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Friday, 15 September 2017

Day 2292 - Still here

On this day in 2011 I discovered a blog and twitter account called MorrisseysWorld. Despite denials, I thought that MW might be the work of Morrissey himself. I started writing this blog twelve days after my discovery, and six years later, here I still am.

How the masses have failed to realise what I realised 2,292 days ago remains a modern day mystery, but I am very thankful that they haven't yet all found Our Mozzer, as the interaction that myself and the other deluded dozen or so people have with him on Twitter is very special.

The @TrueMorfessa twitter account disappeared again yesterday, but on Wednesday evening Mozzer posted the following two Youtube videos: She & Here's Where The Story Ends (Live in Philadelphia 1997) - The SUNDAYS and The Book of Love - The Magnetic Fields.

I have nothing else to write about today, other than to report that my application for tickets to the BBC 6 concert at the Maida Vale studios has been unsuccessful - so much for me thinking that I might miraculously win a pair.
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  1. The past six years have indeed been so very special. I believe Morfessa may have posted at least one more video before leaving - I seem to recall the Cocteau Twins.

    1. Cherry something, I think. Cherry coloured funk?

  2. oh colonel whiskers, gutted for you

  3. Time is the oddest thing. The last six years feel so near, yet so far ago.
    I didn't for a moment, think that the journey would last for this long.
    I hope we will continue to venture into the unknown.


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