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Friday, 26 May 2017

Day 2180 - Child's Heart

Can nothing go right when it comes to Morrissey's career? He must surely be thinking this, for in the week that he hints at a new record deal, instead of his fans celebrating, a vast number have taken to social media to denounce him, and all because he made a very short statement criticising politicians for failing to protect his beloved Manchester from a terrorist attack. You really, really couldn't make this up.

The ridiculousness of this situation is best summed up by a comment left yesterday on FTM by someone using the name 'Child's Heart'. The commenter has stated that they are not Morrissey, but they would say that, and I'm not sure that I believe them, but whoever it is, they seem to have a handle on the situation. Here is the comment:

God grant me patience. If I had "fans" like the embarrassingly naïve, semi-illiterate, no-brains, know-nothing, vacuum-of-knowledge encapsulated stragglers that poor Morrissey has on M-Solo, denouncing him, and denouncing their fandom for this most recent statement… I would be rolling my eyes to high heaven and back. 

And if I were Morrissey, which I am not, I would then post another FB statement, telling them all to make sure to not let the door hit them on their way out. 

I also find it interesting that I had to slog through 14 pages before I gave up, of puerile and mostly completely uneducated pseudo-political nonsense, and nowhere, in all of those 17 pages, has anyone mentioned the ongoing of persecution of Christians in the Middle East. 

I mention that this point has not even ever been mentioned - only because there are people accusing and blaming every single atrocity of terrorist violence that has ever happened, on everything from American foreign policy (and nothing but), to oft-alleged endemic racism, to mental illness, to displaced youths, and on anything and everything from having had eggs for breakfast to wearing blue socks. 

But it's apparently not OK for anyone to say anything against radical Islam, or against the murder of little girls; the very poor argument in retort being that little Middle Eastern girls have also been previously murdered as well. It's apparently not OK to say that murders are being committed in the name of Islam, OR that there even ARE Christians that are being butchered on a daily basis and being bombed to high heaven and back in the Middle East, - and who have been since the beginning of time. The sad truth is this isn't ever mentioned, because most people don't even know. 

I see ill-informed Americans. I see ill-informed Brits, and South Americans, and Europeans. Naïve, Western busybody do-gooders, doing no good anywhere, for anyone. I see people commenting and expressing very vocal opinions, based on "knowledge" they've gleaned about world affairs and political history from…apparently, Facebook and their MSN homepages. And from Hillary's campaign. The only people who were ever "With Her", were people whose understanding of "world affairs" extended as far as accepting anything she said without question - because most people aren't bright enough to know anything outside of their own immediate house-to-work commute, or at best, the latest CNN or BBC headline. 

We have a very, very sad state of affairs in the Occident these days, and all manner of apologies continue to be made - by people who are frankly unqualified and uninformed enough to be able to make the even most basic political assertions, without sounding like the completely uneducated, sheltered, and provincial hee-haws that they are. Intellect and a sophisticated political understanding of world events, world history, and religious history is nowhere to be found. The Media is everyone's best False God, and people's DIS-understanding of what is going on around them, is as far as I can see, truly without end. 

To anyone looking in from the sidelines, don't take your political bias from the media and from your friends. Equally, strive to be intelligent enough to not pick and choose your political stance or understanding of world events based on nothing but people like Uncle Skinny's incessant bleating and random accusations and insults against anyone in his line of sight. There is zero content. Every time I've ever been on that site in my life and read his juvenile insults and ridiculously naïve diatribes, all I've ever felt is - extreme pity for his children. How embarrassing it must be to be related to such a bumbling oaf, who simply blinds everyone and everything in his shit-hued path, with his ever-misplaced and eternally glowing self-righteousness. It's very sad especially, for all those who don't know how to think for themselves. And that those numbers will only ever continue to grow, it goes without saying. 

Misplaced political correctness is a sly, insidious foe. And one which people still fail to condemn, and use all of their energy to deny is as much of a contributor to the problem, - as is that diseased ideology which is the heart of the problem itself. Political correctness has been used and abused, and turned into a farce. A charade. And political correctness is now the mocking, lone squawking battle cry of the deaf, the dumb, and of the uninformed. 

It is not in Morrissey's job description to have to enlighten people who couldn't be bothered to take the time to enlighten themselves, about their own current geopolitical conditions and their own country's economic maneuverings, or about the consequences of any given country's foreign policy and its subsequent wider reaching international ramifications. Therefore, as I'm in a benevolent mood today - allow me to help on this note. The British power grid is owned by the French government. The rail network is owned by the German government. The Chinese government controls British nuclear power stations. And guess who owns all the property? Oh that's right, the Arabs. So lest there's anyone left who still thinks Britain has any real power in the world, let's just say, they're truly deluded beyond belief. Would you like to be fucked by Merkel? Step right this way. Oh, what's that, you say? You'd actually prefer Macron? No problem at all! And you, Madame? You say you've been thinking about what it would be like to be suck some Arab cock? Well, I have excellent news for you today! You've already been doing so all along! 

Meanwhile, Trump is in Saudi Arabia being a sales rep for U.S. arms manufacturers, who make hundreds of billions of dollars out of peddling their arms to the Saudis. Then literally the same day, already bragging that he secured a $350 billion dollar deal in future sales. Peddling arms to the Saudis, the exact same as Hillary would have done, had she won. And the exact same as all of his predecessors have done, and as every British Prime Minister has likewise also done. The same Saudis, in the meantime, are funding the Islamic State. And it is the same Saudis who are arming them, and who are training the terrorists and funding their attacks, and yes, it is the same Saudis who are also spreading extremist propaganda throughout the Western world and building mosques throughout all of Europe. 

At the same time, we have unprecedented mass migration from Africa as well as from the Middle East, - with only the absolute most naïve of all the naïve, still claiming that we are dealing with a "refugee" crisis. The uninformed, unfortunately, always seem to have the collective loudest voice. However this is not a "refugee" crisis. Let's be clear: this is Organized Mass Migration. Certain factions have already spent hundreds or millions of dollars, to ensure the success of this collective mass organized movement. You didn't really think, that 3,000 - 5,000 people per day, every day, are being collected off the coast of Italy from their "sinking" dinghies, with people smugglers who just "happen" to have the Sicilian Coast Guard's number saved on their mobile phones? Or that suddenly, all of Sudan and ALL of Somalia, and ALL of Eritrea, just all at once, got the idea to ALL suddenly come to Europe? These people lived in mud huts until last week, and hadn't even heard of Europe. Soros should be in jail. Soros was also the one who financially backed, and thus ensured the most brutal war ever seen on European soil in modern history, in the former Yugoslavia. Nothing, nothing, NOTHING, is ever a coincidence. Of this, you can always be sure. But it's very easy for the people's False God (Media), to deflect all attention from what is really going on in the world, and to instead tell us to count how many buttons Obama has unbuttoned on his shirt on his current Tuscan golfing holiday, or to show us how Drippy Pippa is now married to An Even Bigger Drip. 

Politicians, and the False God Media, are both controlled by people who are even more power hungry, and even bigger uncontrolled egomaniacs, than the mere public face of their orchestrations and the puppets (figureheads) at the end of their puppet-strings. Politicians want to keep the common man down, and to keep him line. That is all. There ARE implementable, viable solutions to some of these complicated situations, but I see no one, anywhere, even asking the right questions yet. 

The destabilization of the Middle East is certainly in the favor of the major Western superpowers, but make no mistake, the destabilization of Europe is also a very well calculated, VERY well financed, concerted collective effort. Merkel and Macron are pawns in the wider effort - while the general population knows nothing, and thinks the major political battles actually ARE, about which party is willing to spend to how much on healthcare, or what Drippy Pippa's next Very Drippy Endeavor is going to be… need I go on? 

For people who are more intricately versed in world politics with a profound knowledge of world history, who are not just superficially familiar with what the West has done over the last 200 years, and who have a substantively more sophisticated grasp of what is really going on in the world geopolitically, it is certainly disconcerting, at best, to see the nonsense epithets continually being launched and lobbed, with Morrissey's head as the favored target. 

I was happy to see, for a change, much support via certain outlets for Morrissey's very short statement - whilst the dregs at the bottom of the proverbial pond, and at Solow, … well, let's just say, - nothing lost there. In that knowledge, we can assuredly all sleep soundly. 

It was a very heartfelt and a wholly appropriate statement from Moz. How ANYBODY could criticize a statement, which was made in defence of dead children who died a horrific and violent murdered death in a public venue that so many of us have also been to - and a statement which was made in support of the victims, their families, and an entire city which is on its knees right now, is simply beyond understanding. 

Anyone who was directing their outrage anywhere other than at the fact that such backward inbred sewer rats caused such destruction and such unfathomable pain - with zero consequences, no less - should have their entire psychiatric state professionally reassessed. I'm also sorry Morrissey has to deal with such idiocy on such an absolutely perpetual basis. 

Sadly, no words can undo anything that has been done. But hopefully, the support and love extended can help cradle a city that has been rocked and devastated. Because that love and support extended, and some tender words, are the only way we have left to pay tribute to the innocent who were murdered. 

All hearts are definitely with Manchester right now. 

Cradled in the arms and in the bosom of a city that wanted to protect you. Sleep, sweetest children of this barren spring. You'll know no more harm now. 

With Manchester in love and loss, today. In love eternal, ever (Requiem In Pace)

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The author of the above statement; who is obviously a believer of the Christian faith, shouldn't really be surprised to learn that the so called Morrissey fans on M-Solo are, "no-brains, know-nothing" types, because these people are the very same people who completely and utterly failed to realise that Morrissey was behind the various blogs and Twitter accounts that have now been going for 6 years. The truth of it is, the vast majority of Morrissey's fans are not the free thinking intellectuals he would probably like them to be, they are sheep, but he no doubt worked that out a very long time ago.

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These Morrissey fans; or former fans as they are now calling themselves, are of course no different to the rest of society, so Morrissey shouldn't be too hard on them as they nail him to the cross, for they know not what they do. What is more, despite their words of today, as soon as that new LP appears on the Trojan record label, they'll all come flooding back.

The only other thing to add today, is that whilst all this nonsense has been going on, Morrissey has closed his Morfessa Twitter account. Hopefully this is temporary, as I have become rather fond of Morfessa.

*Goes off singing* Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's a shame, it's a shame but people are the same everywhere, and the land of the free and the home of the brave exists, nowhere.


The lead singer of Gene, Martin Rossiter, has also decided to denounce Morrissey. This is all getting silly, and is rather sad. Rossiter tells The Quietus:

 "I feel ashamed and embarrassed that I quietly remained a Morrissey apologist for many years. I didn't want to admit that someone who wrote songs that helped me in my youth could become an alt-right poster group Gene supported him in 2004 at Meltdown Festival. I really wish I had been as convicted as I am now and refused to share a platform with him. For that I am truly sorry."

If Rossiter really means that last sentence, then he is a hypocrite, and a spineless swine with a vacuous mind. Most disappointing of all, is that Rossiter has allowed himself to believe what others are TELLING him to believe, without actually reading Morrissey's statement, and interpreting the words properly. Very sad.


  1. I deliberately avoid Solow because I find the bitterness towards Morrissey so hard to bear.Sadly this has now spread to my twitter timeline.
    I appreciate that what happened in Manchester has left people feeling raw but I don't understand how quickly & bitterly fans have turned against Morrissey. As I previously stated its not necessarily about agreeing or disagreeing with his comments on FB. What hurts is that its been personalised & become an opportunity to assassinate his character. I don't have a problem with people opposing his views but why not openly discuss & debate the issues rather than criticize & attack his personality.
    I am not convinced that I have expressed my point terribly clearly. I doubt I am not alone in feeling emotionally wrung out.

  2. I don't understand why they are turning on Moz, for me his only crime in that statement was that he forgot about jo Cox. why cant people think instead of waiting for someone (famous)to have a go and then decide that yeah this famous person having a go at Morrissey must be right because everyone shouts Morrissey down every time he speaks because he is a lunatic.. sad world.. said it before and i'll say it again. god bless Moz

    1. The PC brigade should be aiming their hatred at the terrorists who carry out these atrocities, not a pop star who issued a short and simple statement expressing his anger at the lack of protection for his beloved Manchester. If Johnny Marr comes out to condemn Morrissey's words, I don't think any of us will ever recover. I really, really hope that JM has the intelligence to see Morrissey's statement for what it was, and not be influence by all these fools. If Marr were to issue a statement saying, "I'm with Moz", I think I'd cry, but I do worry that if he does make any comment, it would be the other way.

    2. And Johnny Marr knows Morrissey better than everyone, I'm sure he understood perfectly his point of view as I can understand perfectly why someone as Rossister felt the need to write such stupid things: VISIBILITY! I can easily add that the owner of a certain site I know has to change the name of his main activity in "". I have to go, I'm busy with daughter now, see you soon!😘

    3. Erm, re:

      "If Rossiter really means that last sentence, then he is a hypocrite, and a spineless swine with a vacuous mind. Most disappointing of all, is that Rossiter has allowed himself to believe what others are TELLING him to believe, without actually reading Morrissey's statement, and interpreting the words properly. Very sad."

      Have you actually read Rossiter's piece? He quotes directly from Morrissey's statement and at no point even hints at not having read it.

      What I'm seeing here is a philosophy of "think for yourself" - except if you disagree with Morrissey, in which case you are obviously an empty moron. If you're not a Morrissey sycophant, you're believing what others tell you to believe.

      You couldn't make this stuff up.

      By the way, Johnny's public response has been to tweet:

      Johnny Marr‏Verified account @Johnny_Marr May 23
      Manchester stands together.

      He then retweeted a reply to that tweet:

      Johnny Marr Retweeted
      CW‏ @C_Westling May 23
      Replying to @Johnny_Marr
      No you dont. You'll still invite more terrorists because you're afraid of being labeled "racist".

      His next move was this:

      Johnny Marr‏Verified account @Johnny_Marr 19h19 hours ago
      Johnny joins Broken Social Scene in Manchester

      The song: Anthems For A Seventeen-Year-Old Girl

    4. cant see mr marr getting involved to be honest, he will just stand back

    5. by standing back I mean I cant see him springing to Mozs' defence (wont be the first time either)

    6. comrade herpes, my sentence actually read, "without actually reading Morrissey's statement, and interpreting the words properly" - you only took half my sentence. It is blatantly obvious that Rossiter has read the statement, but as I wrote earlier, he has failed to understand it's sentiment, and has obviously interpreted it having first read the words of those such as Billy Bragg.

      Having been convinced by others that that Morrissey is a racist, Rossiter has very conveniently decided that he isn't comfortable with lyrics that he has no doubt been singing at the top of his voice for the past 30 years.

      I stand by my words that Rossiter is a hypocrite and a spineless sheep, and you, comrade herpes, are starting to become a bore. You tweeted earlier today that the words of Child's Heart were nothing more than, "a childish rant", would you like to explain which bit is childish?

    7. Oh, but I think that Rossiter did interpret the words properly.

      The key word here is I interpet. Each reader will come to a text with their own experiences, filters, biases and cultural and political baggage. What matters here is that M

    8. crafted a statement that he must have known would have more ists and isms thrown his way and yet had it published. His right to do so but the backlash is predictable. Own it.

      Morrissey is an extremist and always has been. When you have a big mouth like his you should expect to be divisive.I have followed his extremism to become vegan (you have not), I enjoy Margaret On The Guillotine, but there are points of disagreement. I am allowed to disagree.

      How do you conciously contimplate when there's no debate?

    9. I debated with Rossiter on Twitter last night, and it became blatently obvious that he really doesn't know what he is talking about. It is also obvious that his 'current' view on Morrissey's so called racism has been guided by others, and is certainly NOT his own interpretation.

      What is more, I have never found Morrissey to be extreme - passionate, yes, opinionated, yes, but not extreme. An extreme what?

      Morrissey's statement about the Manchester bombing was heartfelt, and asked why politicians had failed to protect the people, nothing more, nothing less. You, comrade, have fallen into the same trap here as so many others.

    10. Ps Fuck off and don't come back.

    11. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. 'There's so much destruction all over the world, and all you can do is complain about me.' I'm truly disappointed to see this lyric become reality with an unprecedented intensity. I'm reminded of Morfessa's recent tweets about being terribly misunderstood, and getting nowhere from being honest. I'm still in shock from the absurdity of the situation, that the focus has been on opposing Morrissey rather than the perpetrators of the horrific crime. I thank Child's Heart for their insightful and detailed comments, and I'm sorry that Morrissey has to face such undeserved venom. As EARS said, it's one thing to disagree with him, but the vicious attack on his character is completely uncalled for.


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