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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Day 2087 - Because we must

All has been fairly quiet on the Moz front, which is just as well as I have been busy pounding the streets of Manhattan. I visited a couple of record shops during my three day trip, including In Living Stereo in NoHo's Great Jones Street, where I bought Johnny Marr's The Messenger for 11 bucks (reduced from 20). I also got to see the brilliant Gregory Porter play at The Town Hall on West 43rd Street - a venue that would be absolutely perfect for Morrissey, although I expect that he's already played it.

Image result for in living stereo new york record shop

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And whilst I left these shores for America, Morrissey left America for Blighty. He has been photographed this week with a very tall bloke called Craig at the BMG office in London, but as to why he was there; Morrissey that is, not Craig, who apparently works there, I do not know. I guess Morrissey may have attended with his friends Ron & Russell Mael, who have just signed to BMG.


Sparks BMG 1

With regards to Our Mozzer and Dawn Mist, there have been the occasional visits to The Wrong Arms, but not many, and not much was said when they did visit. Here are the offerings of Dawn:

Feb 14
"The bored seminal lighthouse keeper"

Feb 18
"You're so hollow."

Feb 20
"If I could mention my love life. I wouldn't." I replied to this with, "I bet that lighthouse has seen some action!", to which Dawn responded, "the action or non-action of the lighthouse is none of your concern. A lighthouse keeper must have some secrets. This you know."

"The calendar is full."

Dawn played the song Under the Milky Way by The Church on the jukebox. Sari (@EnoughSari) then told Dawn, "I love this song", to which Dawn replied, "I love that you love. Does it remind you of another band perhaps? You hear what I hear?" I jumped in with, "Never heard this before, nor heard of the band. The lead singer sounds very Lou Reed to me." Dawn took umbrage to me sticking my nose into her conversation, and replied, "You can fuck off.".... so I did. Dawn then fucked off too. Sari hasn't yet replied to Dawn's question.

And here are Our Mozzer's offerings:

Feb 12
"Find beauty in ugly things"

Feb 14
"If you're lonely then you will be alone in a room full of other humans. Loneliness attacks the scraps."

In response to me posting a photo of an ebay listing of a terribly forged Morrissey autograph: "Joyce looking to make extra money for that garage extension"

Feb 20
"We move on from personal tragedies because we must."

As to whether or not this personal tragedy is the same as the personal sadness that was engulfing Our Mozzer on February 5th, I cannot say, but I am pleased to see that he has found the capability to move on - there is always something to move on to....because we must!

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  1. Great to see that the Mozship (minus button) has arrived in the disunited kingdom. Any hits on your blog from dear old Blighty?

  2. ps was there a clue in Brockmans Gin?

  3. I'm trying hard not to get my hopes up regarding the purpose behind the BMG visit. Whatever the reason, I hope it was an enjoyable visit, and I'm really glad to have the chance to see Moz in that splendid jacket.

  4. I too am trying not to let my imagination run away with me regarding Morrissey's visit to BMG.
    Moz is looking well & super sparkly.

  5. Hello Ratty dear, I'm sure you had a good time in New York and I'm happy for you! Morrissey' s pic with the tall man is a lovely news, but we got no news... anyway I love to think about a record deal, new disc, and new dates. Is it to much? The quote "full calendar" makes me hope and the song Under the Milky Way makes me think about new songs with acoustic guitars, we'll see. Have a good day, ciao.

  6. Hello Rat, I hope you had a fine time in NY. Interestingly, OM hasn’t played at The Town Hall on West 43rd Street. Yet.
    I was riffling through Dawn's twitter and I saw that in the comments of her tweet 'The lighthouse shines brighter on the island.' she replied to you: I can only imagine. However I said island, not Isle... fingers crossed this doesn't means dear old Blighty is off the schedule this year!


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