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Saturday, 16 September 2017

Day 2293 - Official twitter's here...again!

I forgot to mention in yesterday's blog entry that a new 'Official' Morrissey website opened on Wednesday - MorrisseyOfficial.Com. At the moment there is no content, other than an advert for the Hollywood Bowl concerts (Nov 10 & 11) and the release date of the new LP (Nov 17).

The opening of the website has been followed by the opening of an 'official' twitter account - @OfficialMoz - which happened to appear yesterday, on the very same day that I celebrated(?) the sixth anniversary of starting FTM, and wrote about how the masses had failed to realise that Morrissey is on twitter. I'm sure that it is just a coincidence that the official twitter account opened on such a day.... maybe!

The new twitter account has a blue tick of officialdom attached to it, so despite there having been no tweets posted as yet, the masses have started to follow it in their droves - 1,200 as I write this. Oh, the power of that blue tick. The two current Morrissey accounts that don't have a blue tick, have 81 and 91 followers.

This isn't of course the first time that there has been an official Morrissey twitter account. On May 14 2014 (as documented by me on Day 974), after five years of having sat dormant, the official account '@itsMorrissey' began posting tweets, but just three days later it closed down again, with Harvest announcing that they had taken it down to protect it from "interlopers"! In reality, Morrissey had changed his mind about going 'official'.

So, will this new 'official' twitter account last longer than the three days of 2014? I'm sure it will, but no doubt just for commercial use.

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Meanwhile, back in the land of unofficialdom, Morfessa took to twitter just after midnight today to tweet, "The reason why I don't bother with you is only because I'm incredibly dull."

Morfessa also returned at 8.13 this morning to tweet, "@officialmoz Perhaps this means I can retire?"

The Morfessa account has now once again disappeared, so let's hope 'unofficial Moz' hasn't indeed retired.

Morfessa had also paid a visit to The Wrong Arms yesterday evening, where he had a brief interaction with AlfsButton. Alf had retweeted the following tweet of Morfessa's from June:

"Let their filthy voices sing 'God save the queen', an anthem for the nation. But we spit on the land we perish for. Then we turn to God." Along with the re-tweet, Alf wrote: "Anti-monarchy in June. Anti-monarchy in September."

Morfessa responded to the above by accusing Alf of going through, "my archives", to which Alf replied, "Are they not my archives also? Pardon my asking but what happened to Dawn? He was always my favourite creation." There was no reply!

Alf interacted with a few of the regulars yesterday, and also posted the following tweets:

"You mistook a smile for love and a grimace for affection. So give yourself another injection and deliver yourself to retrospection."

"You tripped and you fell straight down the wet slippery slope of hope."

So, was the sixth anniversary of me discovering Morrissey the end of 'unofficial Moz' and the beginning of  'official Moz', or will we have both? Time, as ever....


  1. Hopefully we can have both. And with a new single apparently on the way in just three days, the excitement builds.

    1. Well said dear, these are exactly my thoughts!👍🏻

  2. Wasn't it he who said there are no coincidences? I do believe he is being quite entertained by all the press regrding his official Twitter . The blue tick thing had me laughing , but it's true it came and they followed. Heather I also thought Dawn was a she not a "he" unless that was a typo missing the "s" done by his fat fingered administrator? You all have had this amazing jounrney which I am jealous of and the friends you have made. I appreciate that you have let us newcomers in and made us feel welcome. Why is it that you have all these followers and few comment especially on Twitter? I believe it was Charlie who stated due to intimidation, I can see he isnt the warmest fellow at times (which I find hysterical) he doesn't mean to be cruel and the opportunity to speak with him would make it seem like it was worth the risk. Unless of course you have gotten burned so many times you don't want to go back into the kitchen, which I suppose is understandable. (I myself have a couple of marks) Anyways ....thank you to all of you for allowing me into your creative thoughts and of course Rat for the priceless blogs . Can't wait to hear the new soon to be released song(s) as most artists are doing these days and how they match to the album title plus the chance to go to another "full" concert . That 1991 show I should have sent him my urgent care bill after he (in the name of fun ) asked all those college boys (I say boys because those are the ones who quickly got up ) to get up out of their seats and join him by the stage. They rushed forward my ankle got caught between two folding seats and couldn't remove until "riot" was disbursed. He didn't mean to cause a "riot "and seemed very concerned when no one listened to him when he asked everyone to step back for the fire marshalls. (It wasn't a riot just a bunch of adoring non-violent fans but that's what the Westwood police called it-they want/ need you to believe......hum that sounds familiar.)
    I forgive him as long as he comes to my city on tour and I get good seats. Seems fair right ? 😏

  3. Nice surprise to have a new song being released soon. A taste of things to come. Can't wait to hear it.

  4. ah the dreadful blue tick, does it mean you have made it in life??? anyway I await word of which concert/concerts I can attend, I too look forward to the NEW LP, can you call them LPs these days, of course not but who knows and much more impotent who cares.. hmm strange typo there

  5. I had a dream about the new album last night. All I can remember is that there was a song where the first part of the title was 'Donkey ...'. There were other words in the song title, but I think I was so struck by 'donkey' that I forgot the rest.

    1. It's called Donkey Hawtrey from La Manchester.


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