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Monday, 25 September 2017

Day 2302 - Broken Alf, Barton and Bennett

There have been no visits to The Wrong Arms this weekend from AlfsButton, Broken or Morfessa, although Alf has made a change to his twitter profile, changing his name from Morrissey to Broken Alf.

The change of name has got me wondering if perhaps I have annoyed Alf by posting the contents of our Friday night chat on FTM; although I have done such things many many times before, so perhaps I am flattering myself by thinking that I have any involvement in the name change. And anyway, with FTM currently having a readership of just three deranged women and a one-eyed budgie from Streatham, it is completely irrelevant to the present-age what I write within these blog pages - Following The Mozziah is a gift for future generations, and will only become relevant from 2035 onwards.

So, with no Mozziah to report on, I have nothing to write today, other than to report that in the real world of Moz, the following three things have happened:

1) It has been reported that Morrissey will be appearing on the Jools Holland tv show on Oct 3rd

2) Joey Barton and Alan Bennett look set to appear in a Morrissey music video

3) The @officialmoz twitter account yesterday posted a clip of The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get video

It has struck me as a little strange that the official twit account posted that video. Firstly, it isn't a current video, so if the account is indeed being run by a BMG bod, then I would have expected them to only focus on new releases, tour details etc. What is more, and this is purely coincidental, I posted a blog entry last Friday that mentioned my Morrissey Singles Video Chart 2016, and the one official singles video that isn't in that chart is.... The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get.

The reason TMYIM,TCIG didn't feature in my Singles Video Chart is because, for some reason, it isn't on Youtube. Perhaps official Moz could right the wrong.

The prospect of a video featuring Joey Barton and Alan Bennett is too exciting to contemplate. Even at the ripe old age of 83, Alan Bennett continues to be switched on. One of my favourite recent quotes from AB is, "There has been so little that has happened to England since the 1980s that I have been happy about or felt able to endorse. One has only had to stand still to become a radical."

Image result for morrissey joey barton

Image result for alan bennett in bed

I now look forward to an announcement by Charles Aznavour that he will be staring in the video for
All The Young People Must Fall In Love, and Katie Price announcing she'll be in When You Open Your Legs.

Photo posted by Joey Barton on Instagram & twitter:



  1. Joey Barton seemed to be a bit unsure about Alan Bennett appearing in the video with him, but the pair of them together in 'Spent the Day in Bed' make me think of Morecambe and Wise.

  2. Rats - you have obviously been thinking about the songs on the new album, so how about your thoughts on what each song will be about?

    1. Ok. I think "All the Young People Must Fall in Love" is about seizing life's small thrills during the Trump era.

      Your turn.

  3. Assuming that I'm one of the three deranged women - thank you, I'm quite flattered. That comment and the Katie Price mention gave me much needed laughter after the anxiety of buying tickets this morning. Regarding the TMYIM video, I think it was posted on the official FB account shortly before it was tweeted, and the FB account sometimes posts random videos, so I don't know if it has any significance or not. The new video news is exciting indeed.

    1. gee i hope that i'm not one of the three deranged women but who knows.. just to let you know and i'm sure the colonel will be happy but i appear to have a virus on my pc.. i am posting off my phone. i may be offline for a day or two

    2. I don't have FB, so don't see any of the postings on there, but that account was in existence long before the Twitter account - which is supposedly run by BMG - so surely there is no link between the two... or perhaps Moz IS the person with the Twitter password after all.

    3. There certainly seems to be a connection between the FB and twit accounts. They use the same profile pic and sometimes share the same posts.

  4. Deranged woman? Moi?! Believe me, that is over generous.
    The Barton, Bennett combo is most agreeable to me.
    Hope everyone gets the tickets they are after.

  5. I'm am proud to be one of the three deranged women who reads this blog.

  6. Dear Rat, perhaps the urgency for privacy has diminished since then, I wonder if the "pessoas" are merging or maybe they are just using the same mobile and that just makes things easier.
    I didn't think your phrase "deranged women" would garner so much attention, I much preferred the label delusional. You know it's always women who are labled mad when they witness something miraculous, never the men.

  7. Hello Ratty dear, am I the third deranged woman? The fourth? Maybe. Anyway we're liviving exiting times we're all curious about the new Morrissey's songs. To me the most intriguing is Israel and The girl from Telaviv, we'll see. Have a nice day you all!❤️😘👍🏻

  8. Manchester lad -thank you for your help and yes the US does a great Halloween . It's my favorite holiday here. I wonder if there will be a bunch of Moz look-a-likes at different ages . That would be hilarious . The other note about Portland is that we are not a rowdy bunch. Last time only one white hair attempted and only got a leg half way up and she fell (as in drunk ) security just looked at her like "really ?" It will be a calm show compared to LA or Seattle they have a pit, we do not . Wish I had been able to get good tickets . Fingers crossed better ones on Fri. Too many technical problems today with Ticketswest and not Ticketmaster -very sad and frustrated.
    Rat dear -I think you should add hysterical women too that's what they used to call women who spoke their minds or were having bad pms . Anyways it doesn't matter, your blog is important and you have followers . Maybe they don't all post /comment regularly but they are/have followed. They know you say . If they don't now,'well then they wasted a precious journey that continues. I am curious about When You Open Your Legs. That one could go either way. Thanks for all you do !

  9. cant remember who wanted the presale for the Portland show but it is INBED

  10. aah lost without a laptop.. i feel an urgent shopping trip coming on. sadly the dentist first


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