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Monday, 29 May 2017

Day 2183 - "Let art be art"

On Friday I wrote how, in the aftermath of Monday's bombing in Manchester, some of Morrissey's fans had turned on him, all because he had issued an angered statement condemning politicians for failing to protect the people. It would appear that these so called Morrissey fans didn't like the fact that Morrissey was pointing the finger of blame at someone, and daring to suggest that there is a problem.

In their desperate attempt to be 'right on' and politically correct, these people don't want to  discuss how to address the problem of Islamic terrorists continually bombing the western world, they just want to offer prayers and sympathy, but even so, as to why they have felt the need to denounce their Morrissey fandom is beyond all rationale.

People have tried to turn this latest Morrissey statement into a, "racist rant", but I have read it a dozen times now, and there really isn't even a hint of racism in the words, but because Morrissey has been accused of racism in the past, people are looking for anything that might prove the NME were right - even though the NME were actually forced to apologise for their false allegations. The 'Morrissey is a racist' story is old, and incredibly dull, but it goes on.
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The good news is, that although the bullshit rumbles on, Morrissey (as Morfessa) returned to Twitter late on Saturday night, albeit to tweet just one sentence:

"Let art be art"

I am presuming that this tweet is a reference to the fact that, not content with looking for racism in Morrissey's statement of Tuesday, those aforementioned so called fans have now once again started reaching into Morrissey's back catalogue of songs to prove he is racist. As I mentioned on Friday, the former singer of pop group Gene, Martin Rossiter, is one of those to denounce Morrissey last week, and one of the reasons he states, is that he finds the song The National Front Disco 'opaque' in it's racism. For fucks sake.

I decided to take to Twitter to debate with Rossiter, but it was a waste of time, as he started bringing up other nonsense, like the 'Chines subspecies' crap. BRS member, Comrade Harps, joined me in suggesting to Rossiter that he had mis-read The National Front Disco, but after just one reply from Rossiter, Harps become all star struck, and apologised.

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Whilst on the subject of old Harps, he was recently accused of being a sycophant by someone in the comment section of FTM, so in a desperate attempt to prove that he isn't, he took to the comments section of my previous FTM article to have a go at Morrissey, stick up for his new mate Rossiter, and for good measure, take a swipe at me. He also sent me a Twitter DM to call all those who comment on FTM the, "FTM groupthink". Harps is above us all.

Billy Bragg was another of those who took a pop at Morrissey last week, so I took to Twitter to inform him he was a fool for having a go at Morrissey just because Moz issued a statement of anger. Bragg replied, "we're all angered by attack on MCR, but M's failure to recognise murder of Jo Cox by a fascist is crass". WHAT? I mean, WHAT? Is Billy Bragg actually thicker than I originally thought? So, it would appear that Bragg's real problem here, is that an MP murdered in Yorkshire in a completely unrelated incident a year ago, didn't get a a name check by Morrissey. By Bragg's logic, if Paul McCartney were to criticise the police for not doing their job properly in protecting Liverpudlians at Hillsborough in 1985, it would be crass unless he mentioned the murder of PC Geoffrey Fox who was shot in London in 1966. I felt the need to point out to Bragg that Jo Cox wasn't murdered by a mass murdering Islamic bomber, which was the topic Morrissey was commenting about. Bragg didn't reply - well what could he have possibly said anyway?
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I am now bored stiff of all the anti-Moz crap from the past week, but it has inspired me to write a parody piece, which I shall publish tomorrow - my first in a very long tome.

Finally, Morrissey also tweeted to me via Twitter's direct messaging on Saturday night to reply to the goodwill birthday message that I had sent him on Monday. He tweeted, "Worthless to me now."

The bombing of Monday may have caused Morrissey anger, but the reaction of those so called fans has obviously caused much pain. How many blows must one man take? However, not every Moz fan has run to the hills, and those of us not scared of being called apologists, sycophants, or any other name for that matter, remain - true to Moz.

*Goes off singing* So, hand in glove I stake my claim, I'll fight to the last breath, if they dare touch a hair on your head, I'll fight to the last breath.


  1. don't worry about Moz he will be just fine, old Moz wont mind the idiots calling for his head, it shows that he is still alive and kicking, as for bragg I saw him years ago and after 15 mins I was bored to tears and retreated to the bar,i might just add to that I never went back, I stayed in the bar until my mates collected me at the end. god bless Moz and may the majority carry on calling us weirdos.. on a sad note I have just watched a programme on the Manchester bombing and to my horror it now transpires that two of them in that Didsbury mosque were murderers. but of course nobody in there suspected a thing.. yeah right and until we confront this issue head on instead of being politically correct things will not change

  2. Good post, Ratty dear! People love stereotypes, and even if ther'are happening horrible things we've to say silliness as "I love this wonderful world". I'm proud of Morrissey and his emotional reaction and considering what we know now about the kamikatze killer the Prime Minister and the Intelligence are guilty of negligence...thanks Ratty and thanks to Morrissey for being such a genuine person. Goodnight 😘

  3. I too have grown very weary of all the Moz-bashing. I do hope he's ok and I look forward to the parody, Rats.

  4. I really hope Manc is right & that Morrissey is ok. I find it hard to imagine how it must feel to be bombarded by such abuse, especially from fans. I still feel really taken aback by the personal attacks.


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