight Dawn, a BRS member?" This was answered by Morrissey, who tweeted:
 "Welcome. You have a lot to learn but we await your contribution and belief. I am He. Believe me."

And finally, finally, as OM had disappeared on Tuesday, I had to find something else to occupy my time, so I tuned in to the Ken Bruce show on Radio 2, as I particularly like listening to the Pop Master quiz. I managed to score a measly 18, but OM, who has also listened to it, tells me that he scored 30. I believe him.


  1. We are most fortunate to experience Dawn's beautiful writing in her enchanting new blog - now with the latest addition of a short story, as well.

  2. I've tried to look for information, as I'm unclear how you know for certain that it is indeed Morrissey behind these Twitter accounts.

    Many people seem to dismiss the accounts as imitators, or as I saw on Morrissey Solo, a parody.

    I'd like to believe that it is Morrissey, but worry that I want it more to be Morrissey rather than it actually being He.

    I am still very confused. I see many articles that are saying page no longer exists, on your website.

    Do these pages hold the proof?

    However, I do like the idea of this very much. I take it Morrissey is in fact, parodying a parody of himself? So to speak.
    Which, in my eyes is something that he would perhaps do?

    1. We know for certain because of many, many events and happenings that have happened over the past 6 years, and YES the pages of this blog hold that proof, but it would take you forever to read it all from the very start, and I can't be bothered to re-publish them all at the moment. The Blue Rose blog documents how Morrissey has been accepting blue roses for the past 5 years, without anyone realising what he is doing.

      As for the people on Morrissey Solo, they are all fools. They had the chance to be part of this, and blew it due to their lack of intelligence, understanding and belief.

      Yes Morrissey is parodying himself, although the real him shines through quite a lot - particularly his cutting wit, diva moods and brilliant blog pieces.

      I'm still not convinced, Aimee, that you haven't been amongst us before in a different guise, but if I am wrong, I apologise.

      Enjoy it, this is history in the making.

  3. Rat,

    OM has requested that you stop being suspicious of any new member's.



    1. I can't help it. I'm surprised that OM doesn't presume every newbie to be Joyce!

  4. Interesting how others are welcomed into OM's bosom yet I was quietly disposed of..

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Bosoms? The body is still well maintained- ask Kitty.

  5. bloody hell.. admin guy.. now there is a blast from the not too distant past

  6. Dawn's tweets were always orphic.. looking forward to more tales from the Lighthouse.
    Lovely to see a new BRS member, I was beginning to feel like a black sheep!

    Is the tattoo on Damon's arm the same as the one on Morrissey's on Refusal?


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