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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Day 2114 - Another return?

Nineteen days ago Our Mozzer announced that we had come to the end of our journey, stating, "It has been a tremendous and tumultuous half a decade but it is now that I bid you farewell."

Since that day, I have been in mourning - that may sound extreme, but when something has been a major part of your life for over 5 years, it really does feel a bit like a death. Without Our Mozzer being around, I have had nothing to tweet about, but still can't get out of the habit of checking the Twitter account on a daily basis, although I have managed to get this down to about 3 times a day rather than every hour.

Yesterday evening I once again went through the routine of logging into my @TheRatsBack Twitter account, and there, to my astonishment, was a tweet from Our Mozzer (@SeminalArtiste) - he has returned!

The tweet in question was posted at 1.55pm UK time - which would have been 6.55am in LA. It read, "I was told what it was that I would inherit and I thought to myself "can I truly be bothered?".

Goodness only knows what OM is going on about - perhaps he was tweeting whilst dreaming!

Image result for morrissey asleep

The account has remained open, which has allowed me to see the last lot of tweets Our Mozzer had posted on March 2nd, before he closed it. There was also a tweet from February 28th. Here they all are:

Feb 28th:
"Anything can become a pleasure if one does it too often"

March 2nd:
"@RobertoFerdenzi thank you for interacting. You never could keep your fat nose out, but I understand why. All you seem to do all day is tweet celebrities. Why not tweet a seminal artiste?"

I have no idea what it was that Roberto Ferdenzi tweeted initially, and I don't know if he replied to OM, as Ferdenzi blocked me on Twitter following a fall out in 2014. I presume Roberto Bore-dense-i must have replied to OM, because OM posted some more tweets to him:

"How the hell did you gain nearly 12k followers? I would have set myself on fire after reading two of your tweets."

Bore-dense-i really annoyed OM when he started sucking up to Mike Joyce, and received this tweet:

"@RobertoFerdenzi @mikejoycedrums He's scum and so are you. Fat nose, fat face, fat belly, slim mind."

There is nothing better than seeing OM in full flow, ripping into dullards on Twitter, but I cant get too excited yet about this return, as it may come to nothing, and I don't want to have to start the mourning process all over again.


  1. That didn't take long, then,, did it?

    As usual, thanks for the updates.

  2. I thought perhaps I was the one dreaming or hallucinating when I first saw that OM had returned. A welcome surprise indeed, but, like you, Rats, I'm trying not to get my hopes up. Life has enough disappointment already.

  3. I remain blocked. OM can pop on and off and I would never know if it wasn't for the FTM update.

  4. ah sometimes I wish I was on twitt

  5. Well, come back then! I certainly miss you!


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