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Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Day 2220 - Disgust

In my previous blog entry - written late on Monday - I wrote how Morrissey had suddenly gotten fed-up with me and this whole 'thing', and I finished by writing that he was the only person who could bring it all to an end.
I woke up on Tuesday to find that the Morfessa Twitter account had once again been closed, so perhaps he has indeed decided to finish it.... this journey I mean, not 'it' as in his life.... it would be a little extreme to end your life just because you were annoyed at yourself for being addicted to Twitter and a rodent's blog.
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We have actually been here a number of times before. Morrissey seems to get to a point where he starts to ask himself why he is wasting his time with faceless strangers that he doesn't even know or particularly like, and then pulls himself away, as if disgusted with himself; although for some reason or other, he ends up returning for more. This 'thing' is a drug.
Yesterday I came across an anonymous comment left on Day 679 of FTM (24 July 2013), which was a direct quote from Morrissey from the old MorrisseysWorld chatroom. I don't think that I have ever blogged about this before, so here, for the record, is that dialogue - better late than never!:

"The joy of MW has been extinguished somehow. In the early days, it felt essential; it felt like we were doing something together that was important, beautiful, strange. Now we're just reliving the past. It feels like it's dead and we're trying to get its heart going again, but after 3 rounds of adrenaline, it's flatlining. I gave all I had to twitter and I was ignored. I provided hundreds of Wildean tweets and people preferred Joey Essex and Katie Price. I spent thousands of hours on the blog, and people said it was crap without reading it - and that was just my fans! I don't expect mass acceptance but I did expect a few people to follow me. I got a handful. You were the special few, the home crowd. Yet the intimacy couldn't have been better. Had I had 10 million followers, I could never have bonded as closely with you as I did. It was perfect in that regard and wonderfully oblique. But it's dead. The time of the blog was 2009-2012."

Morrissey recently lectured me for writing numbers under ten in numerical form - bloody hypocrite!
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Before closing the Morfessa account, Morrissey briefly chatted with Jaz on Monday night, telling her that if he were to make a biopic, it would be about Marc Bolan, "because it wasn't mass hysteria. Except for the small and little people." - incidentally, I only found out the other day that the stage-name Bolan was constructed from the name of Marc's hero of that time, Bob Dylan. We learn something new every day.

A comment left by heathercat on my previous blog entry, explains that Morfessa also tweeted on Monday night with regard to the England is Mine biopic. Heather states:

"Well, tonight we received Morfessa's own review of the the film. She appeared in the Arms to announce that she had watched it and died in dismay. Soon afterwards, she closed her account, presumably in disgust."

So for now, whether in disgust at himself for wasting time with us, or in disgust at the England is Mine bio, Morrissey has left the building.

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In other news, having left the building, Morrissey has had a run-in with an Italian police officer  - he should've stayed indoors! According to nephew Sam's Facebook page, Morrissey was "terrorized" for 35 minutes yesterday evening outside the Nike store in Rome, with Morrissey telling Sam that, "the officer unlocked his gun and held it as he screamed into my face... I believe he recognized me and wanted to frighten me. I did not back down even though I believed he was about to shoot me. I urge people to be aware of this dangerously aggressive Officer. He might kill you." Sam posted a picture of the officer.
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And finally, a number of news outlets are reporting that Morrissey is to play Italy's Sferisterio di Macerata on September 6th. If this is true, it will be another of those iconic venues to tick off the list.

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*Goes off singing* Ganglord, the police are grinding me into the ground, the headless pack are back, small boy jokes and loaded guns


It would appear that the True Morfessa account actually re-opened yesterday afternoon - posting some new lyrics - but for some reason, the tweets didn't appear in my timeline (Ed - or perhaps you just didn't look!) Here are the tweets that I have missed, plus those new lyrics:

July 4

1.37am (Rome time):
"I have seen the biopic. I have died of dismay."

"When asked recently - "Why do you shun a biopic of your life?" My response was ignored... "That's not actually my life."

1.47am: In reply to a new tweeter called @theblueour tweeting that they would not be going to see the film, Morfessa replied, "The guest list will be thankfully halved."

(I don't know who @theblueour is, but presume that it is Chuck under a new guise. We just don't get newcomers anymore!)

"You feel your life has sunk to its nadir. Then you see your biopic and die twice in the depths of boredom."

3.26am: In reply to Heather pointing out that the James Maker link in Morfessa's twitter bio is wrong: ".con, is how I feel. James was integral to myself and The Smiths. He ought to be present. I can only apologise that this has happened."

Image result for james maker

"Potent sneer"

"Grown man reduced to childhood
Something psychiatrists never could
Kicking and screaming
Faults highlighted with no redeeming feature
A disgusting hunchbacked creature
Ingest some caffeine
And take what you can glean
From the overbearing screen
Potent sneer from the cathode veneer
Potent sneer from anode smear
Reminding us the past is always near
Nothing that stood stands now"

NB: Potent Sneer was listed as Track 11 on Dawn Mist's list.


  1. I hate to hear what happened in Rome - it's truly appalling and I hope that M is ok. When did you write this, Ratty? Morfessa returned yesterday, fortunately, complete with new song lyrics. I had to laugh when I saw your pic of the offending police officer. At least we got exciting news with the possibility of a September concert.

    1. Nothing in my timeline. Perhaps I have been blocked.

  2. ah the old bill are the same everywhere, now how does that song go "people are the same"

  3. Morrissey has been very much on my mind since hearing about the incident in Rome. I hope he is safely recovering from such a terrible ordeal.
    Way too often the police abuse their power & often there are no consequences.

    I didn't see the tweets from Morefessa until today either. A twitter malfunction maybe.
    Another trip to Italy sounds rather inviting.

    1. please, no more tattoo parlours

    2. Just saw the news that Morrissey has cancelled proposed dates in Italy. My last comment now feels inappropriate. My apologies if I was being insensitive.

  4. Are you sure about the policeman's pic? It looks like someone else.... lol! Anyway all the cops are bastard!😘😉

  5. 35 minutes is a long time, imagine such rage in your face, a lot of people would have backed down. I agree the policemans photo looks like it is from a comedy tv show example : Parks and Rec or from a big box store :) Lastly, as I seem to be the last true newcomer here(?) could you explain or send me to who Chuck is or supposedly is ? I remember reading about Chuck somewhere . You have a very long blog here . Thank you!

    1. Chuck was one of those who came, saw, argued a bit, and then left. There have been a few of those.

  6. beer good.. weather hot. i sound like cliff mitchelmore or is that judith chalmerd


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