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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Day 2199 - "Do you still believe everything you read?"

There are some strange happenings going on in Morrissey land! Here is a brief resumé:

On Friday evening, as reported on FTM on Saturday, Morrissey sent me a private tweet to ask, "Do you still believe everything you read?" I had no idea what he was going on about, and when I asked him to explain, he simply replied, "Everything you don't read."

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On Saturday morning, I woke up to find that Morrissey's nephew, Sam, had posted a mock up poster of a Morrissey concert at the Hollywood Bowl. With Morrissey's words of Friday still on my mind, I wondered if perhaps Sam's poster was 'fake news', posted just to see if everyone believed everything they read, but I also wondered if perhaps Morrissey had been referring to something else, such as the rumoured new record deal. I sent Mozzer another tweet to ask what he was referring to when he had asked me about believing everything I read, but again I received no reply.

On Monday, it looked like I had been wrong to be suspicious of Sam's poster, as LA music website, The Scenestar announced:

Morrissey will perform under the stars at the Hollywood Bowl on Friday, November 10. It is his first time back at the historic venue 2007. Tickets to see the former Smiths frontman at the Hollywood Bowl will go on sale on Friday, June 16, at 10:00 a.m via Ticketmaster. There is a Live Nation presage on Thursday, June 15, at 10:00 a.m. Password: LYRIC.

Pretty conclusive. It was on!

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Yesterday evening at 5.40, Morrissey eventually replied to my question of Saturday, tweeting, "Hollywood", followed by, "You'll see". I had no idea what these words meant, but had no time to ask, as I had a cricket match starting at 6.

When I returned home at 9pm, I read a comment posted on FTM by Heather (timed at 5.53pm) that Nephew Sam had removed his Instagram post with the poster, and The Scenestar had removed their article about ticket sales!!!

WHAT is going on? Is this concert happening, or is it not happening, and WHAT game is it that Morrissey is playing? Is this all about proving that people shouldn't believe everything they read, or is it a publicity stunt to get people talking about the concert, so that when it is officially announced, it generates more ticket sales? I guess we'll find out soon.

And finally, yesterday's FTM entry had the lowest number of hits since the very early days of FTM, when it was just me writing for myself. This has made me smile. Oh, the fools.


  1. Well I wonder what is going on.
    Time, hopefully will tell.
    Some of my favourite Moz YT videos are from the Hollywood Bowl, if it is on I would love to go. But a reality check tells me only in my dreams!

  2. Strange happenings in Morrissey land are certainly nothing new. So much has been left up to speculation lately - the apparent recording project, the November concert, and the role of the FB page vs TTY. Hopefully everything will eventually make more sense - in the meantime, we can enjoy speculating.

  3. ah, the strange world that is Morrisseys' as ever it keeps you hanging on in there, bravo I say and long may it continue

  4. anyone else reminded of Solomon Walker and the weird things going on episode, it is why we love Moz, so, well you know..

  5. Hello,
    I I am new to the party, I haven't commented before because it has taken me what seemed like half of a decade to read. I would like to say how much I appreciate your blog and how terribly funny it is that other fans have not found this or they "don't believe." Anyways I have been a fan , not stalker type. just your normal homegrown follow someone for 30 years + type of fan. I also have two teenagers and enjoyed your car story and also how you had never heard of certain bands like Panic at the Disco and Fall Out Boy. I am actually the music person of the family, as I am the one who introduced my teens to them aged 16 and 13. I have taught the importance of listening to lyrics and how sadly new music no longer have "stories." Those two bands I enjoy working out to, you need the energy they provide. If you ever want to embarrass the fuck out of your teens , let me know, one of Panics older songs is about getting a BJ (yes that type .) I have read all the lyrics to all their albums including Fall Out Boys.. I feel it's important they know what messages they are being exposed to. I am one of the few adults who love teenagers, in a past life I was a pediatric nurse with a specialty in adolescent medicine. In 2005 I was slammed by a large truck while sitting at a light and my life was taken away from me. Hospitals/surgeries/rehab for years while I had two babies to raise , was in constant pain, and life just passed me by. I had only seen .5 of a concert in the early 1990/1991? At UCLA pavillion where it was shut down because of a "riot." It was no such thing. He had only invited people to come closer up and enjoy the music. Now I was injured there too, boys started jumping over chairs that were bound together , as if they were hurdles . My ankle got caught between the chairs, I forgot to send him my urgent care bill....July 2015 my husband remembered my .5 concert story and surprised me with tickets to see OM in Portland Or where we reside. That day I awoke from my coma and started to take back my life . My youngest had wanted to be vegetarian for 3 years, done. She even sent him a letter thanking him for playing Meat is Murder video or her mom wouldn't have changed her mind. Oh my sweet sensitive little soul. Poor thing is tortured from daily life and middle school. At least it's not Catholic school as many of us endured. When my girls turned age 10 I told them they were fortunate and instead of a bunch of presents from friends that they didnt need or would use , why not donate your birthday? . We don't have a lot of money, but they have what they need and more, so I "invited" them to find a charity or passion to donate to. So the youngest donated her last two birthdays to PETA. .....Back to the concert, it was lovely, in a beautiful outdoor venue . GA lawn people had been waiting all day, I'm too old to sit on the grass, but good for them ! Now Portland people don't get overly excited, they are quite calm and an artist might take it the wrong way . Everyone LOVED it. Highlight was when a white haired lady attempted the stage, failed and the security just looked at her like "really? " Priceless....have to break up my comment too long, next part is coming ...

  6. Now I am a fan, enjoyed the concert, but sorry I am not going to break a hip for him.....
    Going back to the teens , the youngest had a friend over the other day . She asked "what's that machine over there ? " My daughter informed her it was a record player. The girl asked "how does it work ?" Then she yells "mom which vinyl has the Bulldighter Dies ? " (my little PETA lover.) I instructed it was on the player. She then continues with "my mom is into alternative music new and old , this is one of the old ones his name is Morrissey. She also likes The Cure, given an option between the two , I choose Morrissey because I don't know who let that guy from The Cure sing in the first place !" Teenagers are so fucking hilarious. That's my statement and I'm sticking to it. If you ever want to embarrass the shit out of your.teens , let me know, one of Panics older songs is about getting a BJ (yes that type.) I horrified my older one by reading the lyrics to her , again priceless.... I will finally let you go, but again thank you , you have done a wonderful job and gave me hours of laughter and entertainment. ( as did he I don't want him to be jealous.) ' I hope the blog continues. I apologize I didn't realize how much I typed. Well thank you for reading this . Ps as it is a music fan blog and since you asked (I know you would have ) my favorite song is Dearest Love and if I could have only one album it would be Swords. I know, I know not the most popular choice , but these songs are so emotional to me, they calm me down. Other people's lives suck too and we are all trying to survive. My girls ask "mom why do you play depressing music ? " My response is always "because I can and it takes me away from my pain and into someone else's." Truly yours -

    1. Thank you for your comment. You remind me of another of the commenters, Fancy123 - do you know her?
      You repeated yourself regarding getting a BJ, did you copy and paste?

      Please feel free to comment again.

  7. Hello -my tablet is down so I had to do it all by phone. It wouldn't post , lost it , had to do it again so I re-wrote it . Then had to break it up because of its size . Then finally had to open a gmail account. I was going to post the song title it's called "New Perspective"' 2009. I see I repeated myself , that's what I get for posting at 2am. As for the song....heard it while I was in the car and thought to myself, no ......those can't be the lyrics . Wrong. Could be worse - "Break the bitch down" by Kevin Gates. horrifying , truly horrifying to a mom with daughters . My youngest is the one who told me about the lyrics and she passed over it stating it was "inappropriate" for her , yay I'm so proud !

  8. No , sorry I don't know Fancy123- funny or annoying ? There is a fine line. ...

    1. Oh Fancy is highly amusing with her tales from the mid west. Not heard from her in quite a while, which is a shame.

  9. TRB -quick question. I was sharing your blog with a pen pal in Seattle . She didn't know he had recorded anything after 1992 (shhhh) you know family /kid etc . So I instructed her on all the albums and now the blog. Though too shy to ever comment, I might have to do it for her .
    Anyways , do you have it set up if we commented on a previous blog post , are you notified and will you see it ? I forgot to say I laughed so hard on blog day 99, The Christmas Carol Service I had Diet Coke coming from my nose . It brought me back to catholic school and church every weekend as a young child /teen. Especially the hymms and the Boor chorus -truly genius . I just re-read it, I needed a good laugh. Thank you from the rainy city. Now lettuce pray ....

    1. Yes, I see everything.
      I too enjoyed the Christmas Carol Service, but we are in the minority!


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