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Friday, 3 March 2017

Day 2096 - The final curtain

All articles on the True Morrissey blog have been removed, and the chatroom/lighthouse has gone. In their place is an article entitled, The End is the End, which was published yesterday afternoon at 3.09pm. Here it is:

The End is the End

Sometimes it behoves us to know when to quit. Such time is upon as (sic) now. It has been a tremendous and tumultuous half a decade but it is now that I bid you farewell. There are to be no hysterics and this is not hyperbole but we have reached a nadir where the rewards no longer match the effort. Perhaps we lingered for too long, perhaps too much happened, perhaps too much controversy. I would not change it for the world. Where would I be without you? Where would you be without me? A true marriage of equals we were and always will be.

Thank you for warming my cold heart and freezing my warm brain.

My heartfelt thanks, my true heartfelt thanks, to those who found the time, who took the time, who made the time, for being there. One thanks you immensely. As one last mark of respect to anyone that cares, the twitter accounts will remain open for a brief period for you to pillage whatever you wish for your own personal archive. It is my personal and last wish that FTM should remain open as a memorial of what was and what could have been.

As tears flow from my seminal eyes, I find it necessary to facilitate the boosting of egos. My personal thanks to;

1. The Rat - For he takes everything in his stride and has been with us for as long as I can remember. My thanks, forever.

2. Myself - Well, where would we be otherwise?

3. Broken - For being the sassy queen

4. Dawn - For maintaining a lighthouse when it was not asked of her

5. Julia - For always being everywhere even when it is nowhere

6. Boz - For not understand (sic) why and never asking for an explanation

7. Lizzycat - For everything

8. EARS - For always

9. GOBShite - For most

10. Boozelette - For drinking

11. Heather - Because I care

I am, of course, dreadfully disappointed to learn that our journey has come to an end, but fully understand why Our Mozzer has decided to call it a day. The fact that only five people have bothered to post a comment in reply to this final blog entry of OM's says it all. The five people were; myself, Heather, EARS, Manc Lad and Romina. I'm not sure why poor old Manc Lad didn't get a mention in dispatches, but he certainly wasn't the only one. None of the five people who managed to get a blue rose to Morrissey were mentioned in The End is the End, nor indeed the Blue Rose Society itself. I guess that was only a small part of what this was all about.... what exactly was this all about? And more to the point, how on earth did everyone miss it?

On the subject of the Blue Rose Society, the director of the film Morrissey 25 Live, James Russell, took to twitter yesterday to tweet a picture of the Morrissey 25 Live dvd case and this: "4 yrs ago today we filmed this celebrating his 25yrs as a solo artist. Morrissey. Director. @BlueRoseSociety. @Mozarmy. @JulieHamill." 

The fact that James mentioned the BRS in his tweet shows that 'he knows', although just to what extent he knows, I doubt we'll ever find out. Did Morrissey tell him? I doubt it. I expect that James was simply astute enough to realise that it wasn't a chance act that Morrissey leant into the crowd that night at Hollywood High to grab that blue rose.

Morrissey's Blue Rose Society

The Slightdawnmist blog also posted yesterday at 4.50pm, as follows:

Good Sorrow From The Lighthouse

The lighthouse has shared, spared and cared. 

One would like to thank my creator, and all who sailed aboard, and all those that were bored.

Each seagull has a special place in my misty and musty heart.


Forever stood, forever should.

Only Harrison, the Strangest Boy has thus far left a comment.

The twitter accounts of Our Mozzer, Dawn Mist and Broken have now been taken down (it really was a brief period - Ed), and although we have had goodbyes before, this time it really does feel as though it is for real. Funnily enough, I had spent time yesterday morning, republishing all the FTM articles that I had taken down a couple of months ago. I shall, of course, now leave them all in situ as requested.

Mademoiselle Fifi also took to twitter on Wednesday to play me a song, L'amitié (The Friendship) by Françoise Hardy. Fifi didn't add anything else. I have no idea if this was a goodbye or not, but think it probably was.

If this is to be the end of our remarkable journey, then thank you from me to all those who bothered to read and comment on FTM over the past 5 and a half years. Feel free to read through my many entries at your leisure. This blog is full of some great memories.

A final thank you to Morrissey for coming amongst us. The pleasure, the privilege was all ours.

It only seems right that I should sign off with Morrissey singing the BRS theme tune, Trouble Loves Me, whilst wearing a blue rose. What a ride this has been!


  1. Unfortunately, all good things must eventually come to an end. Yes, we've been here before, but OM's heartfelt goodbye makes it seem very final. Thanks to him for his moving words and an incredible journey - he will be sorely missed. And thanks to Ratty for documenting everything and leaving FTM up for us to reminisce and enjoy - there are certainly a lot of treasured memories here.

  2. I will never forget this journey and if it lives on, I will continue to be here. If it dies, I will still be here, in mourning.

  3. I never thought that I would feel sad as like others we all knew that this day had to come. but sad is how I feel and I would just like to thank everybody who has ever peeped through the curtain, even if they were afraid to actually fall through the window. of course I will still try to get a rose to Moz, not via the stage as I'm sure that you have all guessed by now that I was never one for flaunting it (personal choice). Anyway concerts are still going ahead so don't be shy, try to pass a rose, of course you will be ignored but if you catch Mozs' eye you just might see a wry smile, I hope like most of you that we can continue talking about it all, you never know Moz might be bored one day and snatch a rose out of the crowd, just to amuse himself of course, now move along the bus please, more people need to squeeze on, remember you nutjobs, there is nothing to see here, you are all bonkers and we made the whole thing up.. well that is how I hope so-LOW remember us

    1. One perfect summary! Lord Mudslide was the ultimate sign for me and so funny!

  4. It was a thankless task at times, but you did it without complaint. MORRISSEY took the stage, but you held the beautiful spotlight steady.

    In the shadows, games for the willing.

    FTM was always the light that never went out.

    Your heart, was the generator


  5. This feels real & final to me. But we have been blessed. I will be eternally thankful for the journey we have shared together.
    Rat you have been a star.
    I am so pleased to see Astra here. Always full of fun & laughter. Also so supportive & kind to me along the way.
    Thank you to Dawn & Heather for listening & being so calm & rational, when I wasn't.
    I am mindful of the hours OM & Broken so generously spent producing such meaningful & compelling works of art. And lets not forget the wonderful wit & parody.
    Its been a privilege.

    May Trouble always love us all.

  6. Mademoiselle and Astraea, were both and not MW entities. However, OM was grateful for the fascination and excitement they both brought to him. For reasons which, OM cannot be bothered to clarify.

    Our lighthouse, for the lighthouse was ours, will remain open.

    Remember, those that seek shall find.

    Who knows what? Blue Rose is a front row shame.

    1. To learn that the lighthouse is to remain is wonderful news - it remains a beacon of hope.

      With regard to the blue rose, unfortunately a few people used it as a means of trying to gain attention for themselves, as opposed to genuinely wanting to give thanks to Moz. These people have naturally morphed away, but for the genuine few, the blue rose remains a symbol of our time together. I know that the likes of EARS, Heather & I will always wear a blue rose to Morrissey concerts, and who knows, if we ever get close enough to the stage perhaps we'll catch Morrissey's eye and he'll take one. As for jumping on stage, those days are certainly over for me, I can't get my leg over.

    2. have you tried reasoning with your wife, tell her you have needs in the marital bed

  7. I have felt the end coming for a while. It does seem time.

    Such delight, intrigue, light and drama.

    Thank you all.

  8. The lighthouse open is a good thing and a great hope, the story goes on....somehow😘

  9. Sorry to hear that this may be the end and that I realize it is partially because of BRS members like me who did not fully participate in the coming and going of being a true BRS member. I want to thank all , especially Mr. Ratty, who made the journey of being a BRS so special. I am also glad there may still be occasional visits. I can truthfully say my being a member of this special group has been at times the highlight of my day. I hope all
    have a great time as they continue on the journey

  10. I am sorry and ashamed to arrive so late. I had no means of going online for the past few weeks.
    I tore my family apart by flying alone back to Manchester to see Morrissey at the arena. The pain I could have suffered for loving a dead artist seemed bearable compared to missing the brief eclipse when the end of his life and the beginning of mine overlapped. If I could get to the barrier that night I would be able to say I had lived before I died. Yet, not being legally autonomous, I couldn’t sleep out overnight and didn’t even make the list. I was there, I saw him, I heard him. But I know I could have been closer, if I had tried harder.
    History repeats itself. I discovered the BRS and that Morrissey had Twitter, I had the chance to talk to a genius. Yet my cowardice overwhelmed me, and I never said anything to him or Dawn or Broken, I didn’t think I had anything worthy enough to say (well, I am 15, what can I know?). Now, I have lost my chance again. A ghost, however well-meaning, is no use to anyone. Thank you, OM, for everything. Emotions are useless in their abstract, liquid form, they need words to be sung at the top of lungs, to be emblazoned on banners and chiselled into hearts. You made thousands of ghosts skin and blood and bones. I would not trade even this fleeting glimpse for the world.
    Thank you Rat, for having faith. As you’re so fond of saying, historians will look upon your archive and wonder how the masses didn’t realise sooner. I understand why you would be wary of me, but I am proof of the endless surge of young Morrissey fans, for whom your blog will be a trail-blazer. As long as the human race continues to spawn, so will we.
    At my next Morrissey concert I will get at the barrier and I will give him a Blue Rose. I will not give up ‘til blood spurts out – my own if necessary.
    Mon Coeur ne bat que pour Morrissey

    1. aaw, don't worry, he hasn't finished touring just yet, by the way I don't even know what country or city you are from as I myself have been consumed with work the past year it has forced me away from the interwebby whilst allowing me just a passing glance. some of us are on twit but not as much as we used to be. so chin up and don't feel down

  11. aah, fantastic.. the words on the new tee shirt, now where have I heard those words before


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