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Monday, 2 October 2017

Day 2309 - Sneaky in The Dorchester

There has been no sign of AlfsButton in The Wrong Arms since he turned up with Broken for that Friday lunchtime session on the 22nd. Alf may, however, have been loitering around the cloakrooms of The Arms on Thursday, because Boozey Kerry tweeted to both myself and Alf to say that Morrissey was Number 3 on Spotify's 'Viral Top 50', and then just a few hours later, the official Morrissey twitter account tweeted, ""Spent The Day In Bed" was featured in @SpotifyUK's 'New Music Friday' last week." A coincidence that just hours after Kezza mentioned Spotify to Alf, the official Morrissey account mentions it to? Yes, of course it's a coincidence, especially as the official Morrissey account isn't used by Morrissey... allegedly!

Although Morrissey hasn't been seen in our imaginary internet pub, he has been seen in The Dorchester Hotel, where he was photographed by a tweeter called SammySnax (@Snax70):


SammySnax didn't ask permission to take the photograph, but sneakily took it over her shoulder. She then posted it on Twitter before tweeting that she could hear Morrissey talking, and that he was, "lispy". SammySnax then agreed with another tweeter that Spent The Day In Bed is, "not great" and that the lyrics are, "right wing bilge", before adding, "It's no Frankly Mr Shankly."

To take a photograph of somebody without their permission is an invasion of privacy. To then make a personal comment and insult their work is downright rude, so I feel it is only fair that I give Ms Snax a taste of her own medicine.

I have invaded Sammy's twitter account - which actually isn't private - and have discovered that she is living with her son in a rat infested flat above a Chinese restaurant - not an ideal place to bring up a child. Goodness only knows how Ms Snax managed to sneak her way into The Dorchester, but maybe they felt sorry for her, as she has a rather nasty looking growth near her right eye - she really should have that looked at. Here is a photo of Ms Snax from her own twitter account - she obviously doesn't use Botox:

I think things are evened up a bit now. Yes, I know I'm a cunt, but just because someone is a public figure, it doesn't mean that you can invade their privacy, make personal comments and insult them....although obviously I would have done exactly the same if I had come across Judy Finnigan or Piers Morgan.

My promo CD of Spent The Day In Bed has arrived, and it features Rocky Graziano on the front cover; which is the same photo as the one on the Hollywood Bowl poster, and Ernst Pistulla on the label; which is the same photo as the one used on the latest t-shirt.

Today Morrissey plays Live at Maida Vale for BBC 6 Music and it is being shown on the television, which is rather nice.


  1. oh colonel, you are naughty.. but I like.. wow, nearly said it there whiskers, cant wait for everything to kick off, I have been busy grovelling, trying to get time off, doing my best to convince them that I am not really needed (not sure if that is a good idea really)but you know how it is, the chance to see Moz abroad is too important to miss.. now what bloody book can I purchase, any ideas people

  2. I feel the photo is indeed an invasion of Morrissey's privacy. It makes me feel very uncomfortable.
    It appears people are extremely quick to slag Moz off, like its some kind of sport. It makes me even more mardy than usual.
    However, what a treat we had earlier. A great mix of familiar & new songs. I was particularly stuck by Home Is a Question Mark.

  3. A naughty Rat for a very nasty woman, well done! I'm listening new Morrissey's songs on repeat ❤️


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