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Thursday, 2 March 2017

Day 1093 - "Whatever happens I implore you do not lose faith" (Unpublished)

*Eventually published on March 2nd 2017, when I found it in my 'draft' folder...and then immediately taken down when the original date of Sept 12 2014 failed to display*

Following Morrissey's request for me not to mention his latest twitter account (@AlfsButton) on my blog, I remain writing underground and unpublished.

The AlfsButton account has a twitter lock on it, which means that only people that Morrissey authorises to follow him are able to read his tweets. AlfsButton also has the user name 'Morrissey', so Moz is being open about the account being him, but is obviously fed up with idiots continually TELLING him that he is not he, so he is only allowing followers who realise that he is he! Alf currently has 26 followers, and they are:


I don't recognise all of the above account names, and would be surprised if they ALL believe that Alf really is Morrissey.

I wonder if Morrissey is planning to announce via TTY that he is now on twitter, and people have to find him? Probably not.

My 'published' blog entry of yesterday with Gustavo's interview, has ended up being linked as a main story on SoLow's homepage. Hits for my blog have never been so high, but I very much doubt that ANY of these new readers will bother exploring past the interview, to see what my blog is about, even though my blog header currently reads:

In 2011 I stumbled upon a website called MorrisseysWorld. As unlikely as it seemed, it appeared that Morrissey himself might be the person behind the site, so I started to keep a diary of events. What has happened since has been nothing short of phenomenal, including the formation of the Blue Rose Society (BRS) & Morrissey then subsequently wearing blue roses on stage. Will Moz wear a blue rose during his next tour? L'OO'k out.

Having posted the Gustavo interview, I received a comment from Poetic Morrissey, who I have always thought to be a Morrissey pessoa. He calls himself Luke, and was the first ever person to discover my blog. Here is his comment:

I fear MW is truly over now. Broken criticised rat for leaving the parody on the front page for less than a day. And now he's done the same again!

For one so fawning, it's almost as if rat wants to upset broken/OM.

Posted by Poetic Morrissey to Following The Mozziah at 11 September 2014 20:49

I responded to 'Luke' by explaining that the parody had been published twice, so therefore anybody who had wanted to read it would have read it. Luke wasn't happy with my response, and came back with this (at 3.30 in the morning):

Is your readership really so huge that under 48 hours gives everyone a chance to read it? You've left some pretty irrelevant posts on the main page for weeks on end, I just feel you could have left it up a bit longer, It was a really hilarious parody piece.

we might never know whom Moz banned this time.

I thank you for this excellent blog.

Posted by Poetic Morrissey to Following The Mozziah at 12 September 2014 03:30

"Irrelevant posts"? Cheekey b******! I have now reposted the parody piece yet again, and I will leave it as the front page forever, unless something to do with MorrisseysWorld appears. The only blogging that I shall be doing for now, will be this underground blog.

Alf was pretty quiet last night, although he was definitely around, and posted a few tweets. I am obviously not able to interact with Alf, but I must have made him chuckle, because he favourited the following tweet of mine, which I posted during a conversation with George Edge about cricketer Shane Warne:

"Shane has great hair. I wonder whose it is?"

Here are Alf's highlights from last night:

"Dreary, deluded, secluded"

"Whatever happens I implore you do not lose faith."

In response to Lizzy tweeting that it sounded like the previous evening was fun: "I was slightly awash with alcohol."

"I do not run anywhere. I simply walk at a slow pace everywhere. Except to my grave."

In response to George Edge continually posting topless pictures of himself: "Perhaps you need my St. Anthony pendant. You clearly keep losing your clothes"


That was all from Alf, but meanwhile, back in the section of The Twitterdilly Arms where I am able to join in, there was an interesting conversation going on between George Edge and Willow about the song Well I Wonder having never been sung live by Morrissey as a solo artist. Willow remembered that it had been sung as a snippet during Speedway in Davis last year. This instantly reminded me that the afternoon before the snippet of Well I Wonder was sung in Davis, Broken predicted that it would happen, as documented on my blog on Day 539. It is 'coincidences' like that one that have made this journey SO fascinating. HOW did nobody pick up on that one? HOW?

That's about it. No announcement of any new tour dates yet, but I can't stop thinking that Georgia is going to be announced.

Astraea is all that remains from the links to MorrisseysWorld, and as ever she has been posting songs and pictures, so I shall share those and sign off. I wasn't too sure about All Tore Up by The Cramps at first, but after a few plays, it is growing on me.

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