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Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Day 2268 - Low in High-School - November'll spawn a monster


It has today been announced by the ExecutiveVice President of BMG, Korda Marshall, that his company have signed Morrissey, and will be releasing a new album called Low in High-School on November 17th. I am so excited I could wee my pants... in fact, I actually think that a little dribble may have just escaped.

The announcement also states the following:

1. Low in High-School will be released on CD, coloured vinyl, limited edition cassette and digitally - who the bleeding hell plays cassettes? No wonder it's limited.

2. BMG also partnering Morrissey on the launch of his new label, Etienne Records - I'm not sure if this means that Low in High-School will be on Etienne, or if BMG will be helping with the re-release of WPINOYB.

3. The new LP was recorded at La Fabrique in France and Forum Studios in Rome

4. Low in High-School captures 'the zeitgeist of an ever-changing world.' - Now then, if that quote has come from Morrissey, which I suspect it has, then the use of the word 'zeitgeist' is very interesting indeed. It was a word used in Our Mozzer's parody piece, 'Review of the Reviewers', written following the release of Morrissey's Autobiography. Coincidence? Of course! OM also used the word zeitgeist whilst describing Bieber in The Arms in June 2014.

5. There are likely to be tour dates to promote the record, but at the moment only one show is booked - Hollywood Bowl on November 10th.

I absolutely love the title of the album, and would imagine that there must be a song on the same theme as The Headmaster Ritual.

Korda Marshall - who only four days ago announced that BMG had signed Boy George - said of the signing of Morrissey, "There are not many artists around today that can compare to Morrissey. He is an extraordinary talent. He is prodigious, literate, witty, elegant and above all, courageous. His lyrics, humour and melodies have influenced many generations. The music on this landmark record will speak for itself and we are delighted to welcome him to BMG." - FUCK STEVE BARNETT AND FUCK HARVEST - MORRISSEY IS BACK!
Image result for korda marshall

If Korda Marshall means what he says, then it would appear that Morrissey has at last found someone who understands. This is a new dawn.... Dear Korda, DO NOT FUCK THIS UP!

Meanwhile, back in The Wrong Arms, Morrissey has been seen more regularly in recent days. Here are his offerings:

12.30pm - Played In The Ghetto by Elvis Presley on the jukebox

2.30am - "I'm not what you please, need or think."
2.03pm - "Hassle and tassle."
8.23pm - "Emptiness consumes me."
8.25pm - "Each morning I'm an optimist, and by the evening I'm a realist once again."
8.32pm - "I have come to the conclusion that travel does change people, if only because one ages seven years each time one passes through an airport."
8.36pm - "I often think I was made for twitter. I have little to say - and less space to say it."
8.40pm  - (following on from posting three retweets of his own tweets from May) "Retweeting oneself is the narcissist's solution to twitter boredom."

8.44pm - (In reply to Heather tweeting to say that she liked to see the classic OM tweets) -
"Vintage OM."
"Quintessential OM perhaps?"
8.56pm - "I am quite brash."

Related image


11.45am - "If only one could press mute in reality."
11.50am - "Sadness is the rhythm of my life. Sadness is to loneliness as comfort is to company."
11.52am - "Things could be worse. I could be being interviewed by @wossy."
11.58am - "Is guilt ones true pain?"
12.00pm - "All typos are due to Admin bods and their ridiculously fat fingers."
12.06pm - "Vanity is my one true pleasure."
12.12pm - "Does anything need to make sense? It's all absolutely pointless to me."
12.27pm - (In reply to EARS suggesting things get easier as one matures) "The self obsession decreases, however the observations increase. A vicious circle of despair."
12.42pm - Played Lost by Morrissey on the jukebox
9.56pm - (In reply to Manclad tweeting to say that Mike Joyce was sat near to him at last night's Man City match) "Give him my worst."
9.57pm - (In reply to a random tweet by someone called @Bee_896, who had tweeted, "Sometimes I wish Morrissey had twitter, his tweets would be gold") "Gold yes. Followers no."

12.02am - (In reply to Heather replying to the above tweet saying, "Hidden gold - the best kind") "Not hidden. Lost"
5.54pm - Played So High by Elvis on the jukebox

For the record, Morrissey (@TrueMorfessa) currently has 89 followers. I agree with Heather, it is hidden gold.

Morrissey has made no statement himself about his new record, but we do now know that he is currently in Switzerland, as he has issued a statement via nephew Sam's Facebook page regarding the passing away of comedian, Dick Gregory, and signed it off - Morrissey Switzerland.

I received a strange Twitter DM message from Morrissey on Saturday night which read, "I've come to a conclusion which part of the world bores me immensely." He didn't add any more, so was this his way of telling me that he is in Switzerland, and that the place now bores him?

I also had a DM message on Sunday instructing me to, "Delete Chuck. Lifetime ban." Chuck's recent comments on FTM questioning Morfessa's authenticity had obviously annoyed him. I deleted them.

And finally for today, the new Wrong Arms/BRS Chart was counted down on Sunday by Bitchy Bobby Neville. Here is the TOP 3:


Only three months to go until our chart will be brimming with new songs.

Right then, let's get these pissy pants cleaned up.


  1. I do play cassettes. Of course.

  2. This news ensures that I will have to survive and not get locked up, which means no suicide or homicide, until 2018 at least. Also, England Is Mine is premiering in NYC on Friday and I must see it even though I do so with trepidation.

  3. fantastic news of course and yes OM has a strange way of using such words.. move along now, nothing to see here... goes off singing " heaven, I'm in heaven "

  4. Strange, I dreamt of Morrissey again last night. I dream of him quite often and it is always a similar dream. I am at one of his shows, yet they never look like a proper show, but whatever, and something always goes wrong when Morrissey takes the stage. Someone tries to hurt him physically or screams out something offensive or enrages him in some other manner and he leaves the stage. Me, knowing him personally, but not well, depending on the version of the dream, I run to him to give him comfort. Sometimes it is I who he is angry with. Either way, he rarely wants to be bothered with me in these dreams. Of course, why would he? There is one particular variation to the ending of this series if dreams that ends dramatically different, but I will not, for the life of me, write about it here or anywhere else. Well, that's my story.

  5. I'm still so high from the excitement of today's news. Thank you BMG!

  6. For the record I said that I had stupidly thought things got easier as we mature.
    Anyway joy of the greatest joys we have a new Moz album to devour. And I can't wait.
    The title took my attention immediately. Roll on November.

  7. Brilliant news about the new album. Intriguing title, not sure what to make of it.
    Pondering about the 'The' with the Trojan Records image. Was that a kind of Trojan horse to take attention away from BMG?

  8. Really Exited a new Moz album :-) xx

  9. Looking forward to that first glimpse we get of the song titles and trying to imagine what they could possibly sound like. I remember particularly Staircase at the University from the last album as being particularly intruiging.

  10. So thrilled to hear about the new record. I can hardly wait. Having been I'll recently and without a way to get on the internet regularly reading this made my day.

  11. I'm very delighted to hear the great news of the new Moz album. I can't say I want November to get here too fast as I hate cold weather. New Moz music is always welcomed, like a glass of cool water to one dying of thirst in the lonely desert. I had trouble falling to sleep last night thinking of hyphens.

  12. Hello Ratty dear, what a fabulous news! Now things are going in the right direction, I'm absolutely sure the new album will be a success all over the world. The only negative thing is that we have to wait until November...Ciao!

  13. I haven't read everything on here, so it may have been brought up before, but at the end of this Dolls video appears to be some sort of clue ;) I adore that song so much:

    Also, what about the Morfessa account? Seems to have been deleted...

    1. Here's hoping Morfessa might return again someday...

    2. I'm right with you, hoping he will return soon. I miss him.

  14. Hiya Rat and everyone. Hope all is well?

    Really enjoyed the Korda interview. Looks like Morrissey has finally found someone who understands him and the band!
    I loved this quote-

    "The dual approach that we’ve both agreed is that we’d like to kick up some dust – that was his [expression] that he’d like to come out and kick out some dust."

    Reminded me of OM and the blog with his list of personal hate figures. Dust featured in it with Tseng, Weeks and Joyce.

    I'm sure Dawn and Morfessa use the word dust a lot too. Anyway it just made me laugh that Korda said it was Morrissey's own expression.


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