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Monday, 3 July 2017

Day 2218 - Seminal wisdom

The Morfessa Twitter account re-opened yesterday, with Morrissey telling Jaz that Track 14 is dedicated to her - which according to Dawn Mist's list, is Last of a Foul Brood.

This afternoon I spent an hour in The Wrong Arms with Morrissey, but a sudden swing in mood saw him go from being chatty and light hearted to annoyed.

I had started off by saying how I liked that Jessica Brown Findlay (Linder Sterling in England Is Mine) had picked a Moz solo song instead of a Smiths song when asked in a video interview to name her favourite Smiths song, with her saying of the song in question, "it breaks my heart". Morrissey replied to me, "I'm guessing she choses Disappointed?". I responded, "Don't pretend you haven't watched the clip - you read & watch EVERYTHING... for the record, it's EILS - good choice." Moz was having none of it though, and came back with, "I was actually quite Disappointed with her  choice. If it makes her heart break, for some reason which is beyond me, then it presumably must be for the lyrics. Therefore it makes no difference."


I knew for two reasons that Morrissey would have watched the Jessica B F video clip because: A) Disappointed is the b side of Everyday Is Like Sunday (EILS) and B) he really does observe EVERYTHING, although he did add, "For the record I do not watch EVERYTHING. Don't keep a dog and bark yourself...". I replied to this by tweeting, "I bet even when the dog points something out to you, 9/10 you'd have already seen it", to which I got the hilarious reply, "That is what is known as seminal wisdom".

Image result for morrissey wise

I responded to the "seminal wisdom" comment by saying, "Now I've heard it all. I am genuinely laughing here", to which M retorted, "Oh? I have plenty more...". I then said, "Frank Carson eat your heart out. And on that subject, who are your Top 3 favourite comedians?". The reply:


I asked Moz if he had ever featured Ken Dodd in a pre-concert montage, but got no reply.

Morrissey then paid my blog a compliment by tweeting, "For unofficial representation of Steven Patrick Morrissey watch England is Mine. Official representation can be found on FTM."

We then had a conversation in the toilet of The Arms, with M deciding to answer a question I had asked last Tuesday, about whether Justin Bieber would be featuring on the new LP. He replied, "No chance. My days of being a die-hard Belieber are over".
Image result for bieber morrissey

And then the mood suddenly swung, as Morfessa asked, "Have you nothing better to do with your time?", before then adding, "Quite frankly I am bored by you and this whole situation. If I were an alcoholic I would not be here at all."

I have no idea what prompted the swing in mood, but decided to return to the main bar, where Heather was suggesting that someone should make a film based on FTM. I joked that I would never give the rights, and that I was going to delete the whole blog. Morfessa picked up on this and tweeted, "Bluff and bluster. Delete it and free everyone. It's been a waste anyway.". I said that he didn't really mean that, but he replied, "I do. Waste and waste again. Waste. Waste. Waste." I disagreed and was met with, "Fuck you. Fuck your hairline. Fuck FTM. Fuck the BRS. Fuck off. How can I make this clearer?"

With the hairline under attack, I decided to leave.

Does Morrissey really want me to delete this blog of mine, to "free everyone"? Am I really the holder of the key to this Hotel California? I don't think so. Our Mozzer started all this, and it will only end if he ends it.

In other news, England is Mine had it's premiere yesterday in Edinburgh, and has received mixed reviews - doesn't everything get mixed reviews? Morrissey's friend, James Maker has criticised the film, particularly on the grounds that: A) there is no Morrisseyean wit B) The curtains of Morrissey's house are misrepresented and C) He (Maker) isn't in it! Maker has also taken the opportunity to mention his autobiography, AutoFellatio, which is out this week.

Image result for james maker autofellatio

And finally, The Smiths remain at Number 1 in the Official UK Vinyl Singles Chart. And now I have just one last thing to do...


  1. Well, tonight we received Morfessa's own review of the film. She appeared in the Arms to announce that she had watched it and died in dismay. Soon afterwards, she closed her account, presumably in disgust. Perhaps it would've been better if she hadn't watched it. It seems a terrible oversight that Maker wasn't included in the film.

  2. England Is Mine can fuck off!

  3. I feel I have no words to add other then how frustrated I would be not having any control about how/when a biopic is made, who reviews it /how it's received, but mostly the storm that follows . How does one protect themselves ? I don't know ... What does one do ?....I don't know....I told you no words-except maybe my username .

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  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. So the green duffle coat was yours!

    2. had to delete my comments, I don't want people getting the wrong idea, but I said the other day that I was going to buy another green dufflecoat for the winter, but have you seen the bloody price of them

    3. hey you know all those years ago I almost bought a burgundy duffle coat but the price put me right off, I wish I had now because there were a few green ones at the match, I guess I am just common

  6. By the time I had found some vaguely coherent words in the early hours this morning Morefessa had closed her account.
    I can only imagine how Morrissey is feeling. It must be incredibly hard & undermining to watch a film maker attempt to portray your life without any consultation. It leaves me cold. I feel for Moz & good on James Maker for his statement.
    Morrissey has shared so many aspects of his life through his lyrics. These will always be strong & powerful & be remembered long after any "biopic" film.

  7. Hello Ratty dear, I'm happy to see Morfessa back again, we all need her sense of humour and I share James Maker's statement about the biopic, but my curiosity about England Is Mine is stronger than everything and still I want to see the movie. My curiosity doesn't touch only the biopic, but involves the book written by Maker too. Why? He's such a witty and funny person, have you read what Morrissey wrote about him on Autobiography? Have you ever read his blog or listened to his material on you tube? And his quote about Morrissey's mum curtain? Of course you're right about the fact he took his chance to talk about his autobiography, but this means he's a smart person. Have a nice evening๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

    1. James Maker's statement was well aimed. His thoughts on the film were based on a few minutes of the trailer. And a twitch of the curtains.
      I did read his blog ages ago, but hadn't realised he was still blogging. Do you recommend his book?

    2. Sorry dear, I think he's no more blogging, but I think his book could be interesting.๐Ÿ˜˜

  8. Wonder what the real Linder makes of the film. Somehow doubt that she was consulted.


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