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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Day 2170 - Lifting

Morrissey (as @TrueMorfessa) took to Twitter earlier today to comment on the death of Moors Murderer, Ian Brady:

"Ian Brady will never die. The establishment like to keep the evil alive to distract us from the actual evils."

Since the announcement of Brady's death late yesterday, the Smiths song Suffer Little Children has had thousands of views on Youtube, and as I listened to it this morning, I was once again reminded; as if I needed reminding, of the song writing genius of Morrissey. How many other song writers have ever written a poetic and chilling song from the view point of a group of murdered children. The lyrics truly are poetry.

Morfessa also took to Twitter yesterday evening. Here are the highlights:

"The utter gloom is lifting. Thank you for your kind words."

"The queen of England has spent over half a century speaking but has said nothing her entire life."

Image result for queen elizabeth fur

"You may all admire me from a distance."

"I'm a delicate flower."

"My irritability is my genius."

"My creativity is my burden."

In reply to Heather tweeting how boring life would be without Morrissey's creativity: "At least you'd have Rihanna."


In reply to EARS tweeting that she hates to think of Morrissey being burdened: "Think of me on my yacht drinking pina coladas then instead."
Image result for alain delon on yacht

"Sanity is unbearable."

"The truth, well that's unbelievable."

In other news.....well, there is no other news.


  1. cant believe that they kept Brady alive for so long, they should have spoon fed him bleach

  2. Songwriting genius indeed - it's why we're here (among other things). The tweet about the truth being unbelievable reminds me of Twain's quote about truth being stranger than fiction- how well MW exemplifies this.

  3. I am pleased to hear the gloom is dispersing & to see The Arms looking livelier.
    M always brings that certain something to ponder on, or smile & laugh about.

  4. Morrissey on a yacht? That's simply wonderful! What kind of yacht it could be? I'm curious, I like to imagine him in the safe water of the Mediterranean Sea... p.s. Manca is right about Brady


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