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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Day 2072 - Tours from the lighthouse

I wrote in my previous blog entry that it was to be presumed that Morrissey's headline slot at the Roxy festival on 1st April will begin at Midnight. This was confirmed to me by Dawn Mist (@slightdawnmist) in the filthy toilets of The Wrong Arms - i.e. the Twitter DM - last Wednesday evening, although how a lighthouse keeper with 47 seagull followers on Twitter can possibly know this, I cannot say....well actually I can say, and I often do, but no one believes me.

Dawn also took to the comments section of my last blog entry to write:

"I believe I also tweeted- "Tours from the lighthouse", which Dawn had indeed tweeted on January 29th, although I didn't bother to report it in my last blog entry, because no tour had been announced.

This morning I have awoken to find that a new Morrissey tour has been announced.... Dawn knows EVERYTHING!
Image result for fog lighthouse  needles

The announcement of the mini-tour came via True-To-You, with the 5 dates being in the USA in April. Accompanying the announcement was a photoshopped picture by 'nephew Sam' of Black Panther founder, Huey Newton, holding a copy of Morrissey's (soon to be released???) World Peace LP - the original photo had Newton holding Bob Dylan's Highway 61 Revisited. Newton's taste in music has obviously improved with death!

That previous blog entry of mine ended with me asking if Morrissey had now returned to LA - as mentioned in a tweet by Our Mozzer (@seminalartiste). It has now emerged that Moz was spotted by a fan at Hollywood's ArcLight cinema last Thursday evening; watching I Am Not Your Negro, so the answer to my question is 'yes'!

There has been very little seen in The Arms this past week of Dawn Mist or OM, although Dawn did pop her head in on Saturday to correct me on my assumption that a story and photo about Moz signing for some medicines must have been fake because it showed Morrissey signing for a package with his left hand - Morrissey being right handed. Dawn simply tested to me, "Ambidextrous".


I replied to Dawn that, from what I had seen of Morrissey's handwriting, he could barely write with one hand, let alone both. For this insubordination, I received a tweet back saying, "blocked", but thankfully I haven't been!

Later on Saturday, Dawn invited the seagulls to join her and OM in the lighthouse i.e. the chatroom on the True Morrissey blogsite, but on arrival neither OM nor Dawn were very chatty, and they soon left without really discussing anything.

Our Mozzer's only appearance this week in The Arms was on Sunday evening, when he tweeted, "The lighthouse attracts as personal sadness engulfs me. Join in." 
I wasn't online at the time, so I was unable to attend. Goodness only knows what that personal sadness could be, but hopefully it is nothing too serious.


  1. I suppose that Dawn is able to see many things from her perch in the lighthouse that others aren't able to see. Always exciting to hear about a new tour, especially if it means that even more dates may be forthcoming. I hope that OM is ok.

  2. oh a tour a tour who could have guessed.. well maybe Frances De La Tour

  3. Hello Ratty, I read your tweets with mister Dawn, very funny! Thanks God he didn't block you! Ambidextrous, well like Leonardo Da Vinci, a genious! What's was saying Manc? He knows more than the devil.... good night 😘

    1. ah! our very own Italian scrumpet, I am a simple council estate urchin, I assure you I know Nufink. Nufink, I tells ya

  4. I sense the lighthouse holds special virtues.
    Looking forward to see where the light may guide us.

  5. I thought Dawn's tweet was about a new blog post, this has really knocked me off my feet - I'm always ready to go on pilgrimmage. I'm ordering my pop-up tent as I type.


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