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Thursday, 15 June 2017

Day 2200 - Titbits

Romina last night left a comment on my blog entry of Tuesday saying, "Morrissey is truly busy, all day long in the studio and just a little walk before dinner....shssss".

I now have this image in my head of Romina's net curtains twitching, as she sits at the window of her small apartment in Rome, watching every coming and going from the recording studio.

Image result for gina lollobrigida AT WINDOW

Morrissey may well be truly busy all day recording his latest masterpiece, but he still took the time to briefly make contact with the BRS in The Wrong Arms last night, and I also caught up with him in the ladies.

At just after 8pm (9pm Rome time), Morrissey, as Morfessa, tapped me on the shoulder whilst I was powdering my nose and said, "It's almost more satisfying to direct message you titbits."

This was an obvious reference to my recent blog entries, where I (and others) have been trying - without success - to make sense of all the strange happenings of late. I am SO glad that our cluelessness is providing His Mozship with some entertainment.
Image result for morrissey feeding cat

Moz returned to the Ladies Room at 10.55pm (11.55pm Rome time) and rhetorically asked, "Is there a third surprise?" before adding, "June. June. June...".

Ten minutes later and he was in the main bar of The Wrong Arms, where he quoted the following words from the song, Nowhere Fast:

"The poor and the needy are selfish and greedy on her terms."

Goodness only knows if that song quote is supposed to mean anything - yet another riddle!
As for the "third surprise", I think we've already had three surprises: A) the hint of a new label, b) the hint of a new LP, and C) the hint of a new concert. Could we be about to see the release of a single in June? Or perhaps the announcement of a full tour? Who knows? Who knows? Who knows?


  1. Love that gif. We're happy to receive any titbits M cares to provide. I suppose the new label and LP could be lumped together as one surprise, so a third one could still be on the way. What could it be? As I'll be heading to Ireland in a few days and won't be online very much, I hope I don't miss any breaking news.

    1. oh Heather, don't believe everything about Ireland, they do have the internetfishtights these days

    2. Where are you going Heather?

    3. Various places. Where are you located?

  2. Me as Gina Lollobrigida, oh Ratty, you're too kind! Tomorrow, coincidentally, I have to go around Piazza Euclide, but just for a coincidence 😀


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