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Sunday, 3 September 2017

Day 2280 - Françoise and Etienne

Following the publication of my last blog entry on August 22nd, the Morfessa twitter account closed. I'm sure it was nothing to do with what I wrote, merely that Morfessa had decided that the time had come to disappear. With Morfessa having gone, I have had nothing to blog about, until now.

On Friday evening, Mademoiselle Fifi strolled into The Wrong Arms for the first time since April, and headed straight to the jukebox, playing Et si je m'en vais avant toi by Françoise Hardy and Etienne Daho. At the same time Fifi tweeted, "Françoise and Etienne". I asked Fifi if she was in a Hardy mood, and she replied, "I am always in a Hardy mood, old Rat."

There has been no further sign of Mademoiselle Fifi - who incidentally has changed her twitter profile picture to one of Mademoiselle Hardy surrounded by roses - but I am now wondering if Friday's visit to The Arms was a clue to something. The choice of song was an odd one; not the fact that it was Françoise Hardy, as Fifi always plays Françoise, but to play the Daho duet seemed a strange choice to me. Could it be that this particular song was chosen because of the name Etienne rather than having anything to do with Monsieur Daho? Could it be that Morrissey is going to have Françoise Hardy recording on his newly formed Etienne record label? It is a delicious thought.

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The only other thing that I have to report, is that BMG's Korda Marshall has given another interview about Morrissey, and his words are incredibly uplifting. Marshall tells Music Week, "In all my years working in music, it's (Low in High-School) the strongest collection of songs that I've ever been involved with - I wouldn't say that lightly." Marshall also added that he and Morrissey would like to, "kick up some dust", which BRS member, Boozey Kerry, thinks may be a nod to our little group, as dust has often been mentioned by Our Mozzer.

Korda Marshall signed off from his interview by stating, "He's a culturally significant artist and it's really important that these artists are looked after, cherished and supported." This is music to the ears of all Moz fans. MORRISSEY IS BACK!.... although to be honest, he's never really been away.

'He's on really good form': BMG's Korda Marshall on Morrissey's comeback


  1. When I first heard of the Etienne label, I immediately thought of Fifi, so I wasn't surprised to see her tweet about Etienne. It's so exciting to read Marshall's supportive comments - he seems to really understand M, and I'm more impatient than ever to hear the album.

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  3. I cant wait for what may lie ahead, I hope to get out to the usa, I have been in work begging in advance.. so far I've been met with the odd frown

  4. Hello Ratty dear, we're having good news almost everyday and that's truly exiting, Monsieur Etienne is full of surprises 👍🏻😘👏🏼


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