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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Day 2213 - Yesterday when I was young

I don't have much to report since my last blog entry of last Saturday, although there has been a couple of visits to The Wrong Arms by Morrissey as Morfessa.

On Monday morning, Morfessa tweeted these 'supposed' lyrics:

Oh I give my life for you
Every move I made I move to you
And I came like a magnet for you now

As opposed to the wonderful lyrics that we had posted last week for (new songs?) The Last of a Foul Brood and The Test of Naked Male Flesh, these lyrics about a magnet just didn't ring true to me, and I let Morfessa know it. I got the reply:

"They are not my lyrics. However, they ARE lyrics. Hashtag Philistine"

I have googled the words, but can find no such song. I may well be a philistine, but I am glad these aren't Moz lyrics. Goodness only knows what song they come from.

Morfessa then tweeted:

"I dedicate track 5 to @slightdawnmist"

According to a Morfessa tweet of last Friday, track 5 is The Test of Naked Male Flesh, although according to Dawn's own track list of last Tuesday, track 5 is a song called Dying and Yet Somehow Still Laughing, so I don't know exactly which song Morfessa is referring to, although I would imagine it is the former.... although why a song about the temptations of male flesh would be dedicated to some old bint of a lighthouse keeper, I really cannot say.
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I found it rather confusing that Morfessa was dedicating songs to Dawn, as it has widely become accepted amongst the Dreary Deluded Dozen that Morfessa IS Dawn, and only came into existence as a twitter account because a certain somebody forgot the password for the Dawn Mist twitter account. I put it to Morfessa that she/he was Dawn, and got the reply, "I most certainly am not. I have more hair." When I then pointed out that Dawn had described herself as having thick white hair, Morfessa replied, "Dawn was an excellent liar." Could Dawn actually be Damon? I guess we'll never know.

Image result for damon anacreonte

Morfessa also tweeted, "I dedicate track 8 to @TheRatsBack", which, according to Dawn's list, is the song  I Tried Love (In Order to Become a Man). Morfessa tweeted some supposed lyrics to it late last night, as follows:

"You tried love to become a man but your masculinity is torn apart where you stand. Hold your own hand and remain alone."

I realised straight away that these lyrics were a spoof, and tweeted to say I wasn't buying it. Morfessa  dragged me into the Ladies toilets of The Arms and said, "How dare you not buy my latest offering. I spent at least ten seconds on that". I replied, "5 seconds more than on Tony the Pony then", to which Morfessa came back with, "eight seconds more." I then got told off for my poor use of the English, with Morfessa tweeting, "Please remember that numbers up to ten should be written as words". It's like being back at school!

Image result for school kids 1970s

I also had a brief chat in the Ladies with Morfessa on Monday morning, where I was told, "I have been waiting for a telephone call for over an hour. How dare they keep a seminal artiste waiting."

Half an hour later, Morfessa came back into the Ladies (yes, I was still in there... constipation if you really must know) and announced, "That was an interesting phone call. I wonder - could this be an exclusive for FTM?" I asked what it was about, but got no reply.

And finally for today, the mysterious FTM commenter, Ernesto Jones - who was the first to tell us that Morrissey had a new record deal, back on March 13th - has today posted some lyrics from Charles Aznavour's Yesterday When I Was Young in the comments section of my last blog entry. I don't suppose it has any relevance to anything, but I thought I would mention it anyway.

And finally, finally, FTM is currently getting more hits from Switzerland than from Italy.


  1. Pissing In A River. Patti Smith. If my dismal memory is right, Moz also sang the lyrics at his concert in Genoa 5 years ago. Five years! Where does the time go.

    1. yep time flies alright, time as ever on the other stuff hey whiskers

    2. Well done EARS. When Moz was 17 & listening to Pissing in a River, I was ten and listening to Fernando. What can I say! He may well call me a philistine, but it just wasn't my era. I didn't get Bowie or NY Dolls for the same reason.
      At 17 I was into electro pop. By 18 it was the Smiths.
      *Goes off singing * Can you hear the drums, Fernando...

  2. Yes I agree , it's hard when it's not your era. I'm usually the first to google it especially because in the states our language is so....slang. My daughter is infatuated with a teen /young adult on you tube (vlogg star) because she loves the "way he speaks, so formally." Anyways , I have really enjoyed learning from him about different bands and how they affected music . After reading his autobiography, I asked an older friend of mine (late 60s)! , to tell me about NY Dolls and he got so excited. Other then Bowie we never really talked music so it was a real treat. As for timeline I was closer to 7/8 years old watching St Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band by the Bee-Gees on tv. Time is going by fast ...empty nesters before you know it !

  3. Hi Ratty, very interesting thoughts, I think I have to follow Ernesto Jones!😘👍🏻


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