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Thursday, 21 September 2017

Day 2298 (Part 1) - Mademoiselle Fifi is a fraud!

Sometimes you can wake up and be hit by a sudden realisation that something is wrong. This morning was one of those such times. I didn't sleep well last night, and was tossing and turning in my bed. I have been thinking a lot about this blog of mine recently, and although it has been a very exciting six year journey, I have got some things wrong along the way.

Back in April, it finally dawned on me - after 15 months! - that the person using the name 'Not Astra's Derrière' was NOT in fact Morrissey, but was Robert 'Bitchy Bobby' Neville. I was annoyed at myself for having been so gullible, but was also really disappointed that Robert would do such a thing, knowing how much this whole journey has meant to me, and others. I also realised that Neville had also been the person behind the character 'Mundane Glamour'.

This morning, it has finally dawned on me that another of the 'characters' who has featured on our journey is NOT Morrissey, as I had previously believed. The character in question is Mademoiselle Fifi (@y20m7d27 on twitter).

Fifi first turned up in December 2013, offering all sorts of theories about Jean Cocteau, Jean Genet and Jean Marais. I liked the theories, and I also warmed to the Fifi character, particularly on twitter. As to why I convinced myself that it was Morrissey, when Fifi had not featured in MorrisseysWorld at all, I really don't know. I even ignored the fact that Fifi tweeted at times when it couldn't possibly be Morrissey.

I have recently read back through quite a few of my blog entries that featured Fifi, and it has become blatantly obvious that it isn't Morrissey. This morning I woke up KNOWING Fifi was a fraud.... actually, that's not fair. In fairness to Fifi, she never once claimed to be Morrissey, that was all in my imagination.

So, is Fifi the work of Robert Neville? Who knows. To some extent it's irrelevant. I now feel rather foolish that I ever thought Fifi to be Morrissey. I have gone back through lots of past blog entries and taken them down. I also considered making this my last ever blog entry, but I can't do that, as Morrissey is still using twitter, and I want to carry on documenting it. The story continues, but not with Mademoiselle Fifi as part of it.

I shall post another blog entry later on today.


  1. So far away from barking up the wrong tree that you're not even barking at all.

    1. I didn't say that Fifi was you, I just know it's Not Moz.

    2. I shall climb down and remove my men from your lawn.

      Unless you like men on your lawn?

  2. why oh why are you bothered, surely you have been there before, remember rosy because it spelt out Morrissey etc.. I for one wouldn't worry about it, when you tell people such and such is Morrissey do you think everyone believes it to be true, you are not stupid so just brush it off and shrug your shoulders.. oh do you remember the one that was tweeting whilst moz was actually onstage singing, now that was funny

    1. As always Manc, those of us who have been around the block a few times recognise the landmarks after a while. Glad you are still clinging to the merry-go-round.


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