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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Day 2206 - The last of a foul brood

Following the publication of yesterday's FTM, Dawn Mist took to the comments section to post her own album track listing. This was posted at 12.25pm (Rome time):

1) Sailors and Tailors
2) Love Blinds from Imperfections
3) Non-Negotiable Possibilities
4) Stoned and Alone
5) Dying and Yet Somehow Still Laughing
6) Grain of Sand and Impoverished Hands
7) Vanity of Nothingness
8) Tried Love (In Order to Become a Man)
9) Wet Slippery Slopes of Hope
10) The Test of naked Male Flesh
11) Potent Sneer
12) Latent Fear
13) Lames Cries, Emaciated Lies
14) Last of a Foul Brood
15) The First Shall Be The Last and The Last Shall Be The First

Additional Bonus Material
1) The Lament of Dawn
2) Standing Foot to Foot with Fate and Smiling
3) No Human Sound
4) You Promised Something You Could Not Deliver
5) Wasted Years Tasting Tears

DVD Extra of Dawn Mist reading A.E.Houseman

It is interesting to note that when Dawn writes song titles, she uses capital letters for each word, where as Morfessa doesn't. I reckon that this is done on purpose to make us believe that they are two different people, but personally, I'm not buying it... and I'm not sure that it's for sale anyway.
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Morrissey (as Morfessa) made one very brief appearance in The Wrong Arms yesterday at just after 7.30pm (Rome time). There was no interaction with any of the locals, nor any visits to the Ladies Room, he merely quoted what would appear to be the lyrics of Dawn's Track 14, Last of a Foul Brood:

Fed poison from childhood
Drip fed dead eyed abuse
Drop by drop and drip by drip
You can still taste the bitterness now

Never knowing how to be loved
And you always assumed that you
Were the last of a foul brood

Fed abuse from boyhood
Castigated and upbraided
Dripping in cruelty

Poor infant flowers destroyed
By adult hands before they could bloom
And you always assumed that you
Were the last of a foul brood

You used to dream of love but
Now you know you were made for the grave
As you're the last of a foul brood

Mocked by god so you laugh at man
Now you run with coat billowing in the wind
The last of a foul brood

No doubt this is yet another spoof set of lyrics, but I have to say, I really do LOVE them, and could seriously see it as a Moz song.
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I decided to have a go at making up some song titles of my own, and managed to reel off 11 of them within about 30 seconds - it's easy. Dawn responded to my titles saying:

"OM has instructed me to inform you that he is howling at your incompetence. Both at song titles and your journalistic endeavours.

Each man reaps what he sows and you have sowed sh*t."

I replied, "Hmm, I'm not the one who has to come up with a new masterpiece. Let's hope the old codger hasn't lost it when it comes to real titles and real songs. The world is watching", to which Dawn came back with:

"OM does not consider the population of Runcorn as the world."


  1. (I'm) The End Of The Family Line meets The Headmaster Ritual.

  2. menipus will not be pleased

  3. Very interesting, Master and Teaser...👍🏻❤️😂

  4. I was instantly grabbed by Last Of The Foul Brood. An ambiance of sadness & darkness conveyed by beautiful engaging words & feeling.
    "Poor infant flowers destroyed
    By adult hands before they could bloom"
    Thanks to Morfessa for sharing with us.

    1. Very gripping lyrics - hard to believe it's just a spoof.

    2. They are indeed Heather.
      Just noticed my mistake with the title - sorry M!

  5. FYI, Our Moz was mentioned on Jeopardy today. The category was "Not In The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame". The Clue: Morrissey and his band of Charming Men are not in, what difference does it make.
    The correct response was of course: Who are The Smiths? One of the contestants did correctly answer.

  6. The lyrics (or whatever they are ) made me sad . I had a horrible childhood and those words together bring back a lot of not so good memories . But then I think, isn't that what we ❤️about music , it can take us to a different place , with the swipe of a few words . Of course the way he (or whoever it may be ) manifests words into phrases well are truly poetic and beautiful . That's the attraction, at least for me. A gift few have. Or you can just give in to today's pop music . I am looking at a Maroon 5 'a vinyl (we went to the record store last year and she asked if she could buy a record ) I said of course my dear , I was so happy she wanted to UNTIL tshe came back with this. The last song on the album is so poetically called : "This Summers Gonna Hurt Like A Motherfucker " really it's true -ugh agreed

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