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Thursday, 21 September 2017

Day 2298 (Part 2) - Thickens and dilutes

The official Morrissey twitter account has changed its profile bio to now read as follows:

"Official Moz info. Not Moz."

I expect the person in charge of the account has gotten fed up with all the tweets that are being sent by the 89,321 followers confessing undying love.

I hadn't myself noticed the change to the profile bio, but was alerted to it this morning by both Morfessa and Alf, who both collared me in the toilets of The Arms. Morfessa asked, "Have you noticed anything on the @officialmoz bio?", and before I could reply, Alf asked, "Have you seen the "official" Twitter page now? It explicitly states not Moz. I do hate the use of Moz." I laughed, and Alf added, "The plot thickens and then dilutes."

Most people will take the new profile bio at face value, and now accept that Morrissey has no involvement with the official account. A conspiracy theorist however, might suggest that the use of the words 'Not Moz' might actually suggest that Morrissey is running the account, as the name, 'Not Moz' was the handle used on twitter by Our Mozzer during the MorrisseysWorld days.

We've seen it all before, of course. Three years ago we had an 'Official Morrissey' twitter account open, only to have Morrissey publicly denounce it as 'Not Morrissey' two days later. Oh what fun!

16 May 2014
I would like to stress that I do not have either a Twitter or a Facebook account. I gather that a Twitter account has been opened in my name - as 'It's Morrissey' - but it is NOT Morrissey. I do not know who has opened this recent Twitter account, but please be aware that it is bogus. That's, of course, if you should remotely care.
Untwitterably yours,
Salt Lake City
15 May 2014.

As part of the Low In High School LP bundle that I pre-oredered on Tuesday, I received an instant download of Spent The Day In Bed, which I have now played on repeat for the past two days. I feel like the excited pop loving 12/13/14/15/16 year old me who would go into town, buy the latest singles of the day, and then return home to play them, play them and play them. It's a feeling that makes you glow. Music truly can make everything right in the world, and a new song from your favourite artist makes it righter than right.
Radio X's Chris Moyles must be feeling the same, because on Tuesday he played Spent The Day In Bed twice in a row on his radio show. It is a genuinely good radio-friendly pop song, and it seems to be receiving more and more praise from the critics. It is also currently at Number 33 in the iTunes Download Chart; which I really didn't expect, and Number 1 in the iTunes Alternative genre chart.

I really can't see STDIB making any sort of impression on the 'Official UK Singles Chart', especially as the chart is produced on Fridays these days, which means that STDIB will only have had three days worth of sales and streams. Releasing on a Tuesday instead of a Friday would tend to suggest that Morrissey knows full well that he can no longer dent the chart, and has no interest in attempting it.


I was trying to remember if I felt this excited when the World Peace Is None of Your Business single was released, so I looked back at Day 972 of FTM - May 13 2014 and was reminded by my own words that, YES, I was as excited, although in truth, I was probably more excited by the fact that on the same day, Morrissey had worn a blue rose in Santa Ana.

Image result for morrissey blue rose santa ana

The excitement around the release of Low In High School continues. It is to be issued in limited edition green vinyl by HMV and independent record shops. The first 1,000 orders via HMV will also receive a special 12x12 piece of art work:

Morrissey's humour once again shines through on the sleeves of both Low In High School and Spent The Day In Bed. Underneath the word 'Stereo' on the sleeves, he has added the tag line, 'For the man who has nothing'.


Fan-made videos for Spent The Day In Bed have started to appear on Youtube, and as with the fan-made videos for WPINOYB, there are some quite creative ones. Hopefully BMG won't have them taken down. Morrissey would appear to approve, as Morfessa took to twitter earlier today to declare that he found the one by 'I'maSmith' "impressive".

I did intend to write a blog entry yesterday, but ran out of time due to my very busy life. The reason I was going to write an entry, was because I received a message from Morfessa on Tuesday evening to say that he was annoyed that my blog entry of Tuesday had failed to make mention of the hint he had given me on September 12th about the title of the new single. I remembered the hint about the single (as documented by me at the time), but had no idea what he was on about regarding a hint about the title. He told me to look back through our DM conversation. It transpires that at 11.41- a few hours after he'd given the hint about a pre-album single - Morfessa tweeted to me, "You keep disturbing my slumber". I pointed out that I wasn't Columbo, and asked how the hell I was supposed to turn "disturbing my slumber" into 'Spent The Day In Bed'? He replied, "My slumber at 11.41am? I am not Andy Rourke." He did make me smile, but as hints go...
Image result for andy rourke

Morfessa has also taken to Twitter today to remind us of the following tweet he posted on June 26th, whilst recording the album in Rome: "I dedicate track 5 to @slightdawnmist". Track 5 on the LP is Spent The Day In Bed, although I really can't see how that was a clue to anything either! Yes Dawn Mist is a lighthouse keeper - or 'seminal' lighthouse keeper as Morfessa reminded me today - but does that mean she spends all day in bed?

Morfessa posted one other tweet today, "Time. Do as I please." - a future lyric change perhaps?

Image result for morrisseysworld


  1. glad to see that you are back to your OLD self, I cant wait to get my hands on some green records, maybe a hulk book.. nah, that wouldn't do.. anyway forwards and if you want a bit of fun remember the gypos at the fair " scream if ya wanna go faster "

  2. by the way I have a sneaky feeling that this LP/ALBUM/RECORD will out sell world peace, we all know someone who has a keen interest in numbers. time.. hey I do hope someone is not following my leads with dots everywhere

  3. I imagine that lighthouse keepers must sleep at very odd hours due to their nightly watch duties, so maybe that's the connection with the single. Not to mention that Dawn is a very special creature and I can't think of anyone else more deserving of having the lead single dedicated to them. I find the addition of 'Not Moz' very funny after Sam recently posted the pic that previously appeared on FTM, saying that it's 'not Morrissey'.

    1. Or maybe the single was dedicated to Dawn because of the connection with the sea and the 'sleep all day' lyric in Seasick Yet Still Docked. (I know I'm really reaching here, but at least I'm trying...)


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