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Thursday, 20 April 2017

Day 2144 - Our Steven

Just before Midday yesterday, Morfessa (@TrueMorfessa) sat herself down in her usual seat in the Snug of The Wrong Arms and announced, "OM has locked himself in his study, closed the curtains and lit a candle. He muttered "this will be the death of me".
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Rather than be concerned for Our Mozzer's well being, I was more shocked that he had a study.... a f***ing study! In the early days of MorrisseysWorld, he always told us he lived in a bedsit - he must have just been saying that to try and fit in with the great unwashed. You just can't trust a word the man says. I hate to admit it, but it looks like Judge Weeks was perhaps an astute observer of character after all.

Morfessa didn't utter another word until 4.22pm, when she then murmured, "Our Steven." 
I had no idea what the delirious old bint was on about, but GWO (@girlwithout) replied, "I sniggered at that", to which Morfessa then said, "I believe it's only you that has actually noticed so far..."

I asked Morfessa and GWO to "let me in", but they wouldn't. Morfessa tweeted to GWO, "He must find out for himself". When I pointed out that I am a very busy man who doesn't spend all day every day (everyday?) reading about Morrissey, Morfessa replied, "Liar." 

I hate not being in the know, so I beckoned Morfessa into the toilets of The Arms and begged, "Come on, give me a clue about the meaning of 'Our Steven'", but I got a curt, "No!" followed by, "I must not spell everything out. This is a journey of discovery." 

I put my busy workload to one side... or was it my mug of tea.... and off I trotted on an internet crawl. It wasn't long before I found out what it was that I was missing out on - an interview given by Jack Lowden, the star of the forthcoming film about Morrissey, England is Mine, in which Lowden informs the interviewer that throughout the film, Morrissey is referred to as, 'Our Steven'.... 'OUR STEVEN'!.... 'OUR F***ING STEVEN'! How much more cliché can you get? No wonder OM had taken himself off into a darkened room.

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Before Lowden's revelation about Morrissey being called 'Our Steven' throughout the film, I had  actually been looking forward to seeing England is Mine, after all, it is about Morrissey, but it also has some really good young British actors in it. I've never seen any of Lowden's previous work, but also in the film are Jessica Brown Findlay (Linder Sterling), who was great in Downton Abbey, Jodie Comer (a work colleague called Christine), who I loved in Thirteen, and Laurie Kynaston (Johnny Marr), who recently played a young Danny Baker in Cradle to Grave.
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I will of course still watch the film when it is released, and although it is a shame that it looks as though it will be cliché ridden; just as Morrissey pointed out that it would be in the recent interview he gave to FTM, it is obvious from Lowden's interview with the Culture Trip, that he has absolutely fallen in love with Morrissey. In the interview, Lowden confessed to not really knowing the music of Morrissey or the Smiths before filming, but says that now he, "has not been able to stop listening to The Smiths and Morrissey". There are many of us here who can relate to that. Lowden also refers to the film version of Morrissey as, "a typical teenager", which again makes one wonder about the accuracy of the film, as I very much doubt there was anything typical about Our Steven.

And finally for today, we are now just two days away from Record Store Day, and the release of the first Smiths single for 22 years. I was feeling quietly confident that the Smiths would sell enough copies to go to Number 1 in next weeks UK Vinyl Charts, but I have today read that David Bowie - or at least his record company - is issuing a black vinyl version of his song No Plan on Friday, and a blue vinyl version of it on Saturday, which means No Plan now looks destined to take the top spot. What makes it worse, is that the song is hideous. Super hideous. As a certain someone recently said about Bowie's Blackstar, "a record of no melody and lyrics that are at best banal and at worst Simon Le Bon". No Plan? No f***ing tune more like.
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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Dear Simple Sabine, It would appear that you have deleted your comment, blocked me on Twitter, and have been telling anyone who will listen that I am leaving comments on my own blog under various 'other names'; other names which up until this morning you believed to be Morrissey! This is truly bizarre behaviour, and all because I tutted at you for tweeting that I wrote "shit" about people.

      I'm sure you didn't mean to delete your comment, so let me put it back up for you:

      "Excellent post - yes, I had a funny feeling about that film from the start. As you say though, I shall probably go and see it as it is about Morrissey after all, but may just end up cringing in my seat! And no, I definitely believe that Morrissey wasn't an ordinary teenager!"

      I'm here to help.


  2. I had already read the interview and knew what Morfessa was referring to, but was too busy yesterday to join in the conversation. I have to say I don't have high hopes for the film and don't really have any interest in seeing it.

  3. Should have called the film NotSteven.

  4. Would one prefer Medazzaland to Midazolam? Or does one need Midazolam to listen to Medazzaland?

  5. I'm waiting for the fatwa.

    I'll probably watch it on one of those illegal streaming sites. Hey, I'm in Australia and it'll probably be lucky to have a short run at some inner city art house joint over 40km away.

    1. One would presume that Morrissey will make no public comment whatsoever regarding England Is Mine, but as we all know, M will definitely watch it, so I am quietly hoping that he will review it on FTM, and perhaps point out all the errors.

  6. Hello Ratty, I hope I can se the movie about Our Steven very soon, I'm curious just like any other Morrissey's fan and I hope to see it in original language, but in my country even a cartoon as a dub. Mordesse is a star! Ciao.💙🎬

  7. From what I have read thus far I have no enthusiasm to see the film. I fear it will be an uneasy watch.

  8. Even though the film will undoubtedly lack much in many areas and disappoint in so many others, I will still see it. It's Morrissey and so I must. Hopefully some small art theater in NYC will show it on an bigish screen so I can watch and be horrified in a theater alongside hipster wannabes crowded inside and where I can make annoying comments and heckle the stupid masses who will suck it all up as gospel.

  9. I too read the interview but I wont be watching the film, their idea of, he was like this or he was like that, is not for me, maybe if they had him watching endless reruns of shameless then maybe, just maybe I would watch

  10. I went on Twitter yesterday and today and it made me pine away with nostalgia for this account’s misspent Twatter youth, kicking with the fray. Almost. But no, not really.

    Sabine bitching again and pretending she isn’t. Marianne whining again and pretending she isn’t. Some other charmless, inanely babbling character labeling Rat ‘bad AIDS’. How uninspired. Do people really have no creativity whatsoever? The only thing frankly missing was Chuck chiming in with something completely accusatory and equally off-topic as well.

    How some things never change. I feel like I haven’t aged even a day.

    Nice tour to Moz and the Gang. As for everyone else, keep those Twitter arguments going.

    I’m about to commission a scientific study which will clearly evidence the extent to which women’s bitching is always directly inversely correlated to the level of their actual intelligence.

    Don’t be otherwise fooled.

    1. Not naughty, just honest. According to Sabine and her friends, 'Not Astra's Derrière' is in fact me, posting under a different name, and yet not that long ago, these same people were fawning all over 'Not Astra's Bot', calling her a Morrissey Pessoa! It's a funny old world, whatever next.


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