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Sunday, 14 May 2017

Day 2168 - Black Cloud

All remains quiet on the Moz front, as presumably the black cloud continues to engulf The Mozziah.
The only sign of life was on Thursday, when both Morfessa and Alf took to Twitter to post one tweet each:

Morfessa: "The slippery spiral goes viral."

Alf: "Life will kick you, continue kicking you, change shoes and keep on kicking."


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  2. The 'going viral' bit might be a reference to the 'England is Mine' biopic, as the premiere was announced the same day.

  3. What a coincidence, I was just watching the ViƱa del Mar concert. I really miss seeing M on twit - I do hope he's ok and the black cloud lifts very soon.

  4. Sending my warm & positive vibes.
    And look after yourself Mozzer.


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