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Thursday, 6 April 2017

Day 2130 - Dawn Mist is dead!

Dawn Mist, the Queen of the lighthouses, is dead!

We had last heard from Dawn a week ago, when it was announced that she was 'lost at sea', but yesterday a post appeared on Dawn's blogsite thingy entitled, Final, and it would suggest from the wording that we will hear from Dawn, no more. Here are the poetic last words from the blog:


Lost at sea. A wilderness of wetness, a blanket of storm. The turbulent nature of the turbulent waves. Bleakness of sleekness and hair of damp. Stamping on the seabed with oceans of regret. Forget the torment and remember the fate. Remember the lighthouse as I resign myself to hate. Consigned to the steep incline of the shocking waves. They shock me like sixty-nine and highlight faults. Predictions or premonitions, hunches and omens and boats of auguries. Prophecy of majesty.

Lost at sea, nobody here but me. A wasteland of dark. Seawrecked and shipwrecked, should here not my own. Dozens of delusions and illusions of sudden nightmare. Harshness of bareness and loneliness multiply.

The lighthouse is your house, the lighthouse beckons. The lighthouse is deserted, the sea is for me. I am lost here. I remain here. I will live here, you will move on. The account of the ages, belonging to no-one, belonging to me. I am submerged never to emerge. It has been a privilege, it has been a pleasure. Mine is a double measure of whatever you can supply. The opera of the ocean recounts my time. The death plunge is final, the death is final.
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Although Dawn had only been with us a relatively short time, she was one of the most popular of Morrissey's 'characters'/pessoas, and she will be dearly missed; although as only four of us bothered to leave a comment on Dawn's final blog entry, I can't exactly say she'll be universally missed, but to the four of us at least, Dawn's death is a loss.

 The Dreary Deluded Dozen were alerted to Dawn's final blog entry by the latest 'character' to appear in The Wrong Arms, Morfessa (@TrueMorfessa), who tweeted, "Darling Dawn. You really shouldn't bother." When asked by Heather if she will be starting her own blog, Morfessa replied, "Almost certainly."

Back in the real world, Morrissey's concert in Puebla on Tuesday night (yesterday morning in UK) had a set that included When Last I Spoke To Carol - more about that particular song in a minute. The concert also saw Morrissey pick up a black bra from the stage, and twirl it around during You Have Killed Me.


This isn't the first time that Morrissey has twirled a black bra around on stage, as he did it in Bra-celona two years ago. Could it be that Morrissey is running a blog somewhere in cyberspace that includes a Black Bra Society (BBS), and the masses have completely failed to notice?

Morrissey was obviously in playful mood during the Puebla concert, as during Jack The Ripper he pulled a girl up on stage, hugged her and then lifted her up.

After the concert had finished, I tweeted to remind people that on March 31st, in a tweet to Alf Button, I had said, "YOR needs representation! Carol? Cloud? OK?". With Carol added to the set in Puebla, it was yet another 'coincidence' to add to our growing list.
Alf paid a visit to The Wrong Arms later in the day, and replied to my tweet saying, "One would advise you to enjoy it for as long as it lasts." Does this mean that Carol isn't a permanent addition? I do hope it stays for a little while longer at least, as no YT footage has emerged of it from Puebla.

Incidentally, I had requested representation for Years Of Refusal because Paris had been taken off the list, but it actually returned to the list in Puebla.

Whilst in The Arms, Alf took the opportunity to lay into a half-wit called April Clare Welsh, who has published a really, really shit article for Fact Mag, in which she asks, 'How far is too far for Morrissey's devout fanbase?' The article includes a fair few paragraphs with quotes from Morrissey So-low owner, David 'Kim Jong-un' Tseng, who states, "I don't relate to the new music", which makes one once again ask, THEN WHY DO YOU CONTINUE TO RUN A WEBSITE ABOUT THE MAN?.... what a cunt.
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Image result for KIM JONG UN

Alf sent the following tweets to Welsh (@AprilClareWelsh):

"You are saying that the music of Janet Jackson is not vile in the extreme? I'm not very fond of Elton John either."

"One hopes you were not paid to write this drivel. Panic was written in response to oh why do I bother?"

"One would also like to educate you on the specifics of Brexit. You call it right wing but many who would vote for the left voted to leave."

Welsh didn't respond to any of the tweets.

Alf also posted these other tweets:

"I have been plagued with a guilt for simply existing like my birth killed my mother. Well it nearly did." - (In Autobiography Morrissey writes, "Naturally my birth almost kills my mother, for my head is too big" - Ed)

Image result for morrissey mum

"My logic is not to be faulted, I possess a great deal of logic. Question my morals and principles as I have startlingly few."

In reply to Jaz:

"Things, as you say, never make sense. Why am I completing my own washing for example? I am most confused."

Morrissey doing his own washing? Yeah, right!

Next stop for Morrissey is the When We Were Young Festival in Santa Ana on Saturday. Also on the bill is a band called Joyce Manor, but luckily they are nothing to do with that Joyce! The BRS Vice-President, Angie Reyes will be in attendance with blue roses. At previous concerts, Angie has given Morrissey the blue Rose Ring, handed him a bunch of blue & red roses, and had her arm signed mid concert. The question is, will Ang manage to get a blue rose to Moz on Saturday?


  1. that blasted hotel, too expensive for the likes of me apart from a night or two anyway, as for Dawn, what a shame.
    Now that I am not on twit I rely on colonel whiskers and the odd peep at so-low to find out what is going on, I cant help but think that all this nonsense about the Baldwin tee shirt will have old mozzer smiling in to his drink

  2. Evening Ratty, the story of the shirt is old, but it goes on, Manc is right, probably Morrissey is laughing a lot, or I hope so. Anyway times ago nobody was shocked about a summer hit saying:"tengo la camicia negra porque negra tengo l'alma", maybe Spanish is a language more popular than English and they can understand it was' nt a racist song, or maybe Morrissey speaks English and American people speak...what? It's late, I need yo sleep, good night and sweet dreams😘

  3. A captivating piece from Dawn - may she rest in peace. At least we have the hope of a new blog from Morfessa. Carol was a nice surprise in the set - now we lOOk to Los Angeles (or at least Santa Ana).

    1. Well said Heather!πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜˜πŸ’™


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