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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Day 2198 - Back to the Bowl

There has been no sign of Morrissey in The Wrong Arms since Friday night, but there has been confirmation that the rumoured Hollywood Bowl concert is going ahead on November 10th, so the excitement that had been coming from the LA Mexicans based on those rumours hasn't been wasted, and Morrissey will be going back to the Bowl for the third time.

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I still find it strange that is on the poster, when that website is no longer being used. What I don't find strange, is that Morrissey Facebook is also on the poster, even though Morrissey denied that he had a Facebook account. The reason that I don't find this strange, is because Morrissey also denied that he had a blog, and that he was on Twitter, but they turned out to be little untruths too.... not that anyone outside the BRS or DDD has managed to work that out yet! Is it too much to hope that just one of those Morrissey fans who dismissed the MorrisseysWorld blog and Twitter accounts as a hoax based on Morrissey's denial now has a lightbulb moment, and realises that perhaps, just perhaps...


Much as though I would love to go to LA, and much as though I would love to see a concert in the Hollywood Bowl, and much as though I would love to see Morrissey in the Hollywood Bowl, I won't be going. I will just have to wait until the tour comes to the UK, or at least somewhere a little closer to home.

Whilst on the subject of concerts, I must mention a thought that struck me on Sunday night, as I watched Rod Stewart conclude his headlining performance at the Isle of Wight Festival. I'd never seen Rod in concert before, but just presumed that he would finish his performance with Sailing, which he did. Likewise, when I watched The Pretenders on Friday night, I presumed that they would finish with Brass In Pocket, which again, they did - with Chrissie Hynde even making some reference about it being the one that everyone had been waiting for. The thought that struck me, as I stood there in that field on Sunday, was that Morrissey doesn't have that one song that most people at a festival would be waiting for.... and I like that.

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And whilst on the subject of being struck by thoughts, earlier today it suddenly occurred to me that the words given to me by Morfessa last Friday; which I wrote about in my last blog entry, might, just might, be lyrics from a new song.... but then again they might not!

*Goes off singing* Do you still believe everything you read? And do you still believe everything you don't read?


  1. cant agree with you colonel, when I have been at festivals people have told me that they would love to hear.. here goes in my best voice ever.. " take me out tonighhhttt " well you know the rest

    1. But those people are probably Moz fans. My point being that if you surveyed 10 random festival goers (not Morrissey fanatics), they could quite possibly list 10 different songs as the one they were waiting for as the finale song. Perhaps: There is a Light, How Soon is Now?, This Charming Man, First of the Gang, Hand in Glove, Suedehead, Everyday is Like Sunday, Panic, What Difference Does it Make?, Irish Blood.

  2. Maybe we got excited a little too soon. Sam's Instagram post and Scenestar's announcement about the Bowl concert have both been deleted, so maybe the concert isn't on after all, or they were instructed to remove the posts until an official announcement is made. Here's hoping for an official announcement very soon.

  3. I don't agree either at FYF loads of people were  waiting to hear the "I'm so sorry" song or the "Hector" song. What is unique, that I have never encountered before with an artist, is the crowd hoping he won't play a certain song. That song being Meat is Murder, I have actually seen people walk out of the pit or turn their backs to that song.  Despite the subject matter it is a song delivered with passion each and every time it is played, if they are too blind or deaf to realise that, then it's their loss.

    1. I think you mean you do agree - see my comment above.
      Meat is Murder only has that effect because of the video that accompanies it. The reaction is guilt.

    2. True, people react badly for the video, but I think it's just exactly what a proud animal activist as Morrissey is searching for, I closed my eyes, but enjoyed the song and I know more than one person who became vegan after the video. Morrissey is truly busy, all day long in the studio and just a little walk before dinner....shssssπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜˜πŸ‘Œ❤️

    3. 😻😻😻

    4. 😻😻😻


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