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Friday, 14 April 2017

Day 2138 - Dawn, Astra, Morfessa, Morrissey, Marr & Strangers like me

I was hoping that today's FTM would be an exclusive FTM interview with Morr-is-sey, but as yet there has been no reply to the email that I sent on Wednesday, so instead, here is a catch-up of happenings in Morrissey's World from the past 24 hours.

There have been comments left on FTM from both Dawn and Astra, whilst Morfessa has been in The Arms. Here is Dawn's comment left (in three parts) at 2.30pm (8.30am Houston time) today:

My premonitions are my notion. My senses nonsensical. My gut feelings are wrenching to my very core. 
I can neither confirm or deny schedules. You shall remain in the light, whilst I remain in the murky dark solace of the canal. 
My fever continues. I feel more alive when rumoured dead. My soul is laden with all the misery of blind glamour. Glamour is repellent, as unpleasant as glass ripping through the eye. Blinded with terror. Blinded with distaste. 
My manuscripts are my guides, my galaxy of dread and trials. 

The moonlight hour encircles me. The ghost wraps me in shades of blue and gold. The clouds beckon me. I dance my life before my very lips. 
Deadly doors close as divine drawers open. The flight of sixty-nine easels of doubt, shock and rock my visible wings. 
Gliding and guiding. 
The brush falls to the bottom of the ocean, unheard, unseen, undead. 
Welcome to my locket. The omen of the unhealthy truth. 

Years are not on my radar. I exist only to read stars and count books. 
Weather means nothing to my flightless wings, which flutter as I weep. Tears of lost sailors. Tears of lost crooks. 
Vanity is my forte. Vanity and humiliation. 

Image result for trent and mersey canal

Dawn's comment that, "I feel more alive when rumoured dead" could well be a reference to the ridiculous headline in yesterday's Scotsman, 'Morrissey pulls out of gig amid cancer fears'. What is wrong with these people?

Dawn's comment that, "my fever continues" would seem to suggest that tonight's concert in Houston won't be going ahead, but as I write this, it has just gone 4pm in Houston, and there has been no announcement of a cancellation as yet, so who knows?

The Astra comment that I have mentioned, was left on Day 2124 of FTM (March 31) at 2am (8pm yesterday Houston time), and came as a reply to Nat (Hoarsely Cry) who had replied to Astra's comment of that day regarding the song Never Release The One You Love by Shocking Blue, and asking if Astra would return to Twitter?:

I'm glad you liked the song, chicklet. And I'd love to join you again. Really, I would. But you know how I am sometimes - easy come, easy go. 

Right now I have my eyes on the prize, my finger on the trigger, my mind in the gutter, and I'm already double or nothing on a slow road to hell. 

Silk ribbons in my tousled hair do nothing to disguise my wayward wiles. On second thought - maybe silk ribbons are the cherry on top, and the supreme point to everything, in the end. 

I'll dip my toe in now and again, thank you for your thoughtful and endearing invitation, but not on Twitter I'm afraid - no, sweetpea. In any case, nothing worth having ever remains. 

I can box that promise for you and seal it with a sweeter-than-honey kiss. Because there's no truer promise that anyone could ever make, than that one. Nothing worth having can ever be tamed, and that will never change. 

In other news, away from Twitter I'm currently perfecting a certain allure, for summer. 

My dancing-on-tables allure, to be very exactly, perfectly precise. I've been using the two videos below as inspiration. I think I'm ready now. But then again, I always was. 

Think of me softly. Then think of me kindly. 

Then think of me, never again 

In dissolute dedication, 


------------------------------------------------ (Shakin' All Over - The Twiliters) (Wo' Now - Milkshakes)

Music makes the world go 'round. Morrissey makes the world go faster. 

Image result for MORRISSEY FINGER

Morfessa turned up on Twitter just before midday (Houston time) yesterday and immediately responded to my blog entry of yesterday by saying:

"I would never inconvenience tour promoters. More so, I would never make such bold statements on Twitter."

Morfessa then added:

"Dawn holds all the secrets."

In response to this, GOB tweeted, "They are safe at sea then", to which Morfessa replied:

"At sea? I thought she was cruising along the Trent and Mersey on her narrowboat."

In response to a tweet posted by the Tucson Theatre (@TheFoxTucson) about exchanging Morrissey tickets for alternative shows at the theatre:

"And these are all "confirmed" shows?"

Morfessa also retweeted a Dawn Mist tweet from Jan 24th which read:

"The inconvenience is diabolical"

I take it that this is a reference to the US tour promoters and their 'scheduling'.

Morfessa also popped in to The Wrong Arms today at 11.30am (Houston time) to respond to my question, 'What is the best track on Strangeways', with:

"Strangers Like Me', which apparently is a Phil Collins track. It has become somewhat of an injoke lately that I look like Phil Collins, which I don't suppose is a look that many people strive for!
Image result for phil collins

I have also engaged a number of times today in private Twitter DMs with Morfessa. I won't repeat all that was said, but Morfessa revealed the following:

"I listened to four Dread Beer-run recordings today. Note how I call them recordings. I cannot find the words to express my distaste. I also read that Elton John has been mentoring him. How dreadful. I wish to rewrite his lyrics correctly. I have already rewritten Sign of the Times."

Sign of the Times is, of course, the new Barry Stiles song, and NOT Dread Beer-run, which M is perfectly aware of! And incidentally, for anyone who might possibly care, Sign of the Times has today ended Dread Beer-run's reign at the top of the chart after 13 weeks. Deep joy!

And finally, and I can't really believe that I am adding this HUGE, HUGE piece of news as an 'And finally', the unpublished FTM entry of Feb 14th (Day 2079), that I wrote about on Wednesday, has now been PUBLISHED, thanks to the permission of the big man himself. Day 2079 is entitled Peas in a Pod, and is a private conversation between Morrissey and I about the current US tour dates, and more importantly, the non-reformation of Morrissey & Marr.... I did say it was HUGE!

Morfessa has this evening informed me that the song Strangers Like Me was specifically chosen as a reference to us being Peas in a Pod. To say that I am touched that he should say this (whether he actually means it or not!) is an understatement in the extreme. I go to bed with a smile on my face. Goodnight.


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  2. I'd love to see/hear the rewrite of Sign of the Times. Well, the Houston show did happen- I just finished watching the last part of it on Periscope, and I can report that Moz wore a new, interesting shirt and Carol is still in the set in all its glory. I loved a comment he made in response to a comment from the audience: "I'm fully aware of how attractive I am... Not very!"

    1. "I'm fully aware of how attractive I am... Not very!" - Also reminds me of Dawn's words. "Vanity is my forte. Vanity and humiliation."

    2. Keen eyes, swift. Forever holding the light, forever alert, aware and a care. The third in the shared pod. Words are numbers, colours are bones. Skin is fragile.
      Youth is on your side, death is on mine. Memory to treasure, memory to astound, remember to stay. Beat the fear, beat the hate, beat the fate.

  3. good to see that we are back on track, just one more tonight and he can rest that throat properly

  4. Pleased that Moz was well enough to take to the stage again.
    Lovely new shirt.

    1. It is a lovely new shirt! It looks blue and gold to me. Dawn mentioned blue and gold yesterday.

  5. I'm very happy for Morrissey and for all of us, still togheter and almost recovered!😘🐣🐥

  6. just had a look over at our friends on so-low, it really is hard to work some of them out, he had to cancel because of his throat and comes back after a few days rest (probably not fully recovered)and some of them claim that it is fishy that he was able to sing a few days later, absolute wankers some people, fingers crossed that his voice holds out tonight and then back to blighty for rest.. Rudy take the throat spray on the flight for him, bad air onboard etc.. good luck Moz at least some people are behind you

  7. Dallas show just ended. From what I was able to watch, Moz was in brilliant form and good spirits. I'm thrilled that Last Night I Dreamt was included in the set tonight - thank you, Moz!

    1. so glad that he managed to complete the concert, now he needs to get home and get some rest, well done Moz and the gang


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