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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Day 2192 - "It's on!"

When Morrissey (as @seminalartiste) tweeted, "June, June, June" on Sunday April 9th, we Dreary Deluded Dozen knew that it was a hint that something Moz related would be happening in June, but what none of us expected; well I certainly didn't, was that it would be....... THE RECORDING OF A NEW F***ING ALBUM! *Blows trumpet, lets off party poppers, and begins to dance around the kitchen in just a pair of pants*

Last Friday the Morrissey Official Facebook page posted the message, "It's on!", and included a photo of Morrissey outside Pizzeria La Montecarlo in Rome. This led to us fans asking ourselves, WHAT exactly is on, the pizza oven?, but more photos have since emerged of Moz and all of his band members in and around Rome, so it doesn't take a genius to deduce what it is that is ON! *Jigs around again*


I am presuming that the recording is taking place at Forum Music Village, which is where the Number 1 album, Ringleader of the Tormentors was recorded twelve years ago.

This will be the 11th studio album of Morrissey's 30 year solo career, and will be his first on the Trojan record label. The Trojan label has never had a Number 1 LP before, so as long as Morrissey can avoid releasing the new album at the same time as Dread Beer-run, Justin Babbler or any of the other 'Stream-agers', then perhaps Moz can achieve his first No1 for over a decade, and a first for Trojan.
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There has been no sign of Moz in The Wrong Arms in the past week - I guess he's busy! - so I shall now return to the glorious cricket fields of southern England. I shan't be voting in tomorrow's General Dejection, and shall have my television off all day on Friday as Terrible Theresa and the Tories celebrate their landslide victory.
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*Goes off singing* I am walking through Rome, with my heart on a string, Dear God, please help me


  1. As more and more evidence of a recording session in Rome has unfolded over the past several days, I've been growing increasingly more excited and thinking about that 'June, June June' tweet - and wondering when you were going to come out of hiding, Ratty, to blog about it. When June was mentioned back in April, I wasn't expecting a new album either, but 'Ernesto Jones' had mentioned it to us in March. How did he know? Anyway, it's glorious news!

  2. Ratty dear! What a joy! I remember quite well "June, June,June", but I remember less than nothing about the misterious Ernesto Jones... anyway Morrissey is in Rome in his favorite luxury hotel De Russie in Via del Babuino, as you can see in many pictures on the web, is he going to record the new album in Forum Village in Piazza Euclide? We'll see... this afternoon I have to go just around there... it's close to the swimming pool and daughter has her training session... coincidentally... ciao ciao!😘👍🏻🎉🏊🏼

  3. Well, this wonderful news puts a spring in my step to say the very least.
    I can imagine Rome to be an inspiring setting to record an album.
    My mind goes into overdrive just thinking about it.


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