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Monday, 14 August 2017

Day 2260 - Control freak

Following on from my conversation with The Mozziah in the toilets of The Wrong Arms on Saturday, yesterday he popped in again at 1.36am, although if I were a betting man, I would guess that he may be back in LA, in which case it was 5.36pm Saturday. We then had a disjointed conversation over the course of the next 36 hours, as dictated by time zones - here is the conversation:

M: Lame questioning is trite. There are much more interesting questions you could ask me. Especially in my current situation. I should never need to point these things out.

ME: I have no idea what your current situation is. I would post new interview questions, but would they be interesting enough for you to answer?

M: Try.

ME: Ok, I shall. How about I interview you here (twitter DM) rather than via FTM, and then publish the whole interview out of nowhere? No one will believe it to be real. Not many will even take notice.... actually, forget that, I shall post questions on FTM.

M: Hmmmm. I like your first idea. Email me some questions and I'll decide.

ME: Control freak.

M: Pardon?

I then sent the following email:

Good evening... unless you are in the USA, as I suspect you are, in which case, good afternoon. It is always so difficult trying to interview you, as either the questions are lame, or for various reasons, you choose not to answer. I also have no idea of your current mood or 'state'. Obviously you aren't going to answer questions regarding a new label, the new album or a tour, so instead, I would like to throw some 'lose' subjects at you, based around parts of the body (sort of), so you can take the answers in any direction you choose. Here goes: 

Your Mind - 

what thoughts are filling your conscious mind at present?

And how about the semi-conscious - do you dream when you sleep?

And what about other types of dreams, or perhaps plans - what is it that is keeping your wheels rolling at present?

What memories have recently come to the fore?

Heart - 

what makes your heart sing these days? 

What makes it beat fast with excitement? 

What is it that you love above all else? 

Body - 

is you health good? Still 16 pills & 16 pills? 

Are the drugs still thinning the hair - do you care? 

Soul - What is in here? 

Ears - what songs have you been listening to of late? 

Left Knee - As this is the only part of you I have met, I feel an attachment - how is it? 

Well being - in the main, are you content or is there something missing in your life? 

General questions: 

1. Any truth in the Boz fallout rumours?

2. When did you last cry & why? 

3. When did you last belly laugh? 

4. What would be a perfect day?

Monday 11.22pm UK time:

ME: Did you get the email?

M: I have no idea. I cannot find the blasted password.

ME: And so endeth a beautiful email relationship.... or something. Dementia?

M: It'll come back to me. These things always do.

ME: Then I look forward to receiving a reply circa 2021.

Tuesday 2.38pm UK time:

M: I was expecting album questions.... Tour questions also.

ME: What would be the point, you would never answer them... but do feel free to update the huge readership of FTM regarding the LP & tour. I take it you remembered the password.

So now I wait to see if His Royal Mozzness replies.

This blog entry will not be published for now.

*This entry was made 'live' on December 12th 2017*

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