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Saturday, 28 October 2017

Day 2335 - BrightOn rOck

On September 19th published a review of Spent The Day In Bed and Morrissey himself; as Alfs Button, took to the comments section of the article to interact with some of the people leaving comment - I previously mentioned this on Day 2296 of FTM. One of the people commenting on The Guardian article wrote, "I can't wait to hear the latest offerings from the world's greatest lyricist. I do hope he will tour the UK next year - he is missed so much." Alf Button replied to this with, "Watch this space." Yesterday, that watched space was filled....we have a UK tour!


The news of the tour was broken by the Official Moz twitter account just after 9am, in the form of a one minute video of concert footage accompanied by some old song or other from an opera.... I am uncultured in such things!

Clever 'Eather informs me that the operatic piece is Vissi d'arte from Puccini's Tosca. It is sung by Floria Tosca as she thinks of her fate. She sings, "I lived for art, I lived for love, I never harmed a living soul. With a discreet hand I relieved all misfortunes I encountered." I have to say, it is very Morrisseyesque, and he has apparently had the piece played at concerts before.... I must have missed that! Clever 'Eather reminded me that on Tuesday, I tweeted a link to an old MorrisseysWorld/True Morrissey* piece from December 2016, entitled Too Much of a Saga, which is an explanation of how the modern world is no longer able to give us creative people. It is a superb piece of observation, and concludes:

"The modern world is no longer interested in creating art and no longer produces the necessary environment for art to be created. We all lose. Without the arts, we would not have the means to express our fears, our worries, any hopes or dreams. Our dreams are the dreams of artists. We must let them dream again. My life is sadness. My life is opera."

I am sure that it is just a coincidence that Morrissey chose this piece of music from Tosca to accompany his tour announcement.

The tour starts in Aberdeen on Feb 16th and concludes at Alexandra Palace in London on March 9th. There is another London concert, at the Royal Albert Hall, but as I have seen Morrissey at both the Ally Pally and the RAH, I have decided that the concert I will be going to will be the one on March 3rd in Brighton - I quite fancy a bit of Brighton rock, although Brighton does of course have that dreadful pebbly beach, which is full of ugly naked people.... although maybe not naked in early March!

Image result for brighton centre

In other news, my 7 inch copy of Spent The Day In Bed has arrived in the post, and last night the single was on the Graham Norton Show. The single will be Number 1 with a bullet on next week's official UK Vinyl Chart.

Spent The Day In Bed deserves to have had the success it has had, because it is a very good song, but the promotion around this song and the new album has been incredibly professional, and the man responsible for it, Korda Marshall, is set to have his professionalism and success rewarded next week, when he receives the A&R Icon Award. It isn't often that Morrissey gives praise to anyone in the music industry, but he is obviously delighted to have formed a relationship with Korda, as on Thursday he emailed to tell them:

"It is an indisputable fact that most record company executives can barely walk on land, and need to be turned over every 30 minutes. Their success makes you worry for music. But Korda strikes fire because he loves music and he wants others to. He listens with every nerve alert, and for those of us who have too frequently cruised the bars looking for a new label, Korda is a relief and a blessing. His job is hard to do well, but easy to do badly. Korda does not view pop artists as marketing creations. Instead, his knowledge, smartness and structural ideas fully join every aspect - he frets about the undotted i. I'm glad he's around in 2017 entertainment when so many people surprise us only by being able to talk. May Korda rule the waves and waive the rules for many years to come."
Image result for korda marshall

It is a shame that Morrissey and Korda didn't get together thirty five years ago, but better late than never. Korda is the Executive Vice President of BMG, and is obviously a very accomplished man, but I'm not so sure that whoever runs the BMG Twitter account is as up to speed with what is going on with the Morrissey promotions as Korda, because a tweet from BMG yesterday stated that I Wish You Lonely is the new single, and yet a very good friend of mine who heads up one of the largest radio stations in the south of England, informs me that he has received an email from BMG stating that I Wish You Lonely is not actually a single, but is an "instant grat track for the album". The email also states that the next single will be Jacky's Only Happy When She's Up On The Stage, coming out on Novemebr 7th. I guess we will have to wait and see. In the meantime, a great fan-made video has been uploaded to Youtube for I Wish You Lonely:

*Goes off singing* All things Brighton beautiful, all Mozzers quiffed and tall, all songs very singable, the Mozzer wrote them all.

*The True Morrissey blog was actually called Morrisseys Word when it published Too much of a Saga. The title of the blog was changed a few days later.


  1. Thank goodness for Korda Marshall. Although one would assume the promotional materials for the UK tour announcement would have been planned fairly well in advance, it does seem a bit coincidental that an operatic aria entitled "I lived for art" appeared three days after Ratty referenced a piece about art/artists that mentions opera.

  2. Will need to keep this brief as I am under sunnier skies away from home & currently no wifi.
    Anyway just wanted to say I am very excited about the UK tour. Can't wait to hear the new songs live.
    If I am not around, good luck to anyone who is taking a rose for Moz.

  3. have a fantastic night at the concerts people and ratty watch out for rosymires dragging around a portrait of ena sharples, rumour has it they look like twins so not sure if you'll be able to tell which is which

    1. fantastic just remembered all that old banter about playing at a leisure centre near you.. apols as I get older I'm afraid my marbles are going

    2. ooh that spelling... sit in the corner and do some lines manc

  4. Hello Ratty dear, the tour has started and I'm do exited and delighted by Morrissey's new songs! About Tosca I have to say that the whole story takes place in Rome and the aria "vissi d'arte..." is at the end of the drama, just before Tosca kills herself jumping off Castel Sant'Angelo, after she discovered his lover Mario Cavaradossi brutally executed by the Pope's Army. It's a sad story.Giacomo Puccini wasn't religious and hated the Church.... oh I don't want annoying you, enjoy your holiday with your family and all the footage videos of Morrissey's tour. Ciao!

  5. So . . Is anybody (apart from himself of course) making the trip across the Irish Sea? Manc? Can I tempt you?

    1. haha afraid not JG, whilst I would love to visit the emerald isle I have too much on at home, I will be thinking of you though and wishing you a great night, one day JG one day

  6. Jackie is only happy when she's up on the stage it's a brilliant song, I imagine Morrissey is talking about himself, but impersonating a woman and choosing the name of his beloved sister, just for joking. Goodnight 😘


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