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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Day 2079 - "Peas in a pod" - Dawn opens up

What I didn't report on my last blog entry of Saturday, was the Friday night conversation that I had with Dawn in the private confines of Twitter's 'Direct Message' (DM) aka the toilets of The Wrong Arms. This was a private conversation, that isn't for public consumption, but for the record, here it is as an unpublished blog entry - just in case one day this becomes a book....although by the time it does become a book, books probably won't exist anymore....could books really die out? It's unthinkable, just as it was unthinkable that records would one day die out, but they very nearly did, and they could again. Where was I? Oh yes, my private conversation with Dawn Mist, which she instigated at 10.15pm (2.15pm in LA).

DAWN: C****! The USA dates - announced scheduled. Mexico weren't confirmed. Mexico actually happened first.

ME: Are you saying the USA dates aren't confirmed? Why announce as 'scheduled'? I don't know what you mean.

DAWN: Eventually you will. However, when do I announce my schedule?

ME: You don't!

DAWN: I wonder...are they my cancelled shows from 1986? Who knows...

ME: I know, and no, they're not! Those shows were: Miami, Atlanta, Nashville, New York.

DAWN: How astute.

ME: This country needs stutes.

DAWN: But overrun with rats.

ME: So, will you tell me why the Smiths reformation isn't happening?


ME: Fairy nuff.

DAWN: JM pulled out.

ME: I never know when to believe you. Were you too demanding?

DAWN: Why am I telling you this?

ME: Because we are friends. I have a good ear...or eye in this case.

DAWN: I never know why I tell such things on here. Least of all to you. 

ME: Perhaps it's because for some strange reason you actually quite like me.

DAWN: I know I can request you to keep quiet? I assume?

ME: You know you can trust me. All you ever have to do is tell me.

DAWN: I have a big mouth. Like you. Peas in a pod.

ME: Excitable puppies. Still 15 at heart.

DAWN: Can I tell you, I really thought it would, it would be right. JM wants to market the unmarketable. Wants the glory. I do not. I want the magic. The true-ness. The unbelievable.

ME: You always were the romantic one. Why unmarketable? What does he want?

DAWN: He wants airplay I presume. I want to tour - Uk. 

ME: I'm sure you have always had your image of how it would happen, and JM's image is different. There is always a compromise. You should sit down with him and tell him how you picture it. A new Smiths LP would be huge. Having a hit single would be impossible - Airplay only on Radio 2 - JM must know that. And what do you mean by 'presume'? You need to meet up and talk it through properly.

DAWN: The possibilities are endless. JM is a closed shop. We spoke about Patti. Then silence.

ME: Closed shops can be reopened, you just need a key. The door might not even be locked. You really should just meet up. Ask him, he won't say no. Goodnight, friend.

DAWN: Good Sorrow. 

*This blog entry was eventually made public on April 14th 2017 with the permission of Morrissey*


  1. I don't understand JM's reasoning - what could be more glorious than a tour?

    Maybe this has some connection to Dawn tweeting Patti lyrics.

  2. All the latest JM songs sound like potential Smiths, they just need M vocals and lyrics to replace JM's attempt.

  3. "I want the magic. The true-ness. The unbelievable."
    Speaks volumes. Beautiful.

  4. Leaving us with nothing it's still exciting to hear the other side. If only... I would certainly go for the 'magic, true-ness and unbelievable' Beautifully said.

  5. the smiths could NEVER EVER happen again, why on earth after all these years would Moz turn to loyal Boz and the others and say thanks but I am getting back with my old band, one he would rather strangle than speak to.. just NEVER EVER (yep those two words again)going to happen

    1. Oh, Manc lad, calm yourself down or you'll burst something. You don't need to worry about Boz, he has loads of projects, and is always getting back together with the Meerkats. A Morrissey & Marr get together doesn't have to be a permanent thing, and where has anyone mentioned getting back old band members?
      As JM once said, the one reason for getting back with Moz would be because it would make a lot of people very happy. The world could do with a bit of happiness!


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