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Thursday, 19 October 2017

Day 2326 - No go Bow

It was one month ago today that Spent the Day In Bed hit the airwaves, and although the song hasn't managed to break into the Top 100; which is full of songs streamed by the kids, it is getting lots of radio airplay, and the two videos (lyric and official) have so far amassed over 1 million views between them. The 7" version is being released next week, which will no doubt be Number 1 in the Vinyl Chart. All in all, the single is a huge success, and all bodes well for the LP; although the first review of the LP to have hit print, is by a fuckwit called Stephen Troussé, whose opening sentence in Uncut magazine is, "By not dying young, Morrissey robbed the world of a great artist." I didn't bother  to read the rest of the review, after all, why would I care what this dullard thinks? Why would I care what anyone thinks? Everyone's a critic, but only I am I, and only I will decide what I like and what I don't like.

The Queen is Dead gets a re-issue tomorrow, with there being a range of products included with the five LP vinyl box set, including a tote bag and a turntable slip mat. Morrissey is obviously fully involved in the Warners issue, as the etching in the runout groove of Side 1 reads, "CUTS? AXE THE MONARCHY" - the past embraces the present.

The only sign of Morrissey in The Wrong Arms this past week, was at 1am yesterday morning, when Alf tweeted a reply to a question I had asked last Friday. Whilst in conversation with Jaz last Friday, I tweeted about the uniqueness of Morrissey secretly tweeting and blogging, and said that if it were to now be discovered that Bowie had done such a thing, there would be unbelievable excitement. Jaz then informed me that Bowie did converse with fans via his website, BowieNet, and linked me to an article about it.

The BIG difference between BowieNet and what Morrissey has done with his various blogs and twitter accounts, is that Bowie's was all official, whereas Morrissey's is anything but. The two can't be compared - what Morrissey is doing is totally unique, and one day, when the world finally realises what has happened, it will be quite some story.

Jaz was interested to know if Morrissey had ever posted on BowieNet, so I asked him. The reply that came, five days later, was one of the shortest tweets that he has posted since starting out on this unique and incredible experience....."No."


  1. I finally got to see the video for Spent the day in bed and what a joy it is, wonderful Morrisseysque humour. I don't read any reviews as I don't care what they say so I am holding on for 17th November.

  2. Truly appalling to include that in a review - the lowest of the low.

  3. yes I agree, fancy saying something like that in a review, the thick twat was obviously trying to say that Moz would have become immortalised but wow, think first (or maybe he did).. on a sad note (for me) I have been told that I cant go to see Moz in the USA, I hold out for South America then as Europe is not for me

  4. Horrible -I decided not to read any reviews about anything Moz does, as said I like what I like and what I dont.


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