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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Day 2136 - "Confirm me. Don't schedule me"

Whilst I was in the process of writing my blog entry of yesterday, Dawn Mist was leaving a couple of comments on older FTM blog entries. Before anyone gets too excited about Dawn rising from the dead, it would appear from her words that it was only a temporary rising.

In the comments section of Day 2076 (Feb 11 2017) of FTM, Dawn wrote:

"Confirm me. Don't schedule me."

This comment refers to my pondering on Day 2076 as to whether or not the 'scheduled' dates in the USA would actually go ahead. I had been led to this pondering situation by Dawn herself, who had drawn my attention to the word 'schedule' in a private Twitter conversation on Friday 10th Feb  - which is diarised on Day 2079 of FTM....but unfortunately for those reading this blog entry in 2017, Day 2079 isn't currently available to view due to the delicate nature of some of its content....but it will be available to read in the hardback edition of FTM, scheduled for release circa 2035 - Now, where was I? Oh yes, in that private Twitter conversation of Feb 10th, Dawn pointed out to me that TTY had used the word 'schedule' for the USA concerts, whilst the word 'confirmed' was used for the Mexico concerts. With Morrissey leaving the stage the other night, my pondering on Day 2076 that the USA dates wouldn't go ahead could well come true....which would be a 'coincidence', of course. All eyes on San Antonio for tonight's 'scheduled' concert.

Dawn's other comment left yesterday was on Day 2125 (Apr 1 2017), in which she wrote:

"Reports of my death have been greatly over reported.

The ocean still beats into my face but I can tell, through one final spurt of the brain, that Morrissey would feel it necessary to conduct an interview with Rat again. Questions to be left on this vaguely empty comments section. Interview to be conducted on Friday 14th, questions to be posted no later than Thursday 13th.

Please remember the rules."

The news that Morrissey wanted to give me another interview excited me immensely, but my excitement was slightly dampened when Morfessa arrived in The Wrong Arms at just after 5.30pm (9.30am Tucson time) yesterday, to inform everyone that the questions weren't to just come from me, but from anyone who wanted to ask one. Morfessa even tweeted these warming words:

"Questions please. I feel I must encourage, or else I shall only be left with 50 recycled questions from @TheRatsBack."

So, if you have a question that you want to put to Morrissey, then please post it in the comments section of Day 2125 of FTM by tomorrow at the latest.
Related image

Morfessa remained in The Arms for a 7 hour session yesterday, and she interacted with a number of the regulars....and YES, Morfessa IS a female, explaining to Heather yesterday that she was a, "Mistress of the Arts". Here are the rest of Morfessa's highlights:

"Do not give up on me too quickly."

Boozey Kerry (@Hideoustrait) replied to the above comment with, "feeling better?", to which Morfessa responded with:

"Not in the slightest. St.ill."

Kezza replied with, "St.illinois!! That was great. Every show I was waiting for the band introduction! 2 years ago where has the time gone?". I have no idea what this is a reference to, as I was very much out of favour at that time. Morfessa replied to Kezza:

"June may be just the ticket." 

I sense a UK tour!


LizzyCatMoz responded to the above comment, "Take no notice, you know how they are", to which Morf replied, "I do know who they are" and added, "narcissism plays a role."

Image result for morrissey mirror

In reply to Heather asking, "what, or who, inspires you?":

"Bob Geldof" before then adding:

"A disgustingly rich man who demands that people in perpetual poverty, donate all their money to Africa."
Image result for bob geldof africa

In reply to LizzyCat stating, "Your Twit name makes you sound like one of the Addams family", Morfessa replied:



"Forget the past. In fact, fail to remember everything."

"How can Twotter be more effective than therapy?"

When EARS responded to the above that Twitter allowed us to, "be authentic and speak freely from the heart", Morfessa replied:

"Good heavens. I thought freedom of speech ceased in 1754."

"Never follow the advice of others."

"Why must one keep reminding ones staff that a seminal cold is a severe condition?"

I missed a lot of yesterday's marathon session, as I went out for the evening to see Ricky Gervais, who for me, is currently the best funny man around. On my return home, I tweeted that Gervais's pre-concert cd had both Cemetry Gates and Bigmouth Strikes Again on it, to which Morfessa asked, "No Suede?". I had completely forgotten that Gervais had once managed Suede....but no, I don't recall there being any Suede!

And finally, Morfessa yesterday retweeted a tweet from Dawn Mist that was originally posted on March 23rd. It was the Morrissey song, Get Off the Stage. Surely Monday night's exiting of the stage wasn't pre-planned? No, of course not, we only deal in coincidences around here!

Right then, I'm off to post 50 recycled questions for Moz whilst listening to those six songs from Tucson....which include, finally, When Last I Spoke to Carol.


Our Mozzer has contacted me this afternoon via the DM of Twitter with the following:

"I've changed my mind. You are to conduct an interview with me. One more time for old times sake I believe is the expression. You must email the questions to me."

An excellent decision!


  1. A 'spinal cold'? My goodness, that sounds potentially even more serious than a seminal cold :) From what I've heard of the Tucson footage (esp. Staircase), it's clear that Moz is certainly struggling with a cold, so once again, I wish him a speedy recovery. About the 'St.illinois' mention: I seem to recall that Moz may have once introduced Matt as being from 'St.illinois,' which was a reference to the St.ill Moz account that was active around that time. Lastly, just wanted to say what a delight it was to chat with Morfessa in The Arms yesterday.

    1. Bloddy auto correct. Now manually corrected.

    2. Yes. He introduced Matt at the o2 in London as 'from St.illionos' . Then when I finally twigged I asked Alf, who confirmed he did indeed say it (with a sarcastic thank you for noticing as it took months for me to mention it or realise).
      At the next UK shows in Notts, Cardiff and Glasgow he did it again each time looking directly at me killing himself laughing.
      From then on each time I've been at a show and he's spotted me he always looks at me when he introduces Matt. He's not done it since though, well I don't think he has.

    3. That's an excellent story. We have been so lucky to be included in all this, but I suppose that is the reward for showing belief.

  2. oh I do miss twit.. what fun

  3. Hah! Yah boo sucks to private twitter chat. Check out the image on TTY posted 10 Feb.

    1. Very well found. I will add that pic to this blog entry.... but not at the moment as I am so shivery I am going to bed.
      Everybody's ill!

  4. Hey, how come TRB gets to pose all of his own questions. I'll just slip this one in.

    Boy George has recently said that he is working on an album covering other artists songs. How thrilled would you be if he covered one of your songs? If you could choose one of your songs for Boy George to cover, which one would it be? (I have in my mind Boy warbling along to 'Maladjusted' while he prepares his supper).

    1. Oh, GWO, Boy George has recorded Last Night I Dreamt (See Day 1491 of FTM). Leave the questions to the expert.

    2. Are you deliri arse? Just because BG recorded it doesn't mean to say he covered it. Surely he left that to the covers party band?

  5. Oh Ratty, everybody's ill, I was sleeping and I have ho wake up because I need an aspirin and now I don't want to sleep anymore. St.Illinois is emblematic, but I don't know if this word exist and if in English has the same meaning as in Italian. Excuse me, this terrible cold makes me crazy. I wish I could ask to Morrissey if he ever thought to do a personal exhibition about all the sleeves he personally created adding rarities and personal notes... Speedy recovery to all of us especially to Moz! Good night😘

  6. I am a tad disappointed that I am unable to ask the questions I had rattling around in my head. However Kirsty Young I am not....
    Morfessa was entertaining company on Tuesday evening. Love her dry wit.

    I hope Morrissey & the rest of you poorly souls are starting to recover.
    Warm wishes to you all.

    1. You're so lovely Air, thanks ❤😘👍🏻


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