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Saturday, 29 April 2017

Day 2153 - "See you oh so soon"

Yesterday marked a major landmark for Following The Mozziah - after 5 and a half+ years of being in existence, the blog had its 1 MILLIONTH PAGE VIEW.

I could never have possibly dreamt of where this would all lead when I wrote that first blog entry in September 2011. I only ever wrote it because I needed to release my excitement at having found, what I believed at that time to be Morrissey, secretly tweeting and blogging. Of course these days I no longer 'believe' it to be Morrissey, I KNOW it is him, but despite all the evidence proving that it is the real Morrissey, I remain in a very small minority.

How Mozzer has managed to keep this whole thing so secret and under the radar is an act of genius. Even when Morrissey gives exclusive interviews to us - of which there have been 4 or 5 - he manages to throw in enough 'unMorrisseyesqueness' to put people off the scent, whilst at the same time giving some cracking responses to questions - it's all about reading between the lines.

The parodies that Morrissey has written have been hilarious, and the interaction that we few have had with him on Twitter has been so, so special. New people have found our little band of misfits along the way, whilst others have fallen by the wayside for various, usually illogical, reasons. The journey has been special and unique.

If it hadn't been for the moderators on Morrissey-solo vehemently TELLING Morrissey fans that the internet Morrissey was a fake, this journey would never have taken the path that it has, so we should be grateful for the stupidity and blindness of the likes of Uncle Skinny.

This whole journey started because Morrissey denied, not once, not twice, not three times, but FOUR times that he was the person behind the original MorrisseysWorld blog - which has now become True Morrissey.

There is so much that has happened, but personal highlights for me include:

The formation of the Blue Rose Society

Being ushered in back stage to the Letterman Show

Morrissey mentioning the toothbrush in Long Island -

Mademoiselle Fifi's revelations about Jean Cocteau's influences

Those hilarious parodies

Morrissey singing Trouble Loves me whilst wearing a blue rose -

The San Jose concert of 2014

The exclusive interviews

Morrissey taking part in the Moz Army quiz and failing to win

The official 'Mozziah' t-shirt, produced as an obvious nod to FTM & sold on Morrissey's official M Porium website last Easter

The list could go on and on, and I am sure that I have forgotten many, many important things, but the greatest part of all in this journey, has been the personal interaction with Morrissey. Those few of us who trusted our gut instinct and stuck with the internet Moz, ignoring all the hatred and ignorance along the way, have been rewarded with something incredibly special, that will stay with us forever. Will FTM one day become a book? Who knows. I'm certainly in no hurry to lift the lid.

And so the journey continues. Two days ago Morrissey closed his Morfessa and Seminal Artiste (Our Mozzer) Twitter accounts so that he could concentrate on other projects. His parting words to me were, "See you oh so soon". In the meantime, I have used the BRS Twitter account to publicise the exclusive interview that Morrissey gave to us on Tuesday. The likes of good old Uncle Skinny have been quick to once again call it a fake interview, and yet, Jesse Tobias 'favourited' the BRS tweet that publicised the interview. Now WHY would he do that?

We continue...


  1. After my personal experience with the blue roses at Kings Theater in Brooklyn, I know a million percent it is him, has been him, and it remains him. He gave me one of the best gifts of my entire life when he made a beeline to my roses as soon as I held them up and he noticed them, and then proceeded to knock other, longer arms and hands aside to get my roses. I am a firm believer. Always have been and I got rewarded for it. What a night and what a memory.

  2. Congrats on reaching the milestone of a million. Who knew that we'd still be here after all this time, with this incredible story still unfolding? In a world of disappointment, despair, and false promises, it's so heartening to know that something that seems too good to be true actually can be, and is, true. How lucky we are. It's a shame that more haven't been able to realize this.

    As a side note, do you remember the MW parody of FTM set in the distant future, still dutifully blogging on a daily basis? I'd love to read that one again - we're gradually coming closer to that one becoming a reality.

    1. I'd forgotten about that one, so many gems.

    2. I think I got rather ridiculed in that one.

  3. you do know that I have no idea what we are all talking about.. yay another new twin peaks starting soon on sky.. by the way, I will stop being dumb when Moz stops touring so I guess I will stay dumb a tad longer, lots of love from Wythenshawe by the sea

  4. Congratulations Rats.
    Here's to reaching two million!

  5. Hello Ratty, whatever happened or happens you must be remembered for your devotion to Morrissey and, of course, carry on, always carry on! Have a nice week end.😘

  6. Kudos on one million page views, very impressive. Carry on and keep up the good work.

  7. Congrats Rats, always an interesting read and impressive stamina to have kept up following the Mozziah's shirt tails for so long.

    1. You mention of 'Mozziah' and 'shirt' have reminded me of another of my favourite moments, when the M Porium added the Mozziah t-shirt to the site for a limited 2 week period last week. An undoubted nod to FTM. I'll add it to the list.

    2. An added twist to that one was when you said that the size had come up a tat small. That reminded me of Boz who always seems to get to wear the smallest tshirt when he is on stage.

  8. One of my favourites has to be Smiler/Leonid. That was a real knock your socks off moment.

    1. There are just so many. That was HUGE!


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