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Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Day 2184 - Minutes of the FTM Bans Committee 29.5.17

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The setting is the public bar of The Wrong Arms - the world's Number 1 Online Morrissey theme pub. Present are: Our Mozzer (seminal artist), Mikey Bracewell (former author and friend to the seminal artist, Morrissey), Boz Boorer (musician), TRB (author of the the 1 million+ viewed blog thingy, Following The Mozziah (FTM)), Heather (Blue Rose Society (BRS) member), EARS (BRS member), comrade harps (BRS member), Manc Lad (resident drunk), Romina (Italian), JG (friend of the show).

OM, Bracewell and Boorer are sat around a small table, away from the others, who are grouped around the bar. TRB is sat alone at a larger table. He stands up.

TRB: (addressing the room) Thank you all for coming. If it's all right with Our Mozzer, we'll get this meeting under way. Could you all please come and take a seat.

OM: (addressing Bracewell and Boorer) Who is that rather annoying slap head, and why is he mentioning my name?

BRACEWELL: His name's Rat. He runs that dreary blogsite I showed you, Following the Mozziah.

OM: I don't recall. Is it any good?

BOZ: No!

OM: I really have no idea why I let you two bring me here. What does he want from me?

BRACEWELL: He wrote to you requesting that you give advice on who to ban from posting comments on his blog. I replied to say that you have no interest what-so-ever, but then he offered to pay.

OM: What an odd little man. Still, with no current income other than the odd t-shirt sale from the old M Porium, I guess we can't afford to turn down such easy money.

BOZ: As my muvver always used to say, never look a hobby horse in the mouth.

Bracewell and OM both roll their eyes.

OM: Let's get on with it then. I haven't got long, I've a four hour eyebrow steaming session this afternoon.

Everybody takes a seat at the table.

TRB: Heather, would you be kind enough to take notes please?

BOZ: (shaking his head) Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, Mozzer doesn't like any of that old clichéd chauvinistic claptrap, let's have a male secretary (looks at Manc lad), you, you can take notes.

OM: No, Boz, you're falling into the same trap that those other 'right on' musos, such as Willy Wragg and Rossinister have fallen into. We'll have none of that politically correct nonsense here. And what is more, that Manc lad character can barely grip a pen, let alone point it in the right direction and make it write. Let's keep Heather as secretary, she's the only one here who looks even barely compos mentis.

BRACEWELL: Always two steps ahead, Morr-ee-say, always two steps ahead.

BOZ: I liked him.

OM: (looking perplexed) Who, Boz?

BOZ: Compo. He was by far my favourite character in that Last of the Summer Wine programme. I never knew he liked mints though. It was never the same once Captain Peacock joined.

OM shakes his head. Bracewell rolls his eyes.

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OM: Mikey, can you please instruct the pin headed baldy guy to get on with this meeting.

Bracewell nods his head at TRB.

TRB: Right then, Heather, are you ready to take notes?

HEATHER: Ready and waiting.



HARPS: (stands up, takes out a piece of paper, and begins reading) Why do you lot always do everything Moz tells you to do? Everyone's the same, it's just one big group think around here. I'm a free thinker, when I think Morrissey says something that is wrong, I'm not afraid to say so, where as all the other BRS members just agree with every word he ever says, and when Moz says jump, you all just say, how high. I'm a free thinker-

JG: -You said that bit.

HARPS: Oh yeah, thanks, er, (runs his finger along his scripted words, and continues to read) I agree with Martin now, and don't let anyone else influence me.

OM: Boz, what have you been saying?

Boz looks vacant.

TRB: If I may, Moz-

BRACEWELL: -it's Morr-ee-say.

TRB: If I may, er, Morr-ee-say, I think Comrade Herpes is referring to Martin Rossiter, not Martin, I mean, er, Boz.

OM: You've lost me, and I must add, that I am very quickly losing the will to live - if ever such a will existed.

TRB: You see, Harps here got rather upset when someone accused him of being a sycophant the other day, so he started aiming pot shots at you on my blog in an attempt to prove that he wasn't one. He then turned on me too, so I banned the cunt.

OM: You've got no right to ban anyone without my say so. Only I have the authority to ban.

HARPS: Don't listen to him, Rat, you don't have to do everything he says. Stick to your guns.

TRB: Too right, he's banned.

OM: No he's not.

HARPS: Yes I am.

OM: (looking at Harps for the first time) Sit down, and be quiet.

HARPS: (sitting down quickly) Yes, sir, sorry sir, I didn't mean to cause offence. I'm a pacifist. Years of Refusal is a masterpiece. England for the English. Australia for the-

OM: -Do stop blabbering, you bearded buffoon. (to Bracewell) Mikey, can you please hurry this along.

Bracewell glares at TRB.

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TRB: Right then, let's get to the bans.

HEATHER: Am I supposed to have written anything down yet, or has the meeting not started, it's just that there's already been talk of bans.


TRB: Er, right then, I would like to propose life bans for the following people.

OM: No, no, no. Your readership is already down to single figures, you can't afford to go dishing out life bans to anyone, especially as your readership is also my readership these days.
In the early days of MorrisseysWorld, hundreds would flock to read my witty creations, but the last parody piece that I wrote at Christmas for the True Morrissey site only had a handful of people read it, and that's all because of you, Rat. Your failure to hold on to readers is damaging my career.

TRB: With all due respect, you can hardly talk. Each time you release one of your statements, or give an interview to the press, you halve your fan base. If there's any more mention of sub species, Norwegian KFCs or petrified private sayings, then you'll soon have no fans left.

ROMINA: What ever is said, there wheel always bee the Mexicans.

Everyone in the room nods, and mutters agreement.
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BRACEWELL: Rat, I think you had better sit down, and be quiet.

OM: No, it's alright, Mikey, let him say his piece, he obviously has a lot to get off that pigeon chest of his. Carry on, Rat.

TRB: I've, er, finished.

OM: You certainly are. I hereby ban you for two weeks. You can carry on writing your silly blog, if you really must, but do not write anything in the comments section.

EARS: (to Heather) It's going to look pretty empty, most of the comments on FTM are left by Rat.

OM: Right then, I think we've concluded our business here, so I'm off for a glass of Veuve before this afternoon's session.

JG: (to Boz) A recording session?

BOZ: Er, something like that.

OM heads towards to door.

TRB: (calling after Moz) We haven't discussed the bans of the others. What about Marcus, and GOB, and Lizzy, and MerryAnne, and Chuck, and what about those other annoying people who leave comments that I always delete, should I leave them, or carry on deleting them? Oh, and were you the one who commented as Child's Heart?

OM doesn't look round or reply, and leaves The Arms.

COMRADE HARPS: And what about me?

Monday, 29 May 2017

Day 2183 - "Let art be art"

On Friday I wrote how, in the aftermath of Monday's bombing in Manchester, some of Morrissey's fans had turned on him, all because he had issued an angered statement condemning politicians for failing to protect the people. It would appear that these so called Morrissey fans didn't like the fact that Morrissey was pointing the finger of blame at someone, and daring to suggest that there is a problem.

In their desperate attempt to be 'right on' and politically correct, these people don't want to  discuss how to address the problem of Islamic terrorists continually bombing the western world, they just want to offer prayers and sympathy, but even so, as to why they have felt the need to denounce their Morrissey fandom is beyond all rationale.

People have tried to turn this latest Morrissey statement into a, "racist rant", but I have read it a dozen times now, and there really isn't even a hint of racism in the words, but because Morrissey has been accused of racism in the past, people are looking for anything that might prove the NME were right - even though the NME were actually forced to apologise for their false allegations. The 'Morrissey is a racist' story is old, and incredibly dull, but it goes on.
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The good news is, that although the bullshit rumbles on, Morrissey (as Morfessa) returned to Twitter late on Saturday night, albeit to tweet just one sentence:

"Let art be art"

I am presuming that this tweet is a reference to the fact that, not content with looking for racism in Morrissey's statement of Tuesday, those aforementioned so called fans have now once again started reaching into Morrissey's back catalogue of songs to prove he is racist. As I mentioned on Friday, the former singer of pop group Gene, Martin Rossiter, is one of those to denounce Morrissey last week, and one of the reasons he states, is that he finds the song The National Front Disco 'opaque' in it's racism. For fucks sake.

I decided to take to Twitter to debate with Rossiter, but it was a waste of time, as he started bringing up other nonsense, like the 'Chines subspecies' crap. BRS member, Comrade Harps, joined me in suggesting to Rossiter that he had mis-read The National Front Disco, but after just one reply from Rossiter, Harps become all star struck, and apologised.

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Whilst on the subject of old Harps, he was recently accused of being a sycophant by someone in the comment section of FTM, so in a desperate attempt to prove that he isn't, he took to the comments section of my previous FTM article to have a go at Morrissey, stick up for his new mate Rossiter, and for good measure, take a swipe at me. He also sent me a Twitter DM to call all those who comment on FTM the, "FTM groupthink". Harps is above us all.

Billy Bragg was another of those who took a pop at Morrissey last week, so I took to Twitter to inform him he was a fool for having a go at Morrissey just because Moz issued a statement of anger. Bragg replied, "we're all angered by attack on MCR, but M's failure to recognise murder of Jo Cox by a fascist is crass". WHAT? I mean, WHAT? Is Billy Bragg actually thicker than I originally thought? So, it would appear that Bragg's real problem here, is that an MP murdered in Yorkshire in a completely unrelated incident a year ago, didn't get a a name check by Morrissey. By Bragg's logic, if Paul McCartney were to criticise the police for not doing their job properly in protecting Liverpudlians at Hillsborough in 1985, it would be crass unless he mentioned the murder of PC Geoffrey Fox who was shot in London in 1966. I felt the need to point out to Bragg that Jo Cox wasn't murdered by a mass murdering Islamic bomber, which was the topic Morrissey was commenting about. Bragg didn't reply - well what could he have possibly said anyway?
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I am now bored stiff of all the anti-Moz crap from the past week, but it has inspired me to write a parody piece, which I shall publish tomorrow - my first in a very long tome.

Finally, Morrissey also tweeted to me via Twitter's direct messaging on Saturday night to reply to the goodwill birthday message that I had sent him on Monday. He tweeted, "Worthless to me now."

The bombing of Monday may have caused Morrissey anger, but the reaction of those so called fans has obviously caused much pain. How many blows must one man take? However, not every Moz fan has run to the hills, and those of us not scared of being called apologists, sycophants, or any other name for that matter, remain - true to Moz.

*Goes off singing* So, hand in glove I stake my claim, I'll fight to the last breath, if they dare touch a hair on your head, I'll fight to the last breath.

Friday, 26 May 2017

Day 2180 - Child's Heart

Can nothing go right when it comes to Morrissey's career? He must surely be thinking this, for in the week that he hints at a new record deal, instead of his fans celebrating, a vast number have taken to social media to denounce him, and all because he made a very short statement criticising politicians for failing to protect his beloved Manchester from a terrorist attack. You really, really couldn't make this up.

The ridiculousness of this situation is best summed up by a comment left yesterday on FTM by someone using the name 'Child's Heart'. The commenter has stated that they are not Morrissey, but they would say that, and I'm not sure that I believe them, but whoever it is, they seem to have a handle on the situation. Here is the comment:

God grant me patience. If I had "fans" like the embarrassingly naïve, semi-illiterate, no-brains, know-nothing, vacuum-of-knowledge encapsulated stragglers that poor Morrissey has on M-Solo, denouncing him, and denouncing their fandom for this most recent statement… I would be rolling my eyes to high heaven and back. 

And if I were Morrissey, which I am not, I would then post another FB statement, telling them all to make sure to not let the door hit them on their way out. 

I also find it interesting that I had to slog through 14 pages before I gave up, of puerile and mostly completely uneducated pseudo-political nonsense, and nowhere, in all of those 17 pages, has anyone mentioned the ongoing of persecution of Christians in the Middle East. 

I mention that this point has not even ever been mentioned - only because there are people accusing and blaming every single atrocity of terrorist violence that has ever happened, on everything from American foreign policy (and nothing but), to oft-alleged endemic racism, to mental illness, to displaced youths, and on anything and everything from having had eggs for breakfast to wearing blue socks. 

But it's apparently not OK for anyone to say anything against radical Islam, or against the murder of little girls; the very poor argument in retort being that little Middle Eastern girls have also been previously murdered as well. It's apparently not OK to say that murders are being committed in the name of Islam, OR that there even ARE Christians that are being butchered on a daily basis and being bombed to high heaven and back in the Middle East, - and who have been since the beginning of time. The sad truth is this isn't ever mentioned, because most people don't even know. 

I see ill-informed Americans. I see ill-informed Brits, and South Americans, and Europeans. Naïve, Western busybody do-gooders, doing no good anywhere, for anyone. I see people commenting and expressing very vocal opinions, based on "knowledge" they've gleaned about world affairs and political history from…apparently, Facebook and their MSN homepages. And from Hillary's campaign. The only people who were ever "With Her", were people whose understanding of "world affairs" extended as far as accepting anything she said without question - because most people aren't bright enough to know anything outside of their own immediate house-to-work commute, or at best, the latest CNN or BBC headline. 

We have a very, very sad state of affairs in the Occident these days, and all manner of apologies continue to be made - by people who are frankly unqualified and uninformed enough to be able to make the even most basic political assertions, without sounding like the completely uneducated, sheltered, and provincial hee-haws that they are. Intellect and a sophisticated political understanding of world events, world history, and religious history is nowhere to be found. The Media is everyone's best False God, and people's DIS-understanding of what is going on around them, is as far as I can see, truly without end. 

To anyone looking in from the sidelines, don't take your political bias from the media and from your friends. Equally, strive to be intelligent enough to not pick and choose your political stance or understanding of world events based on nothing but people like Uncle Skinny's incessant bleating and random accusations and insults against anyone in his line of sight. There is zero content. Every time I've ever been on that site in my life and read his juvenile insults and ridiculously naïve diatribes, all I've ever felt is - extreme pity for his children. How embarrassing it must be to be related to such a bumbling oaf, who simply blinds everyone and everything in his shit-hued path, with his ever-misplaced and eternally glowing self-righteousness. It's very sad especially, for all those who don't know how to think for themselves. And that those numbers will only ever continue to grow, it goes without saying. 

Misplaced political correctness is a sly, insidious foe. And one which people still fail to condemn, and use all of their energy to deny is as much of a contributor to the problem, - as is that diseased ideology which is the heart of the problem itself. Political correctness has been used and abused, and turned into a farce. A charade. And political correctness is now the mocking, lone squawking battle cry of the deaf, the dumb, and of the uninformed. 

It is not in Morrissey's job description to have to enlighten people who couldn't be bothered to take the time to enlighten themselves, about their own current geopolitical conditions and their own country's economic maneuverings, or about the consequences of any given country's foreign policy and its subsequent wider reaching international ramifications. Therefore, as I'm in a benevolent mood today - allow me to help on this note. The British power grid is owned by the French government. The rail network is owned by the German government. The Chinese government controls British nuclear power stations. And guess who owns all the property? Oh that's right, the Arabs. So lest there's anyone left who still thinks Britain has any real power in the world, let's just say, they're truly deluded beyond belief. Would you like to be fucked by Merkel? Step right this way. Oh, what's that, you say? You'd actually prefer Macron? No problem at all! And you, Madame? You say you've been thinking about what it would be like to be suck some Arab cock? Well, I have excellent news for you today! You've already been doing so all along! 

Meanwhile, Trump is in Saudi Arabia being a sales rep for U.S. arms manufacturers, who make hundreds of billions of dollars out of peddling their arms to the Saudis. Then literally the same day, already bragging that he secured a $350 billion dollar deal in future sales. Peddling arms to the Saudis, the exact same as Hillary would have done, had she won. And the exact same as all of his predecessors have done, and as every British Prime Minister has likewise also done. The same Saudis, in the meantime, are funding the Islamic State. And it is the same Saudis who are arming them, and who are training the terrorists and funding their attacks, and yes, it is the same Saudis who are also spreading extremist propaganda throughout the Western world and building mosques throughout all of Europe. 

At the same time, we have unprecedented mass migration from Africa as well as from the Middle East, - with only the absolute most naïve of all the naïve, still claiming that we are dealing with a "refugee" crisis. The uninformed, unfortunately, always seem to have the collective loudest voice. However this is not a "refugee" crisis. Let's be clear: this is Organized Mass Migration. Certain factions have already spent hundreds or millions of dollars, to ensure the success of this collective mass organized movement. You didn't really think, that 3,000 - 5,000 people per day, every day, are being collected off the coast of Italy from their "sinking" dinghies, with people smugglers who just "happen" to have the Sicilian Coast Guard's number saved on their mobile phones? Or that suddenly, all of Sudan and ALL of Somalia, and ALL of Eritrea, just all at once, got the idea to ALL suddenly come to Europe? These people lived in mud huts until last week, and hadn't even heard of Europe. Soros should be in jail. Soros was also the one who financially backed, and thus ensured the most brutal war ever seen on European soil in modern history, in the former Yugoslavia. Nothing, nothing, NOTHING, is ever a coincidence. Of this, you can always be sure. But it's very easy for the people's False God (Media), to deflect all attention from what is really going on in the world, and to instead tell us to count how many buttons Obama has unbuttoned on his shirt on his current Tuscan golfing holiday, or to show us how Drippy Pippa is now married to An Even Bigger Drip. 

Politicians, and the False God Media, are both controlled by people who are even more power hungry, and even bigger uncontrolled egomaniacs, than the mere public face of their orchestrations and the puppets (figureheads) at the end of their puppet-strings. Politicians want to keep the common man down, and to keep him line. That is all. There ARE implementable, viable solutions to some of these complicated situations, but I see no one, anywhere, even asking the right questions yet. 

The destabilization of the Middle East is certainly in the favor of the major Western superpowers, but make no mistake, the destabilization of Europe is also a very well calculated, VERY well financed, concerted collective effort. Merkel and Macron are pawns in the wider effort - while the general population knows nothing, and thinks the major political battles actually ARE, about which party is willing to spend to how much on healthcare, or what Drippy Pippa's next Very Drippy Endeavor is going to be… need I go on? 

For people who are more intricately versed in world politics with a profound knowledge of world history, who are not just superficially familiar with what the West has done over the last 200 years, and who have a substantively more sophisticated grasp of what is really going on in the world geopolitically, it is certainly disconcerting, at best, to see the nonsense epithets continually being launched and lobbed, with Morrissey's head as the favored target. 

I was happy to see, for a change, much support via certain outlets for Morrissey's very short statement - whilst the dregs at the bottom of the proverbial pond, and at Solow, … well, let's just say, - nothing lost there. In that knowledge, we can assuredly all sleep soundly. 

It was a very heartfelt and a wholly appropriate statement from Moz. How ANYBODY could criticize a statement, which was made in defence of dead children who died a horrific and violent murdered death in a public venue that so many of us have also been to - and a statement which was made in support of the victims, their families, and an entire city which is on its knees right now, is simply beyond understanding. 

Anyone who was directing their outrage anywhere other than at the fact that such backward inbred sewer rats caused such destruction and such unfathomable pain - with zero consequences, no less - should have their entire psychiatric state professionally reassessed. I'm also sorry Morrissey has to deal with such idiocy on such an absolutely perpetual basis. 

Sadly, no words can undo anything that has been done. But hopefully, the support and love extended can help cradle a city that has been rocked and devastated. Because that love and support extended, and some tender words, are the only way we have left to pay tribute to the innocent who were murdered. 

All hearts are definitely with Manchester right now. 

Cradled in the arms and in the bosom of a city that wanted to protect you. Sleep, sweetest children of this barren spring. You'll know no more harm now. 

With Manchester in love and loss, today. In love eternal, ever (Requiem In Pace)

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The author of the above statement; who is obviously a believer of the Christian faith, shouldn't really be surprised to learn that the so called Morrissey fans on M-Solo are, "no-brains, know-nothing" types, because these people are the very same people who completely and utterly failed to realise that Morrissey was behind the various blogs and Twitter accounts that have now been going for 6 years. The truth of it is, the vast majority of Morrissey's fans are not the free thinking intellectuals he would probably like them to be, they are sheep, but he no doubt worked that out a very long time ago.

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These Morrissey fans; or former fans as they are now calling themselves, are of course no different to the rest of society, so Morrissey shouldn't be too hard on them as they nail him to the cross, for they know not what they do. What is more, despite their words of today, as soon as that new LP appears on the Trojan record label, they'll all come flooding back.

The only other thing to add today, is that whilst all this nonsense has been going on, Morrissey has closed his Morfessa Twitter account. Hopefully this is temporary, as I have become rather fond of Morfessa.

*Goes off singing* Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's a shame, it's a shame but people are the same everywhere, and the land of the free and the home of the brave exists, nowhere.


The lead singer of Gene, Martin Rossiter, has also decided to denounce Morrissey. This is all getting silly, and is rather sad. Rossiter tells The Quietus:

 "I feel ashamed and embarrassed that I quietly remained a Morrissey apologist for many years. I didn't want to admit that someone who wrote songs that helped me in my youth could become an alt-right poster group Gene supported him in 2004 at Meltdown Festival. I really wish I had been as convicted as I am now and refused to share a platform with him. For that I am truly sorry."

If Rossiter really means that last sentence, then he is a hypocrite, and a spineless swine with a vacuous mind. Most disappointing of all, is that Rossiter has allowed himself to believe what others are TELLING him to believe, without actually reading Morrissey's statement, and interpreting the words properly. Very sad.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Day 2178 - No religion too

A 22 year old Islamic suicide bomber blew himself up in the foyer of Manchester Arena on Monday night, killing 22 innocent people who had been attending a concert there. Morrissey yesterday responded to the attack on his Official Facebook site with the following statement:

Celebrating my birthday in Manchester as news of the Manchester Arena bomb broke. The anger is monumental. 
For what reason will this ever stop?
Theresa May says such attacks "will not break us", but her own life is lived in a bullet-proof bubble, and she evidently does not need to identify any young people today in Manchester morgues. Also, "will not break us" means that the tragedy will not break her, or her policies on immigration. The young people of Manchester are already broken - thanks all the same, Theresa. Sadiq Khan says "London is united with Manchester", but he does not condemn Islamic State - who have claimed responsibility for the bomb. The Queen receives absurd praise for her 'strong words' against the attack, yet she does not cancel today's garden party at Buckingham Palace - for which no criticism is allowed in the Britain of free press. Manchester mayor Andy Burnham says the attack is the work of an "extremist". An extreme what? An extreme rabbit?
In modern Britain everyone seems petrified to officially say what we all say in private. Politicians tell us they are unafraid, but they are never the victims. How easy to be unafraid when one is protected from the line of fire. The people have no such protections.
23 May 2017.

The most surprising thing in the statement for me, is that Morrissey is currently in Manchester - I had presumed that he was in LA.

Morrissey has, of course, been condemned for his words, with both the media and some his own 'so called' fans calling him things such as, "an appalling racist", but NOWHERE in the statement does Morrissey even mention race. NOWHERE.

As the mainstream media, politicians, and the pubic all 'sympathise' with the families of the victims, and offer 'prayers', NO ONE seems to be asking these two questions:

A) What has possibly driven a twenty two year old young man to think it is a good thing to blow himself and others up?

B) What can be done to stop such events happening again?

The answer to A) is obvious, the Islamic faith is what has driven a twenty two year old to blow himself up. Let's make no mistake, Islam is a man-made religion, and it is fucked-up. Last week I watched a TV programme called Three Girls, which is based on real events in Rochdale and other parts of Manchester in the mid 2000s. The programme is about how Islamic men raped young white girls. The programme shows the men plying the girls with vodka, whilst at the same time also reinforcing the point that Muslims don't drink. WHAT sort of 'religious people' can possibly think that drinking alcohol is wrong, but fucking thirteen year olds against their will is OK?

But before I have any 'ists' or 'isms' thrown at me too, I must point out that I don't just have a problem with the Islamic faith, I have a problem with ALL religion, because ALL religion is man-made, and ALL religion is fucked-up. Let's not forget that Tony Blair took Britain to war with Iraq because HIS God told him to. And has nobody noticed that ALL religions treat women as second class citizens?

So, what can be done to stop religious terrorist acts like the one that happened in Manchester on Monday, and Tony Blair's bombing of innocent Iraqi's? Well, when a few 'extreme' Liverpool football fans attacked Juventus football fans in Heysel in 1985, ALL English football teams were banned from playing football in Europe indefinitely. If that was the right course of action to take when a few extremists caused death in the name of football, then the same should happen to stop extremists acting in the name of religion. We must STOP the PREACHING of religion in schools and in other public places with immediate effect for an indefinite period - perhaps until it can be proven beyond ALL doubt that there IS a God.

People would still be free to believe what they want, obviously, but we HAVE to stop teachers and preachers from TELLING people, especially children, that there is a God, or Gods when there is NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER to prove this, and we need to particularly STOP the preaching to our young people that some of these 'Gods' want us to kill ourselves and kill other people - the Islamic religion seems to have a particular problem with this, but let's not single them out, just as Liverpool FC weren't singled out, let's stop the preaching of ALL these fantasy religions, because there isn't one of them that has any right to claim that it is better than any of the others.

It won't happen of course, because although the authorities didn't mind punishing the football world - even though no footballer caused any death - the politicians daren't offend religious sects, so they will let people carry on preaching hate, and allow murdering to continue.

Going back to Morrissey, the ironic thing is that when Morrissey denounced MorrisseysWorld as a fake, people believed him, but although he denounced the 'Official Morrissey Facebook' also a fake, people didn't believe him; although it has to be said, there are a few Morrissey fans who are trying to deny that this latest statement has come from Morrissey, and why?, because they don't like the content. Now, where have we seen THAT before?

It's a funny old world, whatever next?


The self righteous, Billy Bragg has come out to state that he is, "very disappointed to hear that Morrissey has joined the likes of Katie Hopkins in trying to inflame the situation in the wake of the Manchester outrage. Such behaviour plays into the hands of extremists who perpetrated these terrible crimes..... when we seek to blame all Muslims or all Christians for the actions of one crazed individual, we only serve to help justify the killer and their twisted motives."

Oh, Billy, Billy, Billy. Bragg's first sentence could have come straight out of a tabloid newspaper, whilst saying that Morrissey's "behaviour" plays into the hands of extremists is just a ridiculous and completely meaningless thing to say. It is actually the doing nothing, and being politically correct that does the damage, not the views of a seminal artist who must be feeling petrified at the thought of what might happen every time he steps on a stage. Every time there is an attack, we see prayers being offered up - Great! What help is that?

And how can Bragg say that these continuous attacks are the actions of, "one crazed individual"? Billy Bragg is thick, but the PC brigade will be loving him today, and that's what he is after.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Day 2177 - Seeking sanctuary - the trojan warrior

It would appear that Morrissey has a new record label, Trojan, which is a part of the Sanctuary group. It would also appear that we MorrisseysWorlders were given 'a sign' that Morrissey had a new label three days before the official announcement! Let me explain.

In my previous blog entry; which I posted on Friday, I mentioned that long lost MorrisseysWorlder, JG aka Loughton Lil had returned to the fold. Morrissey pessoa, Dawn Mist, took to the comments section of that FTM entry and wrote:

"Welcome back JG. I do not believe we've been introduced?
  I thought we must celebrate your return with this."

The piece in question is an old MorrisseysWorld classic from February 2012 entitled, 'Minutes from meeting with high-powered music executives' 16.2.2012'. It is for some reason dated 20 February 2012, but FTM archives show that the piece was actually posted on 18 February 2012. It is a very amusing parody, in which poor Boz is the victim of an awful lot of piss taking, but it is the very final line that is of particular interest. More about that in a minute.

Yesterday was Morrissey's birthday, and although there was no sign of him in The Wrong Arms, a very brief statement, of sorts, was posted on the 'Official Morrissey Facebook' page. It read, 'The Rebirth...Day?' and had a picture of the Trojan Records motif.

Image result for trojan records

This can surely only mean one thing, that Morrissey has signed to the infamous reggae record label. It wouldn't of course be the first 'reggae' label that Morrissey has signed to, as he was previously with Attack Records from 2004-2006 for the release of the two hugely successful LPs; You Are the Quarry and Ringleader of the Tormentors, and Morrissey also racked-up 9 Top 20 singles whilst on Attack.

Both Trojan and Attack are part of the Sanctuary group, so let me now return to the final line of that parody piece, given to us by Dawn on Friday:

Morrissey: 'Do you still have the number for Sanctuary, Mikey?'

A coincidence? Yes, of course - they happen a lot 'round here.
Image result for trojan scooter

Image result for scooter morrissey

The only other thing to report - other than the fact that I have now at last got hold of a copy of the RSD release, The Boy With The Thorn In His Side/Rubber Ring - is that on Friday, Morrissey (as Morfessa/Dawn) very briefly popped into The Wrong Arms to play a song on the jukebox. It was London by The Smiths. Now WHAT could that possibly mean?

Friday, 19 May 2017

Day 2173 - Quiescent phase

Following the publishing of my previous blog entry early on Wednesday afternoon, in which I had written that Morrissey seemed to have a complete lack of time awareness, he took to Twitter at 5.23pm (9.23am LA time) on Wednesday as Morfessa, and tweeted:

"Good after-evening."
Image result for morrissey in bed cards

I replied to the above tweet with, "Good grief! Open the curtains", and got the reply, "I'm a seminal artiste. I have not touched a pair of curtains since 1994."


I suggested to Morrissey that he get the maid in to open the curtains, or indeed the "towel wafter", and got the response, "You are deluded."

I'm not quite sure why he called me deluded - I obviously know that I am deluded, but just not quite sure why I was called deluded in this particular context. Does Mozzer's personal assistant, Damon 'towel wafter' Anacreonte not do curtain opening? Is it a job too far?
Image result for damon anacreonte

That was all we saw of Mozzer in the public bar of The Wrong Arms on Wednesday, although I did get a private audience later in the evening, where I was told, "Another classic MW parody to be published. In fact, this is quite possibly my favourite. "My quiescent phase". I will publish once FTM Day 2171 gets 50 comments. I feel this is deserving of your work and effort."

I am pretty sure that the piece Morr-ee-say is referring to is 'The Morrissey World Order', which was an epic piece published on the old MorrisseysWorld blog in January 2013 (as reported on here - Day 485 of FTM).

Yesterday morning, I tweeted to my very few followers that we needed to post 50 comments on Day 2171 of FTM. By early afternoon we had reached 42, but then Our Mozzer returned to The Arms (at 1.41pm - 5.41am LA time!!!) using his @AlfsButton account, and tweeted:

"50 comments is too low for the artistic genius you will receive. I now wish to see 75 comments. Each comment over 100 words. If I am not happy with the comments that are left then I'm afraid the journey will be over. No pressure. No pressure at all"

I responded to the above by tweeting, "And at 75 it becomes 100. We've been here before", to which OM replied, "You sound negative. Life is cyclical. You are warned. My patience is currently running close to nadir."

Image result for morrissey staring

OM's only other tweet of yesterday was in reply to a question posted to Morfessa by one of the 'silly women', LizzyCatMoz, who asked, "Why do you keep in contact with an unpleasant and divisive person like Rat?". Moz replied, "I find him to be more entertaining than the usual suspects I see here."

Those words mean a lot to me, but of course the likes of: Lizzy, Gob, MerryAnne, Rosy Mires, Still.I.Cling, Marcus and Chuck just don't get it. Instead of accepting that they have got things all wrong, and instead of questioning their own prejudices, they instead block the various Morrissey Twitter accounts, convince themselves that it wasn't Moz after all, blame me, and then walk away. I've said it before, but I'll say it again, it really is quite bizarre behaviour.

As for the 75 comments of over 100 words each, well, it just didn't happen, although I am pleased to report that one of the 10 people who did leave comment was Loughton Lil, who after a lengthy absence, has returned to the fold.

Will we get the MW classic from the quiescent phase despite our failure? I guess that depends on the moody blogger's mood. And as we now seem to be in another quiescent phase, could there be some new parody pieces on the horizon? Our numbers may be few, but we live in hope.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Day 2171 - "At my worst I am Morrissey"

In my last blog entry I wrote that Morfessa had taken to Twitter yesterday to post a comment about Ian Brady. Morfessa returned to Twitter a few hours later to tweet some more, but this time with the new Twitter name of...... Morrissey!
Related image

No one will of course believe that this is the real Morrissey, but that is neither here nor there. Here are  Morrissey's highlights from yesterday:

"My Finger Nails Collect the World's Problems." (Ed - This is supposedly the title of an unpublished Morrissey song that was first mentioned on Day 472 of FTM, with the lyrics (wrongly) published on Day 859 & correctly published on Day 860)

"Interaction is overrated."

"My magnanimity will be unheard, whereas my obstreperously will be renowned."

"A man thinking or working is always alone..."

"I could take a personal portrait and post onto here. Still no one would believe."

"Perhaps a personal portrait would be humorous this late on in the game?"

Image result for morrissey robbie williams

"I am at your disposal. All four of you."

In reply to Heather tweeting, "Imagine the hordes if there was a blue tick":

"I'd still be terribly misunderstood. When I'm kind, I'm called dull; when I'm dull, I'm called awkward; when I'm playful I'm called cruel; and when I'm cruel I'm called witty."

"I have proven honesty in popular music gets you nowhere."

I replied to that last tweet with, "Nowhere? Hardly nowhere", to which Morrissey came back with:

"Well, I'm still here. Here in my bedsit whiling away lonely afternoons on Twitter."

It struck me as strange that Mozzer had tweeted, "afternoons" as it was 7.55 in the evening, but an explanation (of sorts) came in the next tweet:

"When I say bedsit... The Sunset Marquis has gone downhill slightly in recent decades."

Image result for sunset marquis

If that tweet about the Sunset Marquis is to be believed, then Morrissey is currently in LA, which would explain why he tweeted "afternoons".... although as a matter of fact, Morrissey's tweeting session of yesterday would have taken place between 6.15am and 11.59am LA time, and NOT in the afternoon. Maybe M's latest bout of depression has resulted in a complete lack of time awareness!

As Morrissey's mood appeared to still be somewhat somber, I asked him, "When will you be starting the, "live more and care less" regime?", to which he replied, "Regime? Am I Stalin?". When I retorted that, "there are definitely similarities", I was met with a single word response: "C**T!!"

Image result for MOZZIAH STALIN

Morrissey returned again at 2.17pm LA time to tweet:

"At my best I am a mature Robbie Williams impersonator, at my worst I am Morrissey."
Image result for morrissey robbie williams

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Day 2170 - Lifting

Morrissey (as @TrueMorfessa) took to Twitter earlier today to comment on the death of Moors Murderer, Ian Brady:

"Ian Brady will never die. The establishment like to keep the evil alive to distract us from the actual evils."

Since the announcement of Brady's death late yesterday, the Smiths song Suffer Little Children has had thousands of views on Youtube, and as I listened to it this morning, I was once again reminded; as if I needed reminding, of the song writing genius of Morrissey. How many other song writers have ever written a poetic and chilling song from the view point of a group of murdered children. The lyrics truly are poetry.

Morfessa also took to Twitter yesterday evening. Here are the highlights:

"The utter gloom is lifting. Thank you for your kind words."

"The queen of England has spent over half a century speaking but has said nothing her entire life."

Image result for queen elizabeth fur

"You may all admire me from a distance."

"I'm a delicate flower."

"My irritability is my genius."

"My creativity is my burden."

In reply to Heather tweeting how boring life would be without Morrissey's creativity: "At least you'd have Rihanna."


In reply to EARS tweeting that she hates to think of Morrissey being burdened: "Think of me on my yacht drinking pina coladas then instead."
Image result for alain delon on yacht

"Sanity is unbearable."

"The truth, well that's unbelievable."

In other news.....well, there is no other news.

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Day 2168 - Black Cloud

All remains quiet on the Moz front, as presumably the black cloud continues to engulf The Mozziah.
The only sign of life was on Thursday, when both Morfessa and Alf took to Twitter to post one tweet each:

Morfessa: "The slippery spiral goes viral."

Alf: "Life will kick you, continue kicking you, change shoes and keep on kicking."

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Day 2163 - "Fuck John Giddings"

Both Morfessa and Alf Button took to Twitter yesterday to make brief statements. Morfessa posted a response to my blog post of yesterday with a simple, "Fuck John Giddings", whilst Alf's first  tweet in a month was, "Staining the wind with my own name. Whisper it for loudness wakes the ghosts of past regrets." As to whether Alf's tweet was also related to the Isle of Wight Festival non-event of 2005, I really cannot say.

Image result for morrissey fuck

Something that did suddenly strike me yesterday; as I quietly fumed with annoyance at Giddings unnecessarily opening up an old wound, was that if the real reason that Morrissey did pull out of the IW Festival of 2005 was because he had parted ways with Deano the drummer, then what on earth did Giddings expect Morrissey to do? Giddings can't honestly have expected Morrissey to find a new drummer with two weeks notice, and the offer of Phil Collins was a joke. Did Giddings offer the Rolling Stones Mike Rutherford as a replacement for Keith Richards when he fell out of that coconut tree? No, because tour promotors/festival organisers DON'T dictate to artists who should, or who shouldn't be in their bands. Double tosser.

Image result for morrissey fuck

I really wish I hadn't written yesterday's blog piece, it is old news, and Mozzer would have probably remained blissfully unaware that Giddings is still brooding twelve years later. Morrissey doesn't need Giddings or the Isle of Wight festival, he has played every major venue in the world, and Giddings's replica IW Festival is not a box that needs ticking.

Morfessa has informed me that the current mood is somewhat somber, but hopefully Morrissey can lift himself soon, and act upon his own words, "to care less and to live more." He ought to take up cricket....or perhaps not.

Monday, 8 May 2017

Day 2162 - Tossing around

The owner of the Isle of Wight Festival, John Giddings, has given an interview to over the weekend, in which he was asked about potential headliners for 2018. Part of his answer included the following:

"The Smiths- they really want to come! They phoned up actually! Remember when Morrissey pulled out because he didn't have a drummer? I offered him Phil Collins. He's a tosser. He is never welcome at the Isle of Wight."

Two questions immediately spring to mind:
A) Have Morrissey & Marr really discussed reforming to play the IW Festival?
B) Who made that phone call to Giddings to say that the Smiths wanted to play?

Photo published for Interview: John Giddings

I am not surprised by Giddings's comment about Morrissey, he was absolutely fuming after it was announced just two weeks before the 2005 festival that Moz wouldn't be playing, but what sort of businessman/music fan would turn down the opportunity of having a reuniting Smiths at their festival? I guess the answer to that - if the story is true - is a businessman/music fan who really, really cannot forgive what happened in 2005.

Ironically, I had asked Morrissey in an interview a couple of weeks ago if he would ever play the IW Festival, and he replied, "I will not play the Isle of Wight. Unless...". Perhaps the "unless" is, 'unless John Giddings has a change of heart.'

Morrissey and John Giddings are both very similar in many ways, and I have no doubt in my mind that if they were to actually meet, they would get on, and all would be forgiven, but because they are so similar, it is hard to see how such a meeting could ever take place.
Image result for morrissey

As for Morrissey never being welcome at the Isle of Wight, well perhaps not the Isle of Wight Festival, but there are other places on the Island that I am sure he would be more than welcome. Carisbrooke Castle - a venue that I have mentioned before in this blog of mine, and a place played by both Madness and Paul Weller - would be an ideal place for Moz or The Smiths to play.

For the record, the Isle of Wight Festival in its current format was only created in 2003, and has no affiliation whatsoever to the original Isle of Wight Festivals of 1968 (Godshill), 1969 (Wootton) or the infamous 1970 (Freshwater) ones. Giddings has managed to sign some very big name headliners (REM, Bowie, Rolling Stones, Springsteen etc) for his IW Festival in Newport by telling them that they are following in the footsteps of legends such as Bolan, Dylan, and Hendrix, but that is all a big HOAX, because NONE of the aforementioned artists played at Giddings's version of the Isle of Wight Festival. And did he really offer Morrissey Phil Collins, or was it just a looky likey from the Isle of Wight that he knew at the time? Tosser.


In a Twitter exchange between @UpThePier and @IOWFestivalFans (the author of the Giddings interview) this morning, IOWFestivalFans have said that Giddings comment about the Smiths wanting to play the festival was, "a joke", but confirmed that he Giddings wasn't joking about Morrissey being a tosser and not being welcome at the festival. The IOWFestivalFans guy (Luke Joynes?) also added, "Morrissey pulled out last minute because he had no drummer, John offered him one of the best in the world." How does he KNOW this? He has obviously decided to accept Giddings version of events as the truth without question. Tosser.


Giddings has retweeted the tweet about the drummer offer.

Even if not having a drummer was the real reason for the late cancellation, how could Morrissey seriously have had Phil Collins drumming for him? He isn't Eric Clapton. Tosser.

Friday, 5 May 2017

Day 2159 - Bieber discovers the Smiths, more MW classics & words from Dawn

The MorrisseysWorld blog once pledged that Morrissey would wear a Justin Bieber t-shirt - for ironic purposes. It remains the only pledge from the MW blog not to have been fulfilled.

In a twist of fate, yesterday a photo emerged of Justin Bieber wearing a Smiths t-shirt.


The Morrissey pessoa, Broken, always said that it was just a matter of time before Bieber discovered Morrissey and the Smiths. In fact, Broken's Twitter profile back in 2014 read:

'A boy Belieber. I believe Justin has talent and will in a few years discover The Smiths. He will be the new Morrissey/David Bowie. Watch this space.'

Bieber has been a constant theme throughout the MorrisseysWorld journey; mainly because Broken had a huge crush on him, but I too made a rather bizarre and off the wall connection between Morrissey and Bieber, that involved Jean Cocteau and the Priory of Sion.

Those days and nights of Broken posting endless photos of a topless Bieber on Twitter are still etched on my mind. Broken even made me write a blog entry about Bieber, and forced me to post a 'Justin Bieber Shirtless Special'.

I have a feeling that this isn't the end to the Bieber/Moz connection. Will we see Moz in a Bieber t-shirt? Or could there even be a collaboration? As Broken said, watch this space.

Yesterday afternoon, we rather unexpectedly, and pleasantly, had the return of Morfessa to Twitter. We also had the return of Dawn Mist to the comments section of FTM. To be honest, I can see no difference between Morfessa and Dawn, and now conclude that they are one and the same. I actually think Morfessa only ever appeared on the scene because Dawn forgot her Twitter password!

Morfessa seemed to be in somewhat of a maudlin mood. Here are her tweets:

"I live in 1997."

"Lack of choice. Lack of sophistication."

backstage2.jpg (33166 bytes)

Heather was in just as maudlin a mood, and her replies to Morfessa triggered more maudlin comments:

"The future is just as bleak."

"Wanting to escape our own self-loathing?"

"We are trapped. Forced in this disordered society with the insufferable masses."

"Death ends everything."

And here is Dawn's rather poetic offering from yesterday's FTM comments. I'll be honest, I have no idea what she is going on about!:

A new veil for the new rules. The new attire for a new mistress. Mistrust and distrust. Truth and untruth. The lost years are lost only in name only, save yourself the burden of struggle and embrace the lost years with me. The journey of discovery is a discovery of the most personal. Pursue the purview. Years have gone and stored and lodged in the memory of all. The all fall and leave only temporary fragments of their reality. Things have happened and tried to happen again, almost but not quite. As predicted by myself, ourselves, yourself. A bitter pat on the back for us on that count. Our conscious is a metal bird trapped in a suffocating metal bird cage. I am the angel of the park. 

A boy downstairs in a bar rests his head on the chrome, all alone with wet and disgust pouring from every bone. Under a caliginous sky and in vague and ill-defined Cimmerian refines. I am spectacular and you may compare me to a crepuscular. My very nature is nebulous and my mind is obfuscous. I am a sepulchre of stygian, find me if you can stand the tenebrous blurred lines of your own mind. 

I spy with one eye howling dogs bark into the stark dark and see zero return for their efforts. An allegory there we feel. Archives once lost have come to our attention, no need to mutter or mention a thank you. Your thanks is muted as it stands. A personal archive holding treasures not yet seen and not ever to be believed. Do you believe? Will you believe? The taste of the pudding will reveal the answer. Relieved we are to say you can delve in or delve out. We make no recommendation. It is a personal choice. I do not care, do you care? Must I care? I do not care. Leap the lap of personal salvation, your boots so full of miles and sundials, and the journey is treacherous. Leeches remain leeching. Do you dare step from the comfort of the known? You are parasites. Do not feel sad at this revelation and revel in the fact we all are. Even I. The secret keeper of the regret reaper. Parasites of a fake society, knee deep in insects. Confirmers of doubtless and insurmountable woe. Woe and woe. Victim of self hatred and self esteem plummeting through ocean floors. Ocean doors do not open. No visitors in the watery grave. Cruelty over nurture. Poverty of enjoyment is what structures the order of the less ordered. 

When I was young, not that I have ever encountered a happy memory of youth nor an unhappy one, I was a boy where visitations were met with hesitations. I needed comfort and a chest to rest my head instead of the hollow bed. Christmas contentment which never comes is the dream we cling to and the dream we will die by. There is no contentment to be found with malcontent souls. Gratification will never come when we wait for it. Yet still I wait. An opportunity for untold drama and disaster is what I see. Do not forget that discomfort is either a condition of the brain or a condition of the thing less well thought of as a heart. Choosing will tear you apart. I ride in aeroplanes; you cannot find the strength to mount a donkey. Enough about me, tell me about you. I'm bored already. Stop. Stop. I implore you to stop. Please. Please. Please. Stop. 

And whilst I am on the subject of Dawn - our favourite lighthouse keeper - today is the 90th anniversary of the publication of Virginia Woolf's To The Lighthouse.


Yesterday evening, Morfessa took me into the toilets of The Wrong Arms and whispered into my ear, "there are five old MW articles I plan to publish at some point today."

Nothing appeared yesterday, but this morning Dawn (Ed - I said they were the same person!) has republished the 5 publications, which are all from May 2011. I am once again under strict instruction not to reproduce these publications on FTM, so I am linking to them and will quote the odd snippet:

1. Excerpt from the forthcoming autobiography. The Day Lady Gaga Met Me. Penguin classic, incidentally - 7 May 2011

The above MW classic was briefly referenced in The Wrong Arms back in January of this year, when Our Mozzer said, "He (Boz) still owes me £3000 for that meeting with Gwen Stefani."
The parody really is one of the best ones ever, and includes the following dialogue between Morrissey (M), Lady Gaga (G), Boz (B) and Justin 'Semi Precious Weapons' Tranter (J):

G:'Do I Know you?'
M:'I'm Morrissey.'
G:'Wow, and you're a fan?'
M:'Most definitely.'
G:'OMG. I heard 'That's Entertainment' when I was, like, seven.'
M:'Ah yes, you refer to the genius cover I did of the Jam classic.'
G:'Ummm, yeah, I guess? I thought you wrote it yourself. Let's get a photo. Is the fat gimp with the camera with you?'
M:'The one with a pot belly and 3 days' worth of stubble? No, never met him in my life. I heard someone call him Boz earlier, though. Hey, mate! Is your name Boz?'
B:'Yes. I'm Boz Boorer. Who are you?'
B:'I'm a huge fan.'
M:'Never a truer word... Perhaps you would take a snap of myself and Lady G? Now Ms Gaga, I don't normally do photos...'
G:'As you wish.'
M:'Well, let's not be hasty. I won't pretend to enjoy it though.'
G:'I don't want to put you through anything you won't enjoy.'
M:'I'll do it for you. You don't mind if I look a bit miserable and.... almost embarrassed do you? You know, it doesn't pay to look too enthusiastic in the rock world. Perhaps in your pop world, but not in my rock world. People might think I'd sold out if I looked all happy and everything. So I'll look a bit pouty and uncomfortable. If that's OK with you...'
G:'Do what you must. It's not every day Van Morrissey visits your dressing room.' 
M:'It's Steven.'
G:'Steven? I'm honoured. I'm Stefani.'
M:'Oh bollocks. I thought you were that tranny, or shemale, whatever she is.'
G:'You're kidding? I'm all woman!'
M(shouting):'Boz, hold that index finger. I am not having my photograph taken with Gwen f***ing Stefani. And who are you on my left? Someone ought to tell Gavin Rossdale. *squinting* Is that you, Gavin? Honestly didn't recognise you without my contacts. The makeup looks good on you, mind.' 
B:'It's too late Moz. Sorry. The pic's been taken.'
M:'You want something doing properly... Boz you're fast becoming a liability.' 
B:'I'm sorry, sir, really I am...' 
M:  sighs.
G:'I am Lady gaga.'
M:'Sure you are, hun. And I'm the Pope.'
G:'You've got me mistaken for...'
M:'Boz I think it's time for you to shout me a chickpea curry. Since I just paid £3000 for access to Gwen f***ing Stefani.'
B:'As you wish, boss.'

This was the piece that included a picture of Brand and Wossy depicted as Brady and Hindley, which NINE MONTHS later convinced RosyMires that Morrissey couldn't possibly be behind the MW blog - Oh, the logic of some people!

The parody takes a pop at Brand and Ross, following an interview between the two where they discussed Morrissey, and includes the following:

As things stand, it is a cause for shame, for self-contempt, for morbid self-reflection of the "what the f*ck did I do wrong to obtain toe-rag fans like these? kind. Surely they were heading for a Coldplay gig and got lost?

An ageing Alan Bennett in the front row, holding out a paw, nodding like a mole just sniffing the morning air, barely able to see me but filled with love and lust nonetheless; well, that would be fine. Or Ian McEwan propping up the bar, smiling during the chorus of 'The Girl Least Likely To.' But does any artiste really want a disheveled Wossy on stage with him? - or even afterwards when the lights are out? Or - horror of horros - Phil Jupitus with dirty socks stomping around the stage yodelling the verses of the poor, simple Ordinary Boys' only top 20 hit live at Glastonbury in front of a TV audience of millions? The answer is a resounding, "No!"

3. I Should like to disassociate myself from this website - 15 May 2011

This is a rather surreal MW blog entry disassociating Our Mozzer from his own blogsite! It was a parody follow-up to a TTY entry from the day before that disassociated the 'real' Morrissey from MorrisseysWorld.

Image result for morrisseysworld image

4. Let's see how you look when you're in your very late 40s - 17 May 2011

A picture entry:

5. Excerpt from the Autobiography. Chapter 1. subtitle: The first few weeks of life (Life begins at forty) - 19 May 2011

I so, so wish that I could reproduce this piece, it is an absolute gem, and the first paragraph about Morrissey's birth being difficult isn't dissimilar to what actually ended up in the real Autobiography.
Here it is:

Manchester's grey overcast skies, and its grey overcast people. 22nd May 1959. Post-war austerity, black and white television, a simpler era.  'Irony? Is that a new brand of washing up liquid, Mildred?' 'No, I think it's foreign though.' 'Oh well we don't want any of that stuff around here, then.' And thence, as though from another world entirely, emerges...  Steven Patrick Morrissey.
His jaw wouldn't quite slide out, of course, necessitating a forceps delivery; he had a headache for at least a week; popped out with a thud as his head crashed against the polished floor; start as one means to go on... and then perhaps the defining moment of his early life. The snip. By a  student midwife. Who didn't know how to distinguish the umbilical cord from the... 
Arguably the worst day of his life, with Finsbury Park a close second.
Image result for morrissey finsbury

Well, that's about it for today..... ooh, my type face has gone all modern! I have no idea how to change it - serves me right for cutting and pasting. Anyway, it doesn't really matter, as I doubt many people will find the time to actually read this blog entry, as everyone will be busy catching up on those 5 MW classics....although when I say everyone, there really are only half a dozen of us who either remember the original MW, or have any interest in reading them. They deserved such a wider audience.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Day 2157 - Another MW classic re-surfaces

Despite Morrissey currently being on a Twitter hiatus, the True Morrissey blog remains live, and today another old MorrisseysWorld classic has been republished.

Much as though i would love to, I can't publish the article here, as I have been banned from doing so. Instead, I will just quote a few of the highlights. The piece is entitled, 'Excerpt from the Autobiography - Taken from chapter 38; The So-low place part 1'.

The article was first published on the MorrisseysWorld blog on July 25 2011, and is all about the year 1997. Here are some of my favourite lines:

"there were three bona fide top 40s in the form of 'Alma Matters', 'Satan Rejected My Soul' and 'Roy's Keen (well, almost...); and the odd hip-swivelling appearance on TOTP and TFI Friday."

"a working class boy from Stretford stood up to the bullying and harassment of a high court judge and a man who beats up dead animal skin stretched over metal for a living"

"Morrissey? Isn't he dead yet? Salt in the wounds? This was industrial-strength alkali. And it burned straight through the bones like a hostile QC through Old Mozza's defence."

Image result for morrissey 1997

"It was the beginning of those seven long years in the wilderness. Jesus only managed forty days."

"Admittedly it was a mistake to snooze horizontally after Mexican food. That was the beginning of the old reflux problem, of course, which has blighted me ever since. I know that now; didn't know it then."

Image result for morrissey 1997 sunbathing

"Ah, those were the days. Russell Brand was safely locked up in some government bedsit in south-east London, a million miles away from the tele."
Image result for russell brand 1997

"The spontaneity of the web somehow intensified the umbilical connection between artiste and audience."

"They were hanging on every syllable, playing 'Satan Rejected My Soul' backwards looking for hidden meanings (and I mean SRMS didn't even have any real meaning when played forwards...)"

"The internet in those days - from Morrissey's perspective - consisted of a fawning fan site or two, endless photographs of myself looking absolutely sensational, and the Diana-Morrissey phenomenon, which scared a few ailing relatives and made them think I might be the antichrist. Lovely stuff."

"those days look rosy compared to the unbridled electronic stalking, harassment and libel of today's Morrissey solo... that man has a lot to answer for. But needless to say, I had the last laugh"

My previous blog entry to this one was a celebration of 1,000,000 page views of FTM, and in it I listed a number of personal highlights from our journey. One that I forgot, which GWO reminded me of, is the connection between the song Smiler With Knife and the MorrisseysWorld story from August 2011, 'Brazil'.

Brazil is a quite remarkable piece of writing, and could only have been written by one person. I guess I should be flattered that there are fools such as Uncle Skinny from So-low who think I could possibly be the author of such beautiful writing. Ironically, both Brazil and the old MorrisseysWorld classic that I have blogged about today, were published on the MW blog in the Summer of 2011, BEFORE I had even discovered it.

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