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Thursday, 8 June 2017

Day 2193 - Labels

Following on from the publication of yesterday's FTM, I received a surprise visit from Morfessa whilst I was in the ladies room of The Wrong Arms touching up my lippy. She tapped me on my shoulder - I only have the one - and said, "I believe I also mentioned "labels" to you." And then she was gone.

Image result for backstage drag queens

I scratched my head for a minute, wondering what Morfessa was referring to, and then scrolled back through my Twitter DM messages, where I found the answer.

On Sunday April 16th, Morfessa had contacted me with regard to the lack of comments on the exclusive FTM interview with Morrissey that I had published that day. Whilst we were conversing, Morfessa randomly threw in a mention of "labels". It was completely out of context with the conversation, and made no sense. I guess I now know that it was a hint that Morrissey had a new record label. Here is the transcript of that DM conversation:

MORFESSA: Only three comments. Why do we bother? All accounts shall close if there are not 50 comments by tomorrow.

ME: I just don't understand what is wrong with people.

MORFESSA: Labels. They instantly label themselves talking to myself.

ME: ?

MORFESSA: (No reply)

ME: You talk in riddles. Are there ongoing talks with a label? Please say there is, don't say there's not...


ME: Eh?

MORFESSA: (No reply)

ME: What do you mean that someone labels themselves by talking to you?

MORFESSA: (No reply)

Image result for trojan record label

I have nothing else to add today, except to mention that Italy usually ranks at Number 10 for the number of hits on FTM, but it is currently Number 4. I guess the only explanation is that Romina has been reading through old FTM classics!


1. USA
2. UK
3. Germany (Hi Chuck.... let it go!)
4. Italy
5. Netherlands (Hi Inge... yes, it really IS him... still!)
6. Ireland (Hi JG & Banjaxer)
7. Indonesia (Hi Yuna... who's not a man)
8. Japan
9. Poland
10. Australia (Is harps banned?)


  1. Hi Ratty, sincerely I have to say I read your post just one time, I wish I could have the joy of reading your funny blog and your past entries more than one time a day, but sadly it's no possible! I'm a busy mum and you know it๐Ÿ˜˜

  2. Good to know M is still popping by.
    I hope all is going well in Rome.

  3. I had a look at the Trojan Records website, when the Trojan pic was first posted. There was an artists tab, with a number of artists pics, including Morrissey. Looking at the Trojan website now, it seems to have been updated with no Morrissey. Anyone else notice this?

  4. Hi Ratty, I thought I was solely responsible for your boosted Irish readership, I didn't realise Banjaxer was hovering outside my window reading over my shoulder (one of three which I have, I must have your missing one). I must grab a torch now and go to look for him, the scamp. I may be a while.

    1. Hello JG, nice to see you here rambling as usual.


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