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Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Day 2290 - The Prince of Flails

Yesterday we were treated to two Morrissey pessoas in The Wrong Arms, which doesn't happen very often these days. Both @AlfsButton and @TrueMorfessa put in appearances, although Morfessa didn't actually tweet anything, but merely favourited my playing of Elvis's I Forgot To Remember To Forget and retweeted the following one of Alf's tweets:

""New Morrissey cover shows how sick and depraved he is as he promotes inter-species breeding." "But what were the songs like?" "No idea""

Alf's tweets started at just after 8.30pm, with the last one coming at 9.15. He didn't interact with anyone, merely tweeting in the style that the original Our Mozzer used to. Here are his tweets:

"When all is said and all is done I am one speed bump in am otherwise empty road."

Image result for morrissey lying in road

"We are bonded by the fetters of sorrow. Sorrow and good jeans."
Image result for morrissey fans

"The cover could have been a picture of a cat and a dog living in peace but would still cause controversy because it is a Morrissey record."


"Tragedy is no longer possible. Farce is all that will pass."

Image result for morrissey lying in road

"I have decided that the worst thing you can call Alexis Petridis is Alexis Petridis."
Image result for alexis petridis

"I appear to be rattling a stick in a bucket of week old excrement."

Image result for morrissey lying in road

"What used to be called shame and abject humiliation is now what z-list celebrities and Cheryl Kitchen sink bamboo shoot call publicity"
Image result for cheryl cole drunk

"My CV. "Cannot Act" 'Partially covered on head" "Sometimes flails""

Related image

There is still no sign of the Daily Mail picking-up on the story of the controversial album sleeve, and still no email regarding Maida Vale tickets. As you were.


  1. Quite a nice surprise to see Alf pop into The Arms. His tweets about the album cover really hit the nail on the head.

  2. Well, welcome back Alf! Back on top form. And very well said about the art work for the new album.

  3. Alf is funny, I like him.... because he's not right in his head... quite like me... more or less😘


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