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Thursday, 2 March 2017

Day 1517 - More Joe D and Finan (Unpublished)

November 6th 2015

Joe D has been quite reflective about life in recent tweets. He seems annoyed that people continue to coo over certain pictures of him, that he states were taken when he was just 15. My question regarding how Joe got the part in Serge Gainsbourg's film went unanswered, but he did answer some of my other questions; although I do feel he is tired of me:

Nov 3:
Me: Will your website be up soon? Will you write a book one day?
JOE: I'm redoing my website. May take a few months. I'm working on a book.

Nov 4:
ME: Do you look back on those Warhol days & think how lucky you were to be part of it?
JOE: Sometimes.

Nov 5:
ME: As you were born in Florida, does it in any way mean anything to you?
JOE: I hate cold weather
ME: I see @TheHollyJohnson is following you - do you know each other?
JOE: I am a huge fan of Holly Johnson.
ME: Have you ever met?
JOE: I don't think so. We may have.

Holly Johnson then responded with: "@DallesandroJoe @TheRatsBack Only in my dreams maybe :)"

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As I have been bored today, I decided to post on Solow in response to more of Peter Finan's garbage abut List of the Lost being shit, and Penguin not editing it:

"'P.', I watched the Class of '92 on telly last night, and it was interesting to see Salford City owner, Phil Neville, desperately wanting to get involved with team decisions, but he didn't, because he knew that he had to leave that side of things to the manager. However, if Phil decides that he doesn't like what the manager is doing, he has the power to sack him. Steve Barnett at Capitol records, just like you, didn't like Morrissey's WPINOYB, so he sacked him. Maybe Steve told Morrissey that he thought WPINOYB was crap and asked him to change it; if he did, Morrissey would no doubt have told him where to go, because as an artist, his art is his and his alone. If the suit in charge at Penguin decides that he doesn't want to publish another of Morrissey's books, then they have that power, but unlike Steve Barnett, Penguin will make their decision based on sales, not their own opinion of Morrissey's work, or that of critics. Steve Barnett sacked Morrissey to feed his own ego - it reminded him of just how powerful he is. WPINOYB went into the Billboard Top 20; how many more Top 20 LPs have Harvest records released since?
Salford City gained promotion & tonight play Notts County in the FA Cup - the manager remains.
If List of the Lost sells enough copies, or Penguin deem Morrissey as an author worth having, they will publish a second novel, and NO, they won't insist on the book being edited. Can you understand this?"

Finan responded by calling me a wanker! Well, he could hardly debate, he doesn't have that ability.

I also responded to some other Solow numpty who labelled LotL "disastrous":

"Disastrous for who? You not liking something doesn't make it disastrous, it simply means YOU don't like it! You are missing the point. If Picasso released a beat record, it would be HIS beat record, i.e. HIS art, and as to whether everybody or nobody liked it, would be irrelevant; it would STILL be HIS art. List of the Lost is part of who Morrissey is. It is un-edited because it HAD to be un-edited. The next book HAS to be un-edited too if we are to truly see the real Morrissey. Adele was on telly yesterday, and told a story of how her management/record company no longer allow her to tweet unless they okay the tweets first. This removes ANY possibility of us seeing the REAL Adele; which some might say is a good thing, but the reality is, she has become the property of the suits. Morrissey spouts on about everyone being controlled in this day and age, and he is right. A true artist MUST be true to himself, and stuff what ANYBODY thinks. If LotL doesn't sell enough copies, then Penguin will not want Morrissey's next book. If that is the case, then I say GOOD. I don't want to see/hear Morrissey's art based purely on it's commercial success, I want to see/hear Morrissey and his work because the man has intrigued me, entertained me, stirred me, excited me, stimulated me, annoyed me, hurt me, inspired me etc for over 30 years. I liked List of the Lost because it IS Morrissey, not because it is the best piece of fiction ever written. Can you understand?"

This is a crap blog entry, and has nothing to do with Morrissey being on the internet. I won't bother publishing it.

*Eventually published March 2nd 2017, when I stumbled across it in my 'draft' box....and then taken down again as it annoyed me that it showed as March 2nd 2017 instead of November 6th 2015, which is the date it was originally written*

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