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Thursday, 30 March 2017

Day 2123 - There is a Lighthouse keeper that sometimes goes out

On January 26th of this year, a blogsite called SlightDawnMist started up. The theme of the blog is that of a lighthouse, and one of the main photos placed on the homepage of the site is a lighthouse with the words, There Is A Light That Never Goes Out written on it.

Three days after the arrival of this blog, it's author, one Dawn Mist, took to Twitter and tweeted, "Tours from the lighthouse". A week later, a Morrissey tour was announced - just a coincidence, of course.

That tour started last night, in Monterrey, and although the songs that were played were all ones from recent concerts, there was one song that had been added, yep, you guessed it, There is a Light That Never Goes Out. Another coincidence? Of course!.... Just like the other four thousand, three hundred and twenty seven other coincidences that we've had on this journey of ours.

There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

From the Youtube footage that I have seen thus far, the concert was a cracker, with Morrissey in great shape, both physically and lyrically, and indeed folically - Damon appears to be doing a fine job of keeping the old barnet together!
The set remains that of a Greatest Hits tour, with songs coming from no less than thirteen different LPs:

Viva Hate 2 (Suedehead & Everyday Is Like Sunday)
Maladjusted 1 (Alma)
The Queen Is Dead 1 (There is a Light)
WPINOYB 4 (Kiss Me, WPINOYB, Istanbul & Bullfighter)
Your Arsenal 2 (Speedway & Fatty)
Swords 1 (Ganglords)
Louder Than Bombs 1 (Shoplifters) (Ed - LP released 30 years ago today)
You Are The Quarry 3 (Let Me Kiss, Crashing Bores & First of Gang)
Meat Is Murder 2 (MIM & What She Said)
Bona Drag 1 (Ouija Board)
Hatful of Hollow 1 (How Soon is Now?)
Ringleader of the Tormentors 2 (Far-off Places & You Have Killed Me)
Beethoven Was Deaf 1 (Jack the Ripper)

It wasn't just the inclusion of TIALTNGO last night that was a nod to the Morrissey blogs, we also had him wearing two finger plasters, the heart sweat on his back, and he accepted a red rose during the encore - all of which are connections to the original MorrisseysWorld blog. The masses won't of course see any of this, but we who know, KNOW!


Image result for MORRISSEYSWORLD


The Morrissey band wore 'Fuck Trump' t-shirts for the concert, and the song Shoplifters of the World Unite was changed to 'Trumpshifters of the World Unite', with a lyric change of, "four years is a long time". The back drop photo depicted Morrissey holding Trump in his arms, a la the Years of Refusal LP cover.



Next stop for the tour is Mexico City tomorrow night, and then on Saturday Morrissey will be headlining the Roxy Festival in Guadalajara, which, according to Dawn Mist, will see Moz taking to the stage at midnight, but even if he does, NO ONE outside the Dreary Deluded Dozen will believe - they don't want to believe, still they are sleeping.

FOOT NOTE - Whilst I was writing this blog entry, Dawn Mist was leaving a comment on yesterday's FTM. Here it is:

Dawn is lost at sea. Lost and never to be keen, mean or seen. Her sea legs let her down, for what are legs without sea and the sea without lighthouses? 
Spiros is the new shoulder and beholder.

Dawn's parting words were- "There is a light that never goes out." 

Who the bloddy hell is Spiros?


  1. that err dog bite is certainly taking a long time to heal.. answers on a postcard please so-lowers.. oh colonel whiskers, any hits from Mehico!!!

    1. Hello mancio ladio, the answer to your question is.... YES! Hits today from: USA, UK, Mexico, Finland, Germany and Russia. There are always lots of hits from Russia - we are being spied on!

  2. So exciting to see the coincidences continue. There is a Light has always been such a special song, but now its meaning is even more special to us. And it was very thoughtful of Dawn to personally drop by and leave us a comment on the previous entry. I had to smile when I saw the band's t-shirts, "Don't bully bulls," which reminded me of a certain seminal bully that we know.

  3. "Bloddy hell."

    Very Spirosesque.

    1. love it lighthouse keeper and how sad that so few of us keep up with things on here, mind you, as colonel whiskers has said those damn ruskies keep popping in

    2. There was a Spiros in that film of Marcus the Greek's - is it the same guy? Has the chip shop dream been ended by Brexit, and Spiros taken refuge in the lighthouse?

  4. Wow. What a fabulous start to the tour! I've not had chance to listen to any songs as yet, but I am delighted that There Is A Light was on the set list. A beautiful song & as Heather said now even more special & meaningful.
    Great to see Moz looking in such fine fettle.

  5. I just checked out the Twitter time line of the guy who gave Morrissey the rose and he also went to see Justin Bieber last November. You couldn't make it up! ๐Ÿ˜…

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Jaz if you are looking in, I am in LA in July to watch city play Real Madrid at the Coliseum, I'm staying at the JW Marriott LA Live for a few days before moving to the Hyatt in Huntington beach to watch a couple of days of the Van/Doren surfboard international.. cant wait

  8. Hello Ratty, what a pleasure seeing Morrissey on tour happy and in top form, yes TIALTNGO it's a nod and what's on Morrissey's yellow shirt? Little red roses or little apples? I need a new pair of glasses, for sure! Waiting for the next concert, sadly I will listen it on YouTube and, obviously, I will read about all the coincidences on this blog! Ciao๐Ÿ’™

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  10. Nothing could ever change my beliefs. Deluded isn't the worst thing I've been called by far. I've called myself worse names. At least I'm not alone. I have 11 other friends who understand.

  11. Nothing could ever change my beliefs. Deluded isn't the worst thing I've been called by far. I've called myself worse names. At least I'm not alone. I have 11 other friends who understand.


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