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Monday, 18 September 2017

Day 2295 - Official twits and brand new music

The official Morrissey twitter account still hasn't tweeted yet, but has now amassed 18,600 followers. One of those 18,600 has taken to to write, "Imagine the tweet storms and wars. I know at some point he's going to write his own tweets. Promote animal rights and then slag (pick a name). Things just turned up."

Unfortunately for the above Solower, and the other followers of @OfficialMoz who are no doubt waiting with bated breath to see Morrissey unleash, their breath may be bated for quite some time, because if 'unofficial Moz' aka AlfsButton is to be believed - and why wouldn't he be - then the official Moz twitter account is for the use of the record company, no doubt to promote records and tours etc.

When I took to twitter on Saturday to post my latest FTM offering, I asked, "I wonder if @officialmoz knows about it?" AlfsButton took to twitter yesterday afternoon to post the following response:

"I'm sure the record company have no idea."

Such a response leaves no doubt in my mind, that the '@officialmoz' account is solely for the use of the record company. Hurrah!

I replied, "You mean you haven't told Korda all about your tweeting?", to which OM came back with:

"One keeps some cards close to thy chest for you never know when a court battle will start."

My response was to play Trouble Loves Me on the jukebox. Moz then tweeted:

"Hopefully not this time. There's two albums to have done."

Image result for morrissey cards playing

Being the helpful soul that I am, I tried to reply to the Solower who had posted about the "tweet storms" to let him/her know that Morrissey has been posting such tweets for the past six years, but as usual Uncle Skinny censored my posting. Oh well, never mind.

In other, rather exciting news, it has been announced by Radio BBC6Music, that tomorrow morning they will be playing, "BRAND NEW MUSIC from @officialmoz." I have no idea if this is the new single - as hinted by Morfessa last Tuesday - or multiple songs from the new elpee. I am guessing just the single. There has been rumour on the inter web that the new single has the title 'Spent the Day in Bed', which does sound as though it should be the title of a Morrissey song! In fact, on 16 February 2014, Our Mozzer tweeted the titles of a number of possible songs, and these included 'Boredom is a Plague' and 'Same old Bed'. Perhaps 'Spent the Day in Bed' is a combination of both those songs. That list of 2014 also included:

My Fingernails collect the world's problems
Father, son and holy c***
A danger to self and others
Paddington stare
The bus just left
Reliable butcher
The politician who cried
Corner shop anguish on Tuesday
Teenage star, too many tattooes

Oh to have a Moz song entitled Corner shop anguish on a Tuesday!

Tomorrow, I shall be reporting on the first new Moz song in THREE years. Exciting times.


  1. Exciting times indeed. At least this Tuesday promises bliss instead of anguish - can't wait!

  2. Oh yes, I can't wait until tomorrow!

  3. Currently in the midst of negotiations to sell my house & pretty much at the end of my tether I am grateful for something positive to focus on.
    I think many of us will be playing on repeat tomorrow.

  4. love all the excitement around the new single tomorrow (yep I said single).. cant wait for the usual rubbish to be said on so-low led by you know who

  5. Looking forward to tomorrow. With the goings on in the world these days it's nice to have something positive to look forward to. Wonder how the solowers will take it?


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