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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Day 2262 - The journey of discovery

The Mozziah has made a couple of very brief appearances in The Wrong Arms over the past few days, although mainly in the ladies room - it must be a bladder problem!

Whilst in the ladies room this morning, I asked Morfessa to give me something to write about on FTM, and got the reply, "But I have!"
When I asked what, M came back with, "Journey. Of. Discovery. Remember?"

Of course I didn't remember, I can only just about remember what I had for breakfast this morning, but thanks to google, I realise that Morrissey is referring to a comment left on FTM by Dawn Mist on May 4th, as reported by me on Day 2159 - May 5th.

The comment in question seemed to be no more than a pouring out of random dreamy words - many of which I'd never seen/heard before, such as: purview, caliginous, crepuscular and tenebrous - but as I re-read it now, then perhaps the comment contained a message. The comment is four paragraphs long, and is definitely full of poetic throw away lines, but the following sentences are for some reason now jumping out at me:

"The lost years are lost only in name only, save yourself the burden of struggle and embrace the lost years with me."

"The journey of discovery is a discovery of the most personal. Pursue the purview."

"The all fall and leave only temporary fragments of their reality. Things have happened and tried to happen again, almost but not quite."

"Archives once lost have come to our attention"

"A personal archive holding treasures not yet seen and not ever to be believed."

"Do you dare step from the comfort of the known?"

"I need comfort and a chest to rest my head instead of the hollow bed"

"Gratification will never come when we wait for it. Yet still I wait."

"An opportunity for untold drama and disaster is what I see. Do not forget that discomfort is either a condition of the brain or a condition of the thing less well thought of as a heart."

"I ride in aeroplanes; you cannot find the strength to mount a donkey."

What does it all mean? Is any of it Johnny related? I'm jiggered if I know!

And whilst on the subject of Johnny, we have now just past the 30th anniversary of the break up of the Smiths.... 30 BLOODY YEARS! I still remember exactly where I was when I heard the news on the radio, and yes, I cried.
Image result for morrissey marr

Morfessa's public tweets have been pretty few and far between. On Sunday, at 1.40am, Morfessa tweeted:
"Why tell stories? It's preferable to write your own destiny."

The time of the tweet, and other recent tweets of similar time, made me wonder if Morrissey was in fact in LA, but when I posted a tweet yesterday to ask if this was the case, he replied, "Oh lĂ  lĂ !", so I take it from that, he remains lost in France.

Morfessa also played a song on the jukebox yesterday - Just Couldn't Resist Her With Her Pocket Transistor by Alma Cogan, which includes the line, "though there's a million girls in town, Johnny lets them all go by, his heart belongs to only one, and here's the reason why..." - is there anything to be read into these lyrics?


  1. Maybe the pocket transistor is a nod or a wink to Joe Chiccarelli's picture from La Fabrique, although you'd need a rather large pocket to tuck that one into.

    1. Don't know anything about Alma Cogan, but she was known as 'The Girl with the Giggle in her Voice' and she died in 1966. 50 years ago.

    2. I too thought that Morfessa's song choice could have been a reference to Joe's now-deleted tweet. I've been enjoying all the cryptic clues about the new album and wonder if we'll get any more.

    3. I wonder if it's a clue that a track on the new album will have some radio noises, a la I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday?

    4. And the reference to 50 years ago?

    5. Was that your reference or has someone else made the reference? I am missing your point.

    6. Joe's tweet (which still can be seen on Solow) said, "Mixing for radio. 50 years ago."

    7. You see to someone, somewhere, oh yeah

  2. Mystery adds to the creative & poetic words.
    Top tune from Alma Cogan too.

  3. Hi Ratty, I 'm a little bit confused, 'us and makes me drink all night long. So, I can only say that Morfessa knows more than the Devil....😘😂😉

    1. hhmmmm drinking all night long, all day at the seaside, you do live an extravagant lifestyle

  4. Morfessa also tweeted "journey of discovery" in April, seemingly connected with Ultravox's Vienna, as reported on Day 2148. Will we ever have any idea what that was about?

  5. ah work sometimes keeps me away, it is good to catch up, thanks


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