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Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Day 2324 - Spent the day in Peckham

Morrissey has released the official video for Spent The Day In Bed, which features both the currently banned footballer, Joey Barton, and the 'anti-drag queen', David Hoyle.
Image result for DAVID HOYLE

It had previously been mentioned by Barton that Alan Bennett was also supposed to be featuring in the video, but that didn't transpire.

The video is set in Peckham Liberal Club, and starts with Barton wheeling Morrissey into the club in a wheelchair - a modern day Lou & Andy - before then cutting to the ceiling of the club, which has the words Spent the Day in Bed written on it. The square ceiling tiles have instantly made me think of Johnny Marr, as he uses such imagery in a lot of his work, so I am pretty certain that this is a Morrissey nod to Marr.

Image result for peckham liberal club

For the majority of the video, Morrissey is sat on a stool singing, whilst his band play their instruments. David Hoyle enters the stage for the, "time do as I wish" section, and does a little dreamy dance watched by Morrissey and a peanut eating Barton. Towards the end of the video, the band and Hoyle push Morrissey around in the wheelchair, whilst Barton sips coffee - it isn't a video that will have broken the bank!


Presumably Alan Bennett was supposed to play the character in the wheelchair, but perhaps he didn't like the idea of it, or perhaps he was never actually going to be in it, and Barton mixed him up with Hoyle!

My favourite part of the video is when Morrissey sings the line, "no castration", when a small smile comes across his face, much like that of a naughty schoolboy.


There has been no sign of Morrissey in The Wrong Arms (which looks remarkably like Peckham Liberal Club) since my last blog entry, but there has been some tweets from the official Morrissey twitter account. On Saturday evening an old photo of Morrissey was posted, which has him covering one eye with his hand. This photo instantly reminded myself and a couple of the other BRS members of the MorrissysWorld blog, which also featured such photos.

The other two tweets from the official twit account came yesterday. The first was announcing that Morrissey would play KROQ on December 10th, and the second was a coded tweet, "NW1/90048".

It has this morning been announced by the NME that there will be Pop-up Morrissey shops in Camden and LA when the new LP is released next month, so that postcode tweet was a clue to this. The very fact that the official twitter account is posting clues, and not just making announcements, is further evidence that the account is being run by Morrissey himself, and NOT by some BMG bod, but just as with MorrisseysWorld, the fact that this has been 'officially denied' is enough to convince most people.

Morrissey has announced details of 'Low In High School' pop-up shops in London and Los Angeles


  1. sadly it appears that MW has been lost the fun has started with official.. hope I am wrong, great video with Joey trying to look hard

  2. Thanks for linking an article about David Hoyle with talk about a planned book. It's due to be released tomorrow, 18 October, limited edition of 500. Interesting title.

    1. I noticed the same thing about the title. And it appears that the Kickstarter campaign to fund the book may have started around the same time that Morfessa played 'Parallel Universe' on the jukebox (mentioned on Day 2150). I think Hoyle is a very apt choice to convey the spirit of STDIB.

    2. Actually, Day 2148 was the first mention of 'Parallel Universe', if anyone cares.

    3. You. Two. Are. Bloody. Good....Clever Heather...and GWO.

    4. Actually, scrub that, I reckon this one is a genuine coincidence - the playing of the song parallel universe by Morfessa was surely a reference to the MW parody piece of the same name, which Dawn subsequently re-published for us.

    5. It very well may be a genuine coincidence, but what prompted Morfessa to play that song at that particular time? A reference to a 5-year-old parody piece seems somewhat random. Presumably the only reason Morfessa re-published it for us is because GWO mentioned the parody piece.

    6. Pardon me, I meant to say that Dawn re-published it. I do tend to get those two confused in my head at times - I can't imagine why.

    7. Maybe M will let us know if the playing of Parallel Universe was a reference to the blog piece or the Hoyle book.

    8. I just thought it was an amusing coincidence that the performance artist chosen for the video should happen to have a book published about himself with a MW classic parody as it's title.

    9. yes I have not called them detectives for nothing.. well done

  3. I dashed home from work to watch the video.
    I love the rather grim setting, it reminds me of a pub I drank in back when I was a more sociable being (now of course its really trendy & full knit your own yogurt types)
    Anyhow, I enjoyed the video, it made me smile & is a tad surreal which I always welcome.
    Nice trainers & sparkly zip cardigan or is it a top? Either way I like.
    I feel oddly cheered by the video. Thank you!

  4. Hi Ratty, I love too the part of the video with Morrissey smiling like a schoolboy saying "castration", Joy Barton looks like a Ken Loach character, but maybe he wouldn't be happy at all knowing this! Where is Alain Bennet? Maybe in the next video. I was hoping for Official Moz tweeting his mobile's number, but it was something else! Goodnight 😉😘😂


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