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Thursday, 12 October 2017

Day 2319 - Good morning campers

Berlin... WHAT A SHOW!

Yesterday evening's show in Berlin was streamed live, which was the next best thing to actually being there. The venue was a nightclub called Schwuz; which is billed as Berlin's Number 1 Gay club, with  an audience that were clearly up for having a good night - the polar opposite of the lifeless, left wing luvvies who made up the crowd at Maida Vale last week.

Former BRS member, Chuck, was in the front row at Schwuz, and the TV cameraman seemed to like her, as he kept focusing the camera towards her.

The opener in Berlin was Alma Matters, which has always been a song that the BRS associate with; not only for the numerous MorrisseysWorld related hand gestures that Morrissey has made during the song over the past six years, but mainly because of it being the song that Morrissey accepted a blue rose during, at Hollywood High School in 2013. There were no hand gestures on this occasion, and no blue roses for Morrissey to accept.

The second song was one of the new ones, I Wish You Lonely, which having been played at both Maida Vale and on Jools Holland, has already become very familiar, very catchy, and very likeable. Morrissey there in a lyric change, exchanging, "and you want and you need" to "and you want a new knee". The fact that both myself and Heather have mentioned having dodgy knees is purely coincidental, of course.

Speedway was up next, and it is one of those songs you could NEVER tire of. Another lyric change saw a "scrape so low" come in. Speedway was followed by I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris, and that too had a lyric change....His Mozzness was in a playful mood! 'I travel all over the place' became, "I'm a slag all over the place". It made me smile.

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Following Istanbul; which sounded a little different to normal, we were treated to Spent the Day In Bed, a song that I just cannot get enough of. It is on the 'A' Playlist of both BBC Radio 2 and Radio 6, and it's catchy start just sets it up for what it is - a cracking pop song. I have read a number of tweets this week from random people saying that despite not wanting to like it, they can't help themselves. Morrissey introduced the song saying that it was currently at Number 168, and that Britain was right behind him.

At the end of Spent the Day in Bed, Morrissey sang, "no wages, no light, no heat, no food...oh". I took to twitter this morning and tweeted that this reminded me of Eminem's Stan, as the reality hit home, but it obviously had another meaning, because Morfessa then appeared to say, "Or...". The only thing that I can think Morfessa might mean, is that it is a reference to the film Oliver!, as the other day I played I'd Do Anything on the jukebox. I'm probably barking up the wrong tree, and that "or" means something completely different, but what?

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Home is a Question Mark followed, and although it was only the second time it has ever been sung live, it again feels like a song that I have known all my life. And next, a debut for the opening track of Low in High School, My Love, I'd Do Anything For You. I have to admit that on the very first listen, it didn't grab me in the same way that the other new songs have grabbed me, but as I write this, having now heard the song half a dozen times, I can see that it is a perfect album opener, and with the opening lyrics of, "Teach your kids to recognise and despise all the propaganda filtered down by the echelons of the main stream media", it sets the whole album up nicely.....and once again reminds me of those words of Morfessa's, "Do you still believe everything you read, everything you don't read?" . The song also has some wonderful manic screeching at the end - you can't beat a manic screech!

The anthem World Peace Is None of Your Business was played next, and it got me thinking how much of a stronger message it would have been if it had been in the hands of BMG and not the incompetent Harvest. I have written before that the message in the song is as strong as Meat is Murder, but unlike meat is Murder, which has turned many people to vegetarianism, WPINOYB probably won't get many people to open their minds.

Whilst on the subject of opening one's mind, yesterday I took the time to find out a little bit more about the woman whose very name, when mentioned by Morrissey last week, had both him and her being accused of being racist - Anne Marie Waters.

I had never heard of Waters before Morrissey mentioned her name just over a week ago, but with the media all TELLING me that this woman was a vile, evil racist of the worst possible kind, my instant reaction was to believe it to be true. As I am not remotely interested in UKIP now that the party no longer has anything to say in British politics, I didn't really give Waters another thought until yesterday, but the fact that Morrissey had mentioned her made me curious about her beliefs, especially as the fact that he mentioned her could mean that he supported her.

My brief investigations have left me believing that Waters ISN'T racist at all, but is merely vigilant, particularly towards those in the Muslim community who want to impose Sharia law. I dislike ALL religion, but aspects of Islam are undoubtedly more dangerous than most, and we need the likes of Waters to remain vigilant. Calling her racist is noting other than left nonsense. These fools claim,  'We MUST embrace and love everything and everyone, and sod the consequences.'

Waters has left UKIP since last week, and set up a new party called For Britain - I think I suggested such a thing last week!

Having done my research on Waters, I tweeted that she wasn't a racist, merely vigilant. My tweet has been 'liked/favoutited' by.....Morrissey (@AlfsButton).

Anyway, back to Berlin. After WPINOYB, a short woman next to Chuck started shouting, so Morrissey handed her the microphone to let her have her say. The woman hysterically screamed, "Fuck the nazis in Germany, nazis fuck off, racists fuck off." Chuck looked rather perplexed.

Morrissey replied, "Anybody else? Before then adding, rather humorously, "Do you like Angela Merkel? Yes you do, don't pretend to be rebellious. I've seen your type before...all very well on a Friday night but on a Saturday, a nice chair and a nice book..."

The Bullfighter Dies was followed by the wonderful All The Young People Must Fall In Love, which HAS to be the follow-up single. I love it.

We then had When You Open Your Legs, which is another gem. And on the subject of gems, the previously mentioned Meat is Murder was then sung, and it...was...sublime. I really hope it remains on the set list.

The concert was concluded with Back On The Chain Gang, which is another that I really hope stays on the set list.

I was pleasantly surprised to have a visit early this morning from Morfessa, in the toilets of The Wrong Arms. I spend a lot of time in there....I have a weak bladder!

Here is an edited version of our conversation:

MOZ: Good morning. I almost want to tweet Good Morning campers. I must be in a good mood. This will not do.

ME: And well you might be in a good mood, WHAT a show. You should play more of these small venues, it brings out the very best in you.

MOZ: I quite agree....If I may. The only let down were the few undesirables in the audience.

ME: The audience looked chic. Is Berlin a nice place?

MOZ: You've not been? I must encourage you. Berlin somewhat feels like Manchester...possibly as it is built on a swamp.

ME: I went to Köln in the 90s and visited a couple of very exciting clubs. Lots of transvestites as I recall.

MOZ: You pretend like you barely remember this outing. Bloggers that lie!

ME: I recall one very dear old queen who had a ferret on a lead.

Morfessa then left the cloakroom, and headed to the main bar of The Wring Arms, where she tweeted:

"What next, what next, what next?"

I replied, "Prague", and then Alf appeared and replied, "No ferrets in Prague old chap."

I asked if he had been eavesdropping in the cloakroom, and got the reply, "She reads audibly."

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  1. Morrissey's "no wages" comment reminded me of this part of Review of the Reviewers, referenced in your previous blog entry:

    "Besides, with Winter coming, I need the coppers, what with the ever-rising overheads and severe levels of true inflation. At least Penguin Classics will guarantee a certain old pop singer, and now major author, won't have to switch the lights off early on his next self-financed South American tour, won't have to truncate set-lists, won't have to shiver, yet again, in the house all January."

    I think M's comments about the band members being expensive, when he introduced them, may have been related to that, as well. Just a guess. As I tweeted, I was completely blown away by the concert. The new songs and energy in the room were incredible and I'm looking forward to the upcoming tour more then ever!

    1. YES! Your theory about the lack of wages, heat etc is far more plausible than mine. Perhaps Morfessa could let us know who is right.

  2. oh how I hate being in work, I miss all the fun and can only catch up over the coming weekend, birthday hangover allowing of course

  3. Harsh realities from real life are preventing me from being as engaged as I would like. However from what I did see, the Berlin show looked to be lovely & intimate. The crowd were buzzing & Moz was in tip top form. Perfect combination.

  4. The usual internet issues in Italy prevented me from seeing Berlin, hopefully it will linger on YouTube until I get back to the Emerald Isle. How are the toilets these days, I can't imagine they have been cleaned for some considerable time.


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