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Saturday, 8 July 2017

Day 2223 - Manchester Mafia

Morrissey appeared in The Wrong Arms on Thursday evening using his Twitter handle @TrueMorfessa (which he has now locked to the outside world) to declare:

"Existence is only for fame."

Morrissey also tweeted to say, "Good old Mam", which was a reference to a report by Noise11 that Morrissey's mother had issued a public statement denouncing the film, England is Mine, although no such public statement has been seen in any of the usual places, so it looks to be a case of yet more sloppy journalism, with Noise 11 picking up on James Maker's statement that Morrissey's mother should sue because of the shit curtains used by the film makers, and turning it into it being a public statement made by Ms Dwyer.


Morrissey's only other tweet of Thursday was in reply to me tweeting to him regarding the recent incident with the police officer in Rome. I tweeted, "Nice to see you here. Have they run you out of town yet - hashtag villain", to which he replied, "I am the Manchester Mafia after all."

Image result for morrissey je suis

In other news, after two weeks at Number 1 in the Official UK Vinyl Singles Chart, The Queen is Dead has now slipped to No.2, replaced at the top by Liam Gallagher's Wall of Glass.


  1. must say Liams' choon (manc speak) has grown on me but oh it surely cant be worthy to knock such a classic off the top spot. take care people. hold tight and wait for the is what some of us luve for

    1. yep meant to say. some of us with time on our hands LIVE for.. next stop for me LA i just might enable pics on my phone

  2. Hello Ratty dear, would you like to say something more about the picture of the two lovely girls on your timeline? Sorry, but I'm very curious. About the curtains incident what can I say.... internet is the news and the news are internet, but the main problem is the functional analphabetism, a serious illness of this crazy times, so Morrissey's mum is sueing curtains as Morrissey's nephew is driving a car in Rome beeing in England and God only knows where I'm now...take care! P. S. Manc knows everything as always!😘👍🏻🥂

    1. sorry my love, but I wish I did know everything, or even something because that would stop me stumbling around like an old drunken sod.. xx


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