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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Day 2066 - NEVER start at midnight

Our Mozzer has returned to Twitter, a Smiths single is soon to be released and the Morrissey band are heading back to the stage...the wheels are back on the wagon, and we're rolling!

Having closed his Twitter account following his defeat in the Moz Army quiz of Friday night, Our Mozzer (@seminalartiste) returned to The Wrong Arms on Monday afternoon and announced, "I have licked my wounds and devised my own quiz. 9pm, Friday. Be there." However, when Andy B (@TonyMerchison) asked him this evening if his quiz was prepared, OM replied, "the quiz is cancelled due to an illness in the quizzing party. Deep sadness." - Why should public appearances on Twitter be any different to the outside world? At least this time Kristeen Young can't be blamed; who incidentally is set to play four nights in London during February to promote her forthcoming album Live At the Witch's Tit, which has to be the greatest album title EVER. Unfortunately the four nights in London are all Tuesdays, which means I cannot get to go, which is disappointing to say the least.


The new Smiths single; which looks set to be released at some time soon, is a 12" vinyl of The Queen is Dead - the song Morrissey had wanted Warner Bros to release last year to mark the 30th anniversary of the LP - I guess better late than never.


There hasn't actually been an official announcement about this new Smiths release, unlike the announcement made on TTY at the end of November regarding a forthcoming 7" release of The Boy With The Thorn In His Side - which two months on, still hasn't seen the light of day.

I am guessing that both singles will be released on Record Store Day in April; although I hope not because hundreds of other records get released at the same time, which means that reaching Number 1 in the Official UK vinyl chart for either of these two singles would become a lottery. If the records were to be released during any other week of the year, it only needs approximately 200 sales to achieve a No.1; and although charts may not matter to many people these days, they do matter to Morrissey.

And Morrissey isn't the only artist to be concerned with charts, if you read the excited tweets of artists who have reached No.1 in the Vinyl Chart; such as my current favourite band The Sherlocks  (who I am going to see live in Feb), then you can see what a buzz it can bring.

Image result for the sherlocks

Anyway, enough about the Smiths...for now, let me briefly return to the tweets of both Our Mozzer and Dawn Mist (@slightdawnmist), which although not many in number, hold secrets to be told.

On Sunday at 5.30pm, Dawn tweeted, "Peru, Peru - my heart's lighthouse", which tended to suggest that a concert may well have been booked for, er, Peru, but on Monday evening, OM turned up in The Arms to announce, "Peril in Peru", which now tends to suggest, it's over before it began.

However, even if Peru isn't happening, it has just been announced that a headline slot at a Mexican festival IS. This announcement doesn't come as a complete surprise, because a tweet from Dawn on Monday evening looks to have been a HUGE hint.

At 10.40pm, Dawn entered The Wrong Arms and played the Killers song Midnight Show on the jukebox, before adding, "I'd NEVER start at midnight". Dawn then followed this up with, "You'd do well to NEVER remember that". One presumes that Morrissey's Mexican headline slot is a midnight kick off....but how could an unknown, unofficial Twitter account with just 47 followers possibly know that?


And finally, earlier on Tuesday; after I had tweeted a picture of a lighthouse that I had only just seen on the Dawn Mist blogsite, Our Mozzer took to Twitter to berate my slackness in observation, tweeting, "one does not laze around LA all day and expect to hear that his staff are being incompetent." He's back in LA?

There Is A Light That Never Goes Out


  1. Truly disappointed that the quiz has been cancelled, but thrilled to hear that the wheels are back on the wagon.

  2. Thank you Rat, where would we be without our faithful cryptologist? The meaning of Dawn's midnight tweets flew right over my head, I must learn this language of equivoques fast before I'm left at the altar. I was told, but I didn't listen!
    Maybe OM will premier some songs off the new album at Roxy?
    Beautiful sleeve, almost otherworldly. That's the same backdrop used during I Will See You in Far Off Places.. Does it mean anything? As ever, I am hopeless.

  3. Hello Ratty dear, Morrissey playing somewhere is always a great news! The picture of the lighthouse is very beautiful and Margherita Caruso is simply supreme! Do you know she's working in Milano's General Hospital as a chemical expert and she never played again as actress. Life is strange, but once again thanks to Morrissey for rembering us about her. Ciao

  4. I believe I also tweeted- "Tours from the lighthouse".

    1. Yes I saw that, I thought it meant a new blog post (tales/tours, very similar). I commented about it on your blog in reply to that German ('Chuck'?).

    2. wait - TOUR ?!

  5. Great news that Morrissey will be back on the road again very soon.


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