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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Day 2115 - A dawn rising

Yesterday I wrote how Our Mozzer had made another one of his comebacks, and today I can report that both Dawn Mist and Alf Button have returned to The Wrong Arms too - it would seem that Morrissey must have been missing the interactions with his funny band of misfits.

Dawn entered The Arms just after 6pm (11am LA time) yesterday, and announced, "Tour cancelled due to band being double booked. The lighthouse refurbishment must take precedence."

Dawn then tweeted something very interesting indeed:

"The lighthouse is located in the UK. I fear it will not be finished in time for certain dates."

Could this mean that there is to be a UK tour this year?

Dawn then exchanged small talk with Jaz (@Jazissey) and Nat (@HoarselyCry) about needing some workers and scaffolding - and informing them that, "Gary Day is a remarkable plasterer" - before then announcing that, "Paris is off the list", and telling Sari (@EnoughSari), "As is Scandinavia."

When Sari mentioned the word 'broken', Dawn replied, "Don't invite him, a most unwelcome lighthouse guest."

Dawn also played a song on the jukebox, choosing Trouble Loves Me (Live at the London O2 2014). Could this possibly be a sign that the BRS anthem is to return to the setlist, or is this just wishful thinking on my part?

In reply to me tweeting, "The only question future historians will ask with regard to the 1980's is: 'How the hell wasn't That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore a Top 40 hit?'", Dawn tweeted, "Perhaps it would have been if Boredom is a Plague was on the B Side?"

Dawn then introduced a guest, tweeting, "A medley of mirth and melody. Look who the Rat dragged in @AlfsButton". Alf certainly wasn't dragged in by me, but he had indeed arrived, and tweeted the following:

"Good sorrow. I welcome you to my eternal resting place." Dawn replied, "My resting place is external." 

Dawn then left, and Alf continued to tweet:

"Living is a terrible business. Myself? Well I would rather not get involved."

"In a place of happiness, a Government would create sorrow."

"I have terrible teeth and an awful hairline. It could be worse. I could be Piers Morgan or Milo Yiannopoulos."

Image result for milo yiannopoulos

"I was banned from speaking for a whole day once. It remains my most successful day to date."

Alf exited the pub at 1pm (LA time) and Dawn returned, tweeting, "Object of worship. Object of ridicule." She then exchanged pleasantries with Heather (@heathercat222), GOB (GirlOnBike1102) and Nat, before posting the following two tweets and leaving:

"I must drag the Twitter and depart. Ciao."

"My presence continues to overwhelm mostly myself, and underwhelm everyone else."

The other Our Mozzer (@SeminalArtiste) and Jane F Elgee (@MorrisseysMum) also put very brief appearances in yesterday. Mum tweeted, "Are you ready? YOU?", to which I replied, "I'd forgotten about you. Remember when you got listed on the MW website? Have you met @SeminalArtiste?", to which OM (@SeminalArtiste) then replied with a picture of Mike Joyce!

I presume that OM thinks the Mum account belongs to Joyce. The only thing that I know for sure is that I once owned that twitter account, and I gave it to Kevin Marrinan (@Banjaxer), who later informed me that three different people use it, although I don't know who. Incidentally, the Mum account has set it's current location to Nuevo León in Monterrey, which is where Morrissey plays a week today.

All of these different Twitter accounts make it all so confusing. If the two Our Mozzer's start to interact with each other, I think I might combust.

In other news, Morrissey has conducted another interview, this time with the Dallas Observer. In the interview, Morrissey is asked what he thinks about the upcoming biopic about him, England Is Mine (the working title of Steven apparently got dropped), to which he replies, "I wasn't approached or consulted by the filmmakers, so I think it's safe to make all logical assumptions that arise from that. Yikes, I believe, is the common expression."

England Is Mine Poster

In other, other news, it has been announced that the demo version of The Boy With The Thorn In His Side is to be released on Record Store Day (April 22nd) - as predicted by me on Feb 1st. The sleeve design has been changed, but still features Albert Finney. I have read that the record is to be dinked, which basically means it has a big hole, suitable for jukeboxes, as opposed to a little hole. This is quite un-Moz like, but ideal for the jukebox in The Wrong Arms!

I have also read that the record will have a run of 5,000 copies, which if it sells well, could mean it will challenge to be Number 1 in the Official UK Singles Vinyl Chart in the week after RSD, which is the hardest week of the year to achieve a No.1.

On the subject of the charts, Ed Sheeran has been Number 1 in the UK Singles Chart for 10 weeks, and currently has 9 of the Top 10 for the second week in a row. The fact that only two of the songs have actually been released as singles - and not in a physical format - makes a mockery of it being a singles chart.

Right then, back to The Arms to see if any of the Morrissey pessoas make an appearance. Happy days.


  1. Boredom is a Plague Is a fantastic title, I've always thought so.
    I read somewhere recently that the billboard top 40 mostly consists of Ed Sheeran and Drake, let us hope they don't release any new singles. I swear it's becoming more and more apparent that all charts are controlled by the top grossing fronts and yet I am so looking forward to RSD Have you seen the T.Rex in Gold!? it looks absolutely smashing. Also excited for some greatest hits one and Sublime Badfish. I heard this blog got an approving 10 score, good job.

  2. Looks like our period of mourning is officially over - happy days indeed. My favorite line from the Dallas interview is, "I prefer it when they don't understand," which pretty well summarizes the entire MW experience.

  3. A welcome surprise to see light shining from the lighthouse once again.
    Bright & bold. As always.

  4. Evening Ratty, you wrote a lot of interesting things and I'm always happy reading your blog!����


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