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Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Day 2317 - The Unjust Judge John Weeks

Today I was intending to write about something that I recently stumbled upon, which made me believe more than ever that Morrissey was stitched-up at his Supreme Court trial in 1996, but I have this morning realised that my discovery isn't a revelation, as I had thought, but something that is already known, particularly to Morrissey.

My (non)discovery is that Judge John Weeks; who resided over Joyce vs Morrissey & Marr, is a hunt supporter, and therefore was always going to be prejudice against the writer of 'Meat is Murder' before the case even began....but I'd forgotten that Morrissey had mentioned that in his Autobiography.

I had also forgotten, until I re-read it in Autobiography this morning, that Weeks was appointed to the position of circuit judge under Margaret Thatcher, so the fact that Morrissey had also written a song called 'Margaret on the Guillotine' was ALWAYS going to mean Weeks would rule against Morrissey, WHATEVER the evidence, and as Autobiography has also reminded me this morning, the evidence in Morrissey's favour was HUGE. Stitch-up is an understatement. That court case in 1996 was nothing other than Judge John Weeks's opportunity to give a kicking to somebody who represented every polar opposite to himself and the establishment, and boy did Weeks kick, and kick, and kick.

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Anyway, as I am here, I may as well share my discovery about Weeks - if nothing else, it lets people know what the old "pile of untouched sandwiches" is up to these days.
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At the time of the trial in 1996, Weeks lived in Brympton d'Evercy mansion house in Yeovil; which as Morrissey mentions in Autobiography, is considered to be England's most beautiful manor house. Public records show that Weeks sold the house in 2008, at the height of the financial crash, and purchased the much less impressive Westover Manor in Calbourne on the Isle of Wight for £4,650,000. Was Weeks hit badly by the financial crash? The timing of the sale of his pride and joy home would certainly seem to suggest so. Shame.

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One of the first things Weeks did on moving to the Isle of Wight was to host the opening day of the Isle of Wight Hunt. He again hosted the hunt the following year at Westover Manor, and was photographed for the Isle of Wight Gazette handing out drinks....which is the photo I stumbled upon.

Interestingly, one of the hunters is named as Romiley Weeks, but looks remarkably like the ITN political (and formerly Royal) correspondent, Romilly Weeks, who is married to a kebab shop owner. Is Romilly Weeks the daughter of Judge John? Quite possibly.
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The latest mention of John Weeks on the internet, is in the form of a letter he wrote a few weeks ago to the Isle of Wight County Press, in which he bemoans the ferry companies taking too much of other people's money.... oh, the irony.

It really is no wonder that Morrissey dedicated nearly 50 pages of his Autobiography to the court case of 1996. Many people have described it as a rant, but it really is quite easy to see why the case marked Morrissey so badly, and continues to haunt him to this day - it was all just so, so wrong. The fact that The Smiths accountant, Patrick Savage told Weeks, "Andy Rourke told me "we get 10 percent"" should have been enough on it's own.

I wonder if Morrissey blames Weeks more for the result of the court case than he does Joyce for bringing it? Despite Joyce always claiming that it was never about the money, it is clear for all to see that it was ALL about the money. Joyce would have been desperately short of money after The Smiths split up, and desperate men do desperate things.

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Joyce's biggest mistake since 1996 has been his continued failure to recognise that by suing Morrissey, he shot the goose that laid the golden eggs. I gave Joyce the opportunity to apologise for suing Morrissey back in 2011, but instead of taking the opportunity he wrote, "in my opinion, I wasn't wrong to take up proceedings in the first place, nor will I ever be." Instead of unscrewing the coffin, Joyce added some extra nails.

Perhaps I should approach Joyce again, to see if he has changed his mind following a further six years of there not being the reunion he has always dreamed of....but why would I do that, when Morrissey continues to make such great records without him. Silly old Joyce...the goat.

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As I have mentioned Morrissey's Autobiography today, I feel that I must also make mention of the superb parody, Review of the Reviewers,  Morrissey wrote exclusively for FTM, first appearing on Day 764, with a revised edition on Day 767, and another revised edition on Day 768. Review of the Reviewers remains one of my favourite pieces, and the comments section of Days 764 and 767 are probably the very best parts of this entire blog. Comedy genius, worth it's weight in gold.


  1. Such fun to revisit the hilarious 'Review of the Reviewers' and corresponding comments - those were the days. 'Twould be thrilling to receive another parody soon - old or new (*fingers crossed*).

  2. Hi Ratty dear, Judge Weeks was truly unfair with Morrissey, three orribile adjectives without reason, just for a lifetime an artist who genuinely confused the authorship with record royalties, but that's life and we are here waiting for a new Morrissey's album full of beautiful songs and nobody is waiting for something about judge Wig.... a new parody would be a nice surprise too

  3. Excellent Ratty, I enjoyed that. Your hits from Italy may be up for the next two weeks, thankfully I have Autobiography with me to revisit at leisure. I have avoided all the new songs with the exception of Bed which I couldn't miss, I am waiting for the new recording to hear them all together for the first time.

  4. i wouldn't waste my breath on Joyce Moz would never stand near him on stage ever again. as for the good old judge well every working class person should by now know that the whole establishment is rotten to the core.. fuck the working classes they say, let them eat cake. Hillsborough.. Cyril Smith need I say more

  5. But what a totally absorbing and justified "rant"!

  6. Let me add that in 2009 Weeks interfered in a legal case in Court involving the Russian Orthodox Church in Knightsbridge and started giving out advice to a group of parishioners without having any right to give advice. A lawyer has to have a practising certificate, insurance and so on, but as a retired Circuit Judge Weeks had none of those and simply traded on his status as "Judge" - he wasn't a judge, he was a retired judge, so his use of the title was most improper and unprofessional. The result was that Weeks seriously compromised the law case and obstructed the proper administration of justice, a very serious offence for a lawyer - but there was no body that could discipline him. One wonder why he bothered, as he had no connection to the Russian Orthodox Church, but maybe, just maybe, was there a handout of cash for helping out, the Russian Embassy being involved, a brown envelope under the table in his favourite club?


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