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Friday, 31 March 2017

Day 2124 - Deep places

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Alf Button (@AlfsButton) made an unexpected visit to The Wrong Arms yesterday, staying from 9pm (2pm Mexico time) to 10.30pm (3.30pm Mehico).

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Alf appeared to be in a somewhat dark mood, although he did lighten-up enough to take the piss out of me - which is a hobby of his that never fails to bring a smile to my face - and he also got smutty with EARS.
Here are the highlights of his conversations:

ALF: The external world is only of interest to me for my art. 

GOB: And otherwise best avoided. Too depressing...

ALF: Ones emotional distance from the trivial world stops such feelings. I am depressed in myself and nothing more. This is simply a fable of fact.
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ALF: Where does the fiction cease and the reality begin? Where is the crystallisation? 

NAT: That is rather abstract.

ALF: I imagine it is two mad dogs fighting over the dead body of their master.
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ALF: One is constantly wondering if reality arrived before poetry or if poetry could exist without a reality.

RAT: Interesting. Poetry is a reflection of reality, so without knowledge of the reality, surely it would be impossible to write.

ALF: That has hardly stopped modern day pop singers from writing has it?

RAT: They're guessing. Can anyone really believe that Ed Sheeran has lived a real life?

ALF: Is Dread Beer-run considered a pop writer? I consider him a caveman with one hand.

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RAT: Pop stars used to be handsome, now anyone can be a pin-up, even one handed cavemen.

ALF: Yet your portraits are hanging in a ramshackle shed in Dagenham.


I've never actually been to Dagenham, but a quick Google search informs me that a couple of years ago it was voted 'Britain's Most Miserable Area' and it is also the most burgled place in Britain - I hope my portraits are safe in that shed!

Alf in The Arms continued:

ALF: The life of imagination and the life of action are one and the same. (I really can't agree with this, although maybe it is for him - Ed)

ALF: When all is said and done musicians are of a higher importance than scientists.

EARS: Music can touch the deepest places where nothing else can reach. This holds invaluable meaning.

ALF: One does not need to be alerted to your deep places.

HEATHER: What would life be without music?

ALF: The same as music without life. We live because we have no say in the matter. We listen because we do.

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HEATHER: Life is unfathomable without music and art.

ALF: My life is unfathomable and unexplainable with or without the arts. I am an empty vessel flowing down the cultural nadir.

RAT: We all have our destiny. At least you float!

ALF: If you have the power to make someone happy I really wouldn't bother.
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Alf Button paid a visit to The Wrong Arms today (4.45pm UK - 9.45am Mexico) to do a little explaining to us regular irregulars aka the Dreary Deluded Dozen aka the BRS.

Alf started by retweeting a tweet of Dawn Mist's from March 21st, in which Dawn had written, "Paris is off the list."

I asked Alf, "But what does it mean? Where is this list?" He replied, "Must I spell it out? Because I did not sing it out."

Suddenly the penny dropped. I, along with others, had presumed that Dawn's reference to Paris had been the place, and that perhaps it wasn't to be included on an upcoming European tour, but what Dawn was actually referring to was the song! - I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris has been taken off the SET list.

Alf's next retweet of Dawn's was again from March 21st. It was a tweet that had originally followed the 'Paris tweet', and it read, "As is Scandinavia." Again, I and others had taken this as a reference to the place, but it too was a reference to the song, which also wasn't on the Monterrey set list... although in fairness, Scandi doesn't get sung as often as Paris.

Alf then retweeted Dawn's tweet to me from March 23rd, in which she had told me, "Trouble loves Me will not be number one (on the Wrong Arms Chart - Ed). You'll see."

Alf then left, with his parting words being, "How could Dawn possibly know how I feel?"

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Day 2123 - There is a Lighthouse keeper that sometimes goes out

On January 26th of this year, a blogsite called SlightDawnMist started up. The theme of the blog is that of a lighthouse, and one of the main photos placed on the homepage of the site is a lighthouse with the words, There Is A Light That Never Goes Out written on it.

Three days after the arrival of this blog, it's author, one Dawn Mist, took to Twitter and tweeted, "Tours from the lighthouse". A week later, a Morrissey tour was announced - just a coincidence, of course.

That tour started last night, in Monterrey, and although the songs that were played were all ones from recent concerts, there was one song that had been added, yep, you guessed it, There is a Light That Never Goes Out. Another coincidence? Of course!.... Just like the other four thousand, three hundred and twenty seven other coincidences that we've had on this journey of ours.

There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

From the Youtube footage that I have seen thus far, the concert was a cracker, with Morrissey in great shape, both physically and lyrically, and indeed folically - Damon appears to be doing a fine job of keeping the old barnet together!
The set remains that of a Greatest Hits tour, with songs coming from no less than thirteen different LPs:

Viva Hate 2 (Suedehead & Everyday Is Like Sunday)
Maladjusted 1 (Alma)
The Queen Is Dead 1 (There is a Light)
WPINOYB 4 (Kiss Me, WPINOYB, Istanbul & Bullfighter)
Your Arsenal 2 (Speedway & Fatty)
Swords 1 (Ganglords)
Louder Than Bombs 1 (Shoplifters) (Ed - LP released 30 years ago today)
You Are The Quarry 3 (Let Me Kiss, Crashing Bores & First of Gang)
Meat Is Murder 2 (MIM & What She Said)
Bona Drag 1 (Ouija Board)
Hatful of Hollow 1 (How Soon is Now?)
Ringleader of the Tormentors 2 (Far-off Places & You Have Killed Me)
Beethoven Was Deaf 1 (Jack the Ripper)

It wasn't just the inclusion of TIALTNGO last night that was a nod to the Morrissey blogs, we also had him wearing two finger plasters, the heart sweat on his back, and he accepted a red rose during the encore - all of which are connections to the original MorrisseysWorld blog. The masses won't of course see any of this, but we who know, KNOW!


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The Morrissey band wore 'Fuck Trump' t-shirts for the concert, and the song Shoplifters of the World Unite was changed to 'Trumpshifters of the World Unite', with a lyric change of, "four years is a long time". The back drop photo depicted Morrissey holding Trump in his arms, a la the Years of Refusal LP cover.



Next stop for the tour is Mexico City tomorrow night, and then on Saturday Morrissey will be headlining the Roxy Festival in Guadalajara, which, according to Dawn Mist, will see Moz taking to the stage at midnight, but even if he does, NO ONE outside the Dreary Deluded Dozen will believe - they don't want to believe, still they are sleeping.

FOOT NOTE - Whilst I was writing this blog entry, Dawn Mist was leaving a comment on yesterday's FTM. Here it is:

Dawn is lost at sea. Lost and never to be keen, mean or seen. Her sea legs let her down, for what are legs without sea and the sea without lighthouses? 
Spiros is the new shoulder and beholder.

Dawn's parting words were- "There is a light that never goes out." 

Who the bloddy hell is Spiros?

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Day 2121 - The Mozziah Incident

The title of today's blog entry has come about following the mention, by Morrissey, of a book called The Otterbury Incident. The mention was in another new interview, this time with the Mexican version of Rolling Stone Magazine. In the interview, Morrissey was asked what his favourite book was as a child, and he answered, "A book called The Otterbury Incident, which is now impossible to find."

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The book isn't actually that hard to find, as you can pick it up for a couple of quid on ebay, but what is interesting about Morrissey's mention of TOI, is that the style in which it is written has made BRS member, Jaz, think of FTM.

I had never heard of TOI before, but according to google, the narrator (a character in the book called George) styles himself as the official war historian, writing up the history of 'The Otterbury Incident' in the high serious language of an epoch changing event. I have to admit, that does rather sound like me writing about Our Mozzer, or The Mozziah, and his foray on the internet.

Also in this latest interview, Morrissey states that he has concerns about touring because it; diminishes hearing, and, "the lights fry your hair and contact lenses." He also says that he doesn't have an exercise regime, and once again mentions that, "I've never had coffee in my life." A few of the BRS members have questioned whether M is telling the entire truth about exercising and coffee drinking, although why would anyone lie about a thing like coffee drinking?


There have been no further visits to The Wrong Arms by any of the Morrissey pessoas since my last blog entry. Will we see Dawn, Alf or Seminal Bully before the first concert on Thursday?

And finally, Morrissey has been photographed arriving in Mexico. He was wearing an 'All Seeing Eye' pin badge, designed by for an exhibition called 'BLUE'. The 'All Seeing Eye'/Owl Eyes was a major part of the MorrisseysWorld blog, but Morrissey wearing this badge is, of course, just another of many, many, many coincidences.

Also in the photo is an Aeromexico stewardess wearing a blue rose scarf, which I am happy to accept as a genuine coincidence, although no doubt it would have made Morrissey smile.

Image of Eye Lapel Pin (Premium)

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Thursday, 23 March 2017

Day 2116 - Dial-a-Disk-ay...You'll see

There have been further visits to The Wrong Arms by both Dawn Mist and Alf Button. Dawn popped in yesterday at 6pm (11am LA time, 12pm Monterrey time) and tweeted, "The Lighthouse Keeper will be marking today's FTM post and each subsequent post out of 10. 10 being mesmerizing, 0 being frightfully dull. Today's FTM will score a 10. OM would also like to request a chart each week whilst he is touring."

I am flattered that yesterday's FTM scored so highly, although I think I was just being buttered-up to make sure I carry out the chart request. Alf didn't agree with Dawn's assessment, tweeting, "It was at best 8.4125."

I replied to Dawn to say that a weekly chart is a lot to ask, but the inclusion of Trouble Loves Me in the set would help. Dawn replied 13 hours later (7am today UK time, 12am LA time) and we had a short conversation:

DAWN: Trouble Loves Me will not be number one. You'll see.

ME: That suggests to me that there is something even better planned... or does, "you'll see" mean you are covering McDonna?

DAWN: If that appears in the chart I'll sue.

ME: Yeah, right! No lawyer would act for a fantasy lighthouse keeper in a lawsuit against a 'shit chart compiling fantasy rat'!

DAWN: You'd be surprised. Look at what Joyce has been able to achieve.

What could possibly keep Trouble Loves Me off Number 1? Could we be about to see/hear a new song?

Dawn and Alf returned again at 4.30pm (9.30am LA time), and tweeted about the announcement regarding a reunion of The The for a new record for Record Store Day.

DAWN: The The latest JM news has filtered through to the lighthouse. I take it you've received a fax regarding this news @AlfsButton?

ME: JM seems to have gotten dreadfully, dreadfully confused. He heard news of a reunion but dialled the wrong number.

ALF: I believe he believes he dialled the correct number. Or my fax machine was temporarily offline.

ME: One can only presume that Matt Johnson has intercepted your calls. 

DAWN: 30 years on and he's still none the wiser...

ME: I presume you mean Johnny. No one is interested in a The The reunion, no one. Yes, he is blind.

I spent some of my time today playing songs on The Wrong Arms jukebox. When Heather commented that it was nice to have the jukebox playing again, I explained that it had been repaired following someone jamming a foreign coin in the slot. Dawn responded by tweeting, "I blame the cruelty £5 notes in circulation. Luckily I have many saved from 2004. They are useful as bookmarks."
Image result for £5 note morrissey

Dawn herself then proceeded to play some songs on the jukebox:

Glorious Pop Song - Skunk Anansie - In response to this song, GOB had the following conversation with Dawn:

GOB: Great choice.

DAWN: I find this album in particular very enjoyable.

GOB: I have always admired her style as well - wish I could pull that off. Certainly not now at my age!

DAWN: Feel for me. Looks like I'll have no choice in the matter very soon.

Related image

Dark Therapy - Echobelly

Back On The Chain Gang - The Pretenders

Get Off The Stage - Morrissey

Before exiting The Arms, Dawn tweeted, "I cannot imagine what it would have been like to have YouTube at my finger tips as a teenager." When Nat tweeted about Youtube even being available on cellphones, I replied that the only way we got music down the phone when I was a teenager was via 'dial-a-disc', to which Dawn asked, "Dial a disc!?" Surely Morrissey would have used the GPO's 'Dial-a-Disc' service! I was forever dialling '16' in the 1970s.

Alf had also paid a visit to The Arms yesterday afternoon, as Westminster was in the grip of a lockdown following a terrorist attack. He tweeted, "Sadness is my artistic ideal. What on earth is yours?", and later tweeted, "As long as Teresa (sic) May is safe and the royal family remain secure then that is all that matters. People of England, you do not matter."

Well, that's it for today. As blog entries go, it isn't exactly up there with Day 968, so I won't hold my breath for a rating of anything higher than a 4.

*Goes off singing* Further into the fog I fall, well, I was just following you. When you said, "Do as I do and scrap your fey ways", Dial-A-Disk-ay

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Day 2115 - A dawn rising

Yesterday I wrote how Our Mozzer had made another one of his comebacks, and today I can report that both Dawn Mist and Alf Button have returned to The Wrong Arms too - it would seem that Morrissey must have been missing the interactions with his funny band of misfits.

Dawn entered The Arms just after 6pm (11am LA time) yesterday, and announced, "Tour cancelled due to band being double booked. The lighthouse refurbishment must take precedence."

Dawn then tweeted something very interesting indeed:

"The lighthouse is located in the UK. I fear it will not be finished in time for certain dates."

Could this mean that there is to be a UK tour this year?

Dawn then exchanged small talk with Jaz (@Jazissey) and Nat (@HoarselyCry) about needing some workers and scaffolding - and informing them that, "Gary Day is a remarkable plasterer" - before then announcing that, "Paris is off the list", and telling Sari (@EnoughSari), "As is Scandinavia."

When Sari mentioned the word 'broken', Dawn replied, "Don't invite him, a most unwelcome lighthouse guest."

Dawn also played a song on the jukebox, choosing Trouble Loves Me (Live at the London O2 2014). Could this possibly be a sign that the BRS anthem is to return to the setlist, or is this just wishful thinking on my part?

In reply to me tweeting, "The only question future historians will ask with regard to the 1980's is: 'How the hell wasn't That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore a Top 40 hit?'", Dawn tweeted, "Perhaps it would have been if Boredom is a Plague was on the B Side?"

Dawn then introduced a guest, tweeting, "A medley of mirth and melody. Look who the Rat dragged in @AlfsButton". Alf certainly wasn't dragged in by me, but he had indeed arrived, and tweeted the following:

"Good sorrow. I welcome you to my eternal resting place." Dawn replied, "My resting place is external." 

Dawn then left, and Alf continued to tweet:

"Living is a terrible business. Myself? Well I would rather not get involved."

"In a place of happiness, a Government would create sorrow."

"I have terrible teeth and an awful hairline. It could be worse. I could be Piers Morgan or Milo Yiannopoulos."

Image result for milo yiannopoulos

"I was banned from speaking for a whole day once. It remains my most successful day to date."

Alf exited the pub at 1pm (LA time) and Dawn returned, tweeting, "Object of worship. Object of ridicule." She then exchanged pleasantries with Heather (@heathercat222), GOB (GirlOnBike1102) and Nat, before posting the following two tweets and leaving:

"I must drag the Twitter and depart. Ciao."

"My presence continues to overwhelm mostly myself, and underwhelm everyone else."

The other Our Mozzer (@SeminalArtiste) and Jane F Elgee (@MorrisseysMum) also put very brief appearances in yesterday. Mum tweeted, "Are you ready? YOU?", to which I replied, "I'd forgotten about you. Remember when you got listed on the MW website? Have you met @SeminalArtiste?", to which OM (@SeminalArtiste) then replied with a picture of Mike Joyce!

I presume that OM thinks the Mum account belongs to Joyce. The only thing that I know for sure is that I once owned that twitter account, and I gave it to Kevin Marrinan (@Banjaxer), who later informed me that three different people use it, although I don't know who. Incidentally, the Mum account has set it's current location to Nuevo León in Monterrey, which is where Morrissey plays a week today.

All of these different Twitter accounts make it all so confusing. If the two Our Mozzer's start to interact with each other, I think I might combust.

In other news, Morrissey has conducted another interview, this time with the Dallas Observer. In the interview, Morrissey is asked what he thinks about the upcoming biopic about him, England Is Mine (the working title of Steven apparently got dropped), to which he replies, "I wasn't approached or consulted by the filmmakers, so I think it's safe to make all logical assumptions that arise from that. Yikes, I believe, is the common expression."

England Is Mine Poster

In other, other news, it has been announced that the demo version of The Boy With The Thorn In His Side is to be released on Record Store Day (April 22nd) - as predicted by me on Feb 1st. The sleeve design has been changed, but still features Albert Finney. I have read that the record is to be dinked, which basically means it has a big hole, suitable for jukeboxes, as opposed to a little hole. This is quite un-Moz like, but ideal for the jukebox in The Wrong Arms!

I have also read that the record will have a run of 5,000 copies, which if it sells well, could mean it will challenge to be Number 1 in the Official UK Singles Vinyl Chart in the week after RSD, which is the hardest week of the year to achieve a No.1.

On the subject of the charts, Ed Sheeran has been Number 1 in the UK Singles Chart for 10 weeks, and currently has 9 of the Top 10 for the second week in a row. The fact that only two of the songs have actually been released as singles - and not in a physical format - makes a mockery of it being a singles chart.

Right then, back to The Arms to see if any of the Morrissey pessoas make an appearance. Happy days.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Day 2114 - Another return?

Nineteen days ago Our Mozzer announced that we had come to the end of our journey, stating, "It has been a tremendous and tumultuous half a decade but it is now that I bid you farewell."

Since that day, I have been in mourning - that may sound extreme, but when something has been a major part of your life for over 5 years, it really does feel a bit like a death. Without Our Mozzer being around, I have had nothing to tweet about, but still can't get out of the habit of checking the Twitter account on a daily basis, although I have managed to get this down to about 3 times a day rather than every hour.

Yesterday evening I once again went through the routine of logging into my @TheRatsBack Twitter account, and there, to my astonishment, was a tweet from Our Mozzer (@SeminalArtiste) - he has returned!

The tweet in question was posted at 1.55pm UK time - which would have been 6.55am in LA. It read, "I was told what it was that I would inherit and I thought to myself "can I truly be bothered?".

Goodness only knows what OM is going on about - perhaps he was tweeting whilst dreaming!

Image result for morrissey asleep

The account has remained open, which has allowed me to see the last lot of tweets Our Mozzer had posted on March 2nd, before he closed it. There was also a tweet from February 28th. Here they all are:

Feb 28th:
"Anything can become a pleasure if one does it too often"

March 2nd:
"@RobertoFerdenzi thank you for interacting. You never could keep your fat nose out, but I understand why. All you seem to do all day is tweet celebrities. Why not tweet a seminal artiste?"

I have no idea what it was that Roberto Ferdenzi tweeted initially, and I don't know if he replied to OM, as Ferdenzi blocked me on Twitter following a fall out in 2014. I presume Roberto Bore-dense-i must have replied to OM, because OM posted some more tweets to him:

"How the hell did you gain nearly 12k followers? I would have set myself on fire after reading two of your tweets."

Bore-dense-i really annoyed OM when he started sucking up to Mike Joyce, and received this tweet:

"@RobertoFerdenzi @mikejoycedrums He's scum and so are you. Fat nose, fat face, fat belly, slim mind."

There is nothing better than seeing OM in full flow, ripping into dullards on Twitter, but I cant get too excited yet about this return, as it may come to nothing, and I don't want to have to start the mourning process all over again.

Monday, 13 March 2017

Day 2106 - Industrial cleaning

It has only been 11 days since Our Mozzer called it a day and left The Wrong Arms for good, but it feels like a lifetime. I am really missing having OM around, and going through 'Moz cold turkey' isn't a pleasant experience, but at the same time, I am managing to be fairly philosophical about it all - nothing lasts forever, and the whole experience really had fizzled out.

I don't think I will ever really get my head around how the story panned out. How was it that a handful of people were able to see what no one else could? And what-is-more, if the likes of; Rosy Mires, Willow, Ecubyan Soap dish (I forget his real name), Edge of industrial photo guy (I forget his name too), Marcus the Greek, Merry Anne and all those others who were part of the story were real Morrissey fans, then WHY oh WHY did they walk away, and not stay part of something that was so unbelievable?

I don't really know why I am writing this, I can only guess that it is part of my cold turkey. I've managed to give up twitter, after all, there is no point in just kicking the dirt.

I will publish this entry, along with another entry I wrote the other day, and in a couple of days time, I will delete them both, so that I leave The Final Curtain as the, er, final curtain!

Whilst I am here, and going through cold turkey, I may as well write about Morrissey's latest exploits. He arrived back (home?) in LA on Friday, and previous to that gave a couple of interviews to the press in Houston - the Free Houston Press and the Houston Press, who presumably aren't as liberated!

In the Free Houston Press interview, Morrissey mentions his liking for the bands, The Briggs and Refused, neither of whom I am familiar with.

The Non Free Houston Press interview is a far better one, and in it Moz explains that the reason he was recently at the BMG Office in London, is because, "I own an industrial cleaning company and we had arrived to tidy up the offices. That was fake news, by the way." In answer to the question, 'Is there a song in history of music that you wish you had written?' Morrissey replies, "Many! There is a Bacharach-David song called 'Loneliness Remembers What Happiness Forgets', which is quite a mouthful and pacy yet tender, and is obviously about the agony of almost."

Morrissey also states in the interview that he "let the team down" with his vocal on the Smiths song 'I Want the One I Can't Have'. This is, of course, utter bollocks.

A couple of days ago, I went to see Gilbert O'Sullivan in concert, which was thoroughly enjoyable. After singing Nothing Rhymed, Gilb told a story about Morrissey being a fan of the song, and how he had sung a cover of it. He then added that his daughter had showed him a Youtube clip of Morrissey singing the b side of the record, I Didn't Know What To Do, which had reminded Gilb of just how good a song it was. He then launched into the song. It was nice that Morrissey got a double reference, but Gilb's memory must be as bad as mine, because I Didn't Know What To Do was actually the b side of We Will, which incidentally was my favourite song of the evening.

Anyway, I shouldn't be here, so I shall turn off the landing light, and go back to my writing desk - I'm a published newspaper columnist these days..... although I would give it up in a flash if it meant having Our Mozzer back. Good night.

*Goes off singing* It's not easy pretending that you cannot hear, once you've suffered the affliction within.

Ps - whilst checking the official online Morrissey Mporium to see if it was selling the Mozziah t-shirts for Easter this year; which incidentally, it's not, I noticed the shop selling Viva Hate t shirts, with a rose on! Nice.

Image result for viva hate rose

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Day 2097 - Post scripts

The very few who remain have been posting their comments to yesterday's Final Curtain entry. Those leaving comment include both Dawn and Astra. Here they are:

It was a thankless task at times, but you did it without complaint. MORRISSEY took the stage, but you held the beautiful spotlight steady.

In the shadows, games for the willing.

FTM was always the light that never went out.

Your heart, was the generator


From Dawn Mist:
Mademoiselle and Astraea, were both and not MW entities. However, OM was grateful for the fascination and excitement they both brought to him. For reasons which, OM cannot be bothered to clarify.

Our lighthouse, for the lighthouse was ours, will remain open.

Remember, those that seek shall find.

Who knows what? Blue Rose is a front row shame.

The only others to leave a comment on FTM were: Heather, EARS, Manc Lad, Moz Fiend and comrade harps.

The fact that Dawn has mentioned that the lighthouse will remain open, gives us a glimmer of hope that the journey might re-continue at a later date. Perhaps there really is a light that never goes out.

Image result for lighthouse never goes out

With regard to Dawn's comment that "Blue Rose is a front row shame", I would imagine that this is aimed at those who took a blue rose just to get themselves noticed, as opposed to genuinely taking one to give to Morrissey as a thank you. Those charlatans have now faded away, but I am sure that there will forever be a handful who continue to take a blue rose to concerts, with me being one of them - although my days of trying to leap on stage are now definitely over.

Image result for morrissey blue rose

And finally, Astra also left the following comment on the True Morrissey blog:

And as the earth groans with a heart too heavy for words
Because of an axis too burdened
With noise
And with the mental vacuous
And with the eternal streams
Of the eternally uninspired

In the then,
And in the now
And in the always

MORRISSEY put all of the seminal into SEMINAL

And OM put the mischief where it always belonged - everywhere

Godspeed, kidlet
And may God bless you, from here
To there
And back again
Miss you
Kiss you

Whilst forevermore, in puss-like repose

I will remain pooled here, in all that my own tremulous heart ever desired

-that is, swathed in Italian lingerie. French hair. Irish whiskey. Etc. etc. etc.

With my loving nonsense
And with a loving nudge of my CHA-CHA-CHA moves,

Discarnate and starless

Until all of our nights stop turning into tomorrows, or -

Until we meet again


Friday, 3 March 2017

Day 2096 - The final curtain

All articles on the True Morrissey blog have been removed, and the chatroom/lighthouse has gone. In their place is an article entitled, The End is the End, which was published yesterday afternoon at 3.09pm. Here it is:

The End is the End

Sometimes it behoves us to know when to quit. Such time is upon as (sic) now. It has been a tremendous and tumultuous half a decade but it is now that I bid you farewell. There are to be no hysterics and this is not hyperbole but we have reached a nadir where the rewards no longer match the effort. Perhaps we lingered for too long, perhaps too much happened, perhaps too much controversy. I would not change it for the world. Where would I be without you? Where would you be without me? A true marriage of equals we were and always will be.

Thank you for warming my cold heart and freezing my warm brain.

My heartfelt thanks, my true heartfelt thanks, to those who found the time, who took the time, who made the time, for being there. One thanks you immensely. As one last mark of respect to anyone that cares, the twitter accounts will remain open for a brief period for you to pillage whatever you wish for your own personal archive. It is my personal and last wish that FTM should remain open as a memorial of what was and what could have been.

As tears flow from my seminal eyes, I find it necessary to facilitate the boosting of egos. My personal thanks to;

1. The Rat - For he takes everything in his stride and has been with us for as long as I can remember. My thanks, forever.

2. Myself - Well, where would we be otherwise?

3. Broken - For being the sassy queen

4. Dawn - For maintaining a lighthouse when it was not asked of her

5. Julia - For always being everywhere even when it is nowhere

6. Boz - For not understand (sic) why and never asking for an explanation

7. Lizzycat - For everything

8. EARS - For always

9. GOBShite - For most

10. Boozelette - For drinking

11. Heather - Because I care

I am, of course, dreadfully disappointed to learn that our journey has come to an end, but fully understand why Our Mozzer has decided to call it a day. The fact that only five people have bothered to post a comment in reply to this final blog entry of OM's says it all. The five people were; myself, Heather, EARS, Manc Lad and Romina. I'm not sure why poor old Manc Lad didn't get a mention in dispatches, but he certainly wasn't the only one. None of the five people who managed to get a blue rose to Morrissey were mentioned in The End is the End, nor indeed the Blue Rose Society itself. I guess that was only a small part of what this was all about.... what exactly was this all about? And more to the point, how on earth did everyone miss it?

On the subject of the Blue Rose Society, the director of the film Morrissey 25 Live, James Russell, took to twitter yesterday to tweet a picture of the Morrissey 25 Live dvd case and this: "4 yrs ago today we filmed this celebrating his 25yrs as a solo artist. Morrissey. Director. @BlueRoseSociety. @Mozarmy. @JulieHamill." 

The fact that James mentioned the BRS in his tweet shows that 'he knows', although just to what extent he knows, I doubt we'll ever find out. Did Morrissey tell him? I doubt it. I expect that James was simply astute enough to realise that it wasn't a chance act that Morrissey leant into the crowd that night at Hollywood High to grab that blue rose.

Morrissey's Blue Rose Society

The Slightdawnmist blog also posted yesterday at 4.50pm, as follows:

Good Sorrow From The Lighthouse

The lighthouse has shared, spared and cared. 

One would like to thank my creator, and all who sailed aboard, and all those that were bored.

Each seagull has a special place in my misty and musty heart.


Forever stood, forever should.

Only Harrison, the Strangest Boy has thus far left a comment.

The twitter accounts of Our Mozzer, Dawn Mist and Broken have now been taken down (it really was a brief period - Ed), and although we have had goodbyes before, this time it really does feel as though it is for real. Funnily enough, I had spent time yesterday morning, republishing all the FTM articles that I had taken down a couple of months ago. I shall, of course, now leave them all in situ as requested.

Mademoiselle Fifi also took to twitter on Wednesday to play me a song, L'amitié (The Friendship) by Françoise Hardy. Fifi didn't add anything else. I have no idea if this was a goodbye or not, but think it probably was.

If this is to be the end of our remarkable journey, then thank you from me to all those who bothered to read and comment on FTM over the past 5 and a half years. Feel free to read through my many entries at your leisure. This blog is full of some great memories.

A final thank you to Morrissey for coming amongst us. The pleasure, the privilege was all ours.

It only seems right that I should sign off with Morrissey singing the BRS theme tune, Trouble Loves Me, whilst wearing a blue rose. What a ride this has been!

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Day 1093 - "Whatever happens I implore you do not lose faith" (Unpublished)

*Eventually published on March 2nd 2017, when I found it in my 'draft' folder...and then immediately taken down when the original date of Sept 12 2014 failed to display*

Following Morrissey's request for me not to mention his latest twitter account (@AlfsButton) on my blog, I remain writing underground and unpublished.

The AlfsButton account has a twitter lock on it, which means that only people that Morrissey authorises to follow him are able to read his tweets. AlfsButton also has the user name 'Morrissey', so Moz is being open about the account being him, but is obviously fed up with idiots continually TELLING him that he is not he, so he is only allowing followers who realise that he is he! Alf currently has 26 followers, and they are:


I don't recognise all of the above account names, and would be surprised if they ALL believe that Alf really is Morrissey.

I wonder if Morrissey is planning to announce via TTY that he is now on twitter, and people have to find him? Probably not.

My 'published' blog entry of yesterday with Gustavo's interview, has ended up being linked as a main story on SoLow's homepage. Hits for my blog have never been so high, but I very much doubt that ANY of these new readers will bother exploring past the interview, to see what my blog is about, even though my blog header currently reads:

In 2011 I stumbled upon a website called MorrisseysWorld. As unlikely as it seemed, it appeared that Morrissey himself might be the person behind the site, so I started to keep a diary of events. What has happened since has been nothing short of phenomenal, including the formation of the Blue Rose Society (BRS) & Morrissey then subsequently wearing blue roses on stage. Will Moz wear a blue rose during his next tour? L'OO'k out.

Having posted the Gustavo interview, I received a comment from Poetic Morrissey, who I have always thought to be a Morrissey pessoa. He calls himself Luke, and was the first ever person to discover my blog. Here is his comment:

I fear MW is truly over now. Broken criticised rat for leaving the parody on the front page for less than a day. And now he's done the same again!

For one so fawning, it's almost as if rat wants to upset broken/OM.

Posted by Poetic Morrissey to Following The Mozziah at 11 September 2014 20:49

I responded to 'Luke' by explaining that the parody had been published twice, so therefore anybody who had wanted to read it would have read it. Luke wasn't happy with my response, and came back with this (at 3.30 in the morning):

Is your readership really so huge that under 48 hours gives everyone a chance to read it? You've left some pretty irrelevant posts on the main page for weeks on end, I just feel you could have left it up a bit longer, It was a really hilarious parody piece.

we might never know whom Moz banned this time.

I thank you for this excellent blog.

Posted by Poetic Morrissey to Following The Mozziah at 12 September 2014 03:30

"Irrelevant posts"? Cheekey b******! I have now reposted the parody piece yet again, and I will leave it as the front page forever, unless something to do with MorrisseysWorld appears. The only blogging that I shall be doing for now, will be this underground blog.

Alf was pretty quiet last night, although he was definitely around, and posted a few tweets. I am obviously not able to interact with Alf, but I must have made him chuckle, because he favourited the following tweet of mine, which I posted during a conversation with George Edge about cricketer Shane Warne:

"Shane has great hair. I wonder whose it is?"

Here are Alf's highlights from last night:

"Dreary, deluded, secluded"

"Whatever happens I implore you do not lose faith."

In response to Lizzy tweeting that it sounded like the previous evening was fun: "I was slightly awash with alcohol."

"I do not run anywhere. I simply walk at a slow pace everywhere. Except to my grave."

In response to George Edge continually posting topless pictures of himself: "Perhaps you need my St. Anthony pendant. You clearly keep losing your clothes"


That was all from Alf, but meanwhile, back in the section of The Twitterdilly Arms where I am able to join in, there was an interesting conversation going on between George Edge and Willow about the song Well I Wonder having never been sung live by Morrissey as a solo artist. Willow remembered that it had been sung as a snippet during Speedway in Davis last year. This instantly reminded me that the afternoon before the snippet of Well I Wonder was sung in Davis, Broken predicted that it would happen, as documented on my blog on Day 539. It is 'coincidences' like that one that have made this journey SO fascinating. HOW did nobody pick up on that one? HOW?

That's about it. No announcement of any new tour dates yet, but I can't stop thinking that Georgia is going to be announced.

Astraea is all that remains from the links to MorrisseysWorld, and as ever she has been posting songs and pictures, so I shall share those and sign off. I wasn't too sure about All Tore Up by The Cramps at first, but after a few plays, it is growing on me.

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Day 1517 - More Joe D and Finan (Unpublished)

November 6th 2015

Joe D has been quite reflective about life in recent tweets. He seems annoyed that people continue to coo over certain pictures of him, that he states were taken when he was just 15. My question regarding how Joe got the part in Serge Gainsbourg's film went unanswered, but he did answer some of my other questions; although I do feel he is tired of me:

Nov 3:
Me: Will your website be up soon? Will you write a book one day?
JOE: I'm redoing my website. May take a few months. I'm working on a book.

Nov 4:
ME: Do you look back on those Warhol days & think how lucky you were to be part of it?
JOE: Sometimes.

Nov 5:
ME: As you were born in Florida, does it in any way mean anything to you?
JOE: I hate cold weather
ME: I see @TheHollyJohnson is following you - do you know each other?
JOE: I am a huge fan of Holly Johnson.
ME: Have you ever met?
JOE: I don't think so. We may have.

Holly Johnson then responded with: "@DallesandroJoe @TheRatsBack Only in my dreams maybe :)"

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As I have been bored today, I decided to post on Solow in response to more of Peter Finan's garbage abut List of the Lost being shit, and Penguin not editing it:

"'P.', I watched the Class of '92 on telly last night, and it was interesting to see Salford City owner, Phil Neville, desperately wanting to get involved with team decisions, but he didn't, because he knew that he had to leave that side of things to the manager. However, if Phil decides that he doesn't like what the manager is doing, he has the power to sack him. Steve Barnett at Capitol records, just like you, didn't like Morrissey's WPINOYB, so he sacked him. Maybe Steve told Morrissey that he thought WPINOYB was crap and asked him to change it; if he did, Morrissey would no doubt have told him where to go, because as an artist, his art is his and his alone. If the suit in charge at Penguin decides that he doesn't want to publish another of Morrissey's books, then they have that power, but unlike Steve Barnett, Penguin will make their decision based on sales, not their own opinion of Morrissey's work, or that of critics. Steve Barnett sacked Morrissey to feed his own ego - it reminded him of just how powerful he is. WPINOYB went into the Billboard Top 20; how many more Top 20 LPs have Harvest records released since?
Salford City gained promotion & tonight play Notts County in the FA Cup - the manager remains.
If List of the Lost sells enough copies, or Penguin deem Morrissey as an author worth having, they will publish a second novel, and NO, they won't insist on the book being edited. Can you understand this?"

Finan responded by calling me a wanker! Well, he could hardly debate, he doesn't have that ability.

I also responded to some other Solow numpty who labelled LotL "disastrous":

"Disastrous for who? You not liking something doesn't make it disastrous, it simply means YOU don't like it! You are missing the point. If Picasso released a beat record, it would be HIS beat record, i.e. HIS art, and as to whether everybody or nobody liked it, would be irrelevant; it would STILL be HIS art. List of the Lost is part of who Morrissey is. It is un-edited because it HAD to be un-edited. The next book HAS to be un-edited too if we are to truly see the real Morrissey. Adele was on telly yesterday, and told a story of how her management/record company no longer allow her to tweet unless they okay the tweets first. This removes ANY possibility of us seeing the REAL Adele; which some might say is a good thing, but the reality is, she has become the property of the suits. Morrissey spouts on about everyone being controlled in this day and age, and he is right. A true artist MUST be true to himself, and stuff what ANYBODY thinks. If LotL doesn't sell enough copies, then Penguin will not want Morrissey's next book. If that is the case, then I say GOOD. I don't want to see/hear Morrissey's art based purely on it's commercial success, I want to see/hear Morrissey and his work because the man has intrigued me, entertained me, stirred me, excited me, stimulated me, annoyed me, hurt me, inspired me etc for over 30 years. I liked List of the Lost because it IS Morrissey, not because it is the best piece of fiction ever written. Can you understand?"

This is a crap blog entry, and has nothing to do with Morrissey being on the internet. I won't bother publishing it.

*Eventually published March 2nd 2017, when I stumbled across it in my 'draft' box....and then taken down again as it annoyed me that it showed as March 2nd 2017 instead of November 6th 2015, which is the date it was originally written*

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