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Monday, 6 November 2017

Day 2343 - Glue (Sunday November 5th)

Morrissey may have deleted all of his 'unofficial' twitter accounts but last night, whilst on a stage in San Francisco, he gave a sign that he is still keeping an eye on what goes on in The Wrong Arms. More about that later.

This is my first blog entry for over a week, as I have been away in deepest darkest Wiltshire with family and friends, and didn't take my laptop with me. Whilst I was away Morrissey began his latest tour, kicking it off in Portland on Halloween. In attendance was the latest BRS member, Jo (@lifeisapigsty_), who not only stood in the front row with her blue rose, but also had a local bakery make, and deliver, a dozen vegan blue rose cup cakes for Morrissey. As to whether or not Morrissey received the cakes, we do not know, but it was a lovely gesture.


As for Jo's blue rose, Morrissey chose not to accept it, but that was to be expected this early in the tour. He has accepted only one a year for the past five years, but there also hasn't been a calendar year in which he hasn't accepted one, so surely some time in the next month another will be taken.


The set list for Portland was incredible, with FOUR Smiths songs; including one that had never been sung live before, FIVE songs from Low In High School, songs from EIGHT different solo albums, and TWO superb covers; including the set opener You'll Be Gone, which not only is my favourite Morrissey cover ever, but is also the perfect song to open with - it is a song that could have been written for Moz.



The second song in Portland was I Wish You Lonely, which saw Morrissey throw out a very subtle 'O' right in front of our Jo. Following IWYL, the Portland public were treated to the first ever live rendition of I Started Something I Couldn't Finish, and what a rendition it was. Even thirty years on, the song remains as fresh as ever, and it even had a lyric change, with 'gilded beams' rather humorously replaced with 'Heinz baked beans'. Etched on the B side of the 1987 single are the words, "You are believing, you do not want to sleep" - this should become the motto of the BRS. During the song, the backdrop picture was one made by Clover Dean, of a cat listening to an ipod.

Whilst on the subject of the BRS, this is a good time to mention the new t-shirt that is being sold on this tour - a pink Trouble Loves Me t-shirt! This is a must have item for all BRS members, as Trouble Loves Me is the anthem of the Blue Rose Society. Will we get the song on the tour? I guess time will tell, but I'll certainly be buying and wearing that shirt in Brighton next March.


The fourth song to be sung in Portland was Spent The Day In Bed, a song that is now not only Number 1 on the Official UK Vinyl Singles Chart, but has also entered the main chart at Number 69, which is an absolutely MASSIVE achievement. To put it into perspective, U2's most recent single, You're The Best Thing About Me, reached Number 92.

The success of STDIB is down to great marketing by Korda Marshall and his team at BMG, but also, it is a very, very catchy pop song, and is perfect for radio play.

The follow up single is NOT going to be I Wish You Lonely which, as I wrote in my previous blog entry, was just an "instant grat". This was confirmed by 'Official Moz' last week in an email to all those in the UK who have pre-ordered the new album. The email even used the words, "instant grat". Hmm.

Alma Matters and Speedway were the next two songs sung in Portland, followed by When You Open Your Legs, which had a great backdrop of a book cover:

Image result for james rowe artist colony

Another of the new songs followed, Home Is A Question Mark, with a backdrop of Grafton Street in Dublin from 1946.


Istanbul was next in the Portland set, and then When Last I Spoke To Carol, which had a backdrop of Sophia Loren playing records.... Morrissey records!

Next up was the wonderful How Soon Is Now? followed by I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris, which had a lyric change of, "I smell all over the place". The Bullfighter Dies and Jack The Ripper came next, with Back On The Chain Gang after, and a backdrop of a young, and incredibly stunning, Chrissie Hynde.

After Chain Gang came the anthem, World Peace Is None Of Your Business and then All The Young People Must Fall In Love, followed by two songs with hard hitting messages and videos. First up was  Ganglord, and then the ever powerful Meat Is Murder. Some Morrissey fans moan about MIM being in the set all the time, but Morrissey has dedicated his life to protecting animals, and every time he converts somebody away from meat consumption, he wins a battle for those with no voice. After the concert in Seattle, I happened to stumble across this on twitter, posted by @spookymiel. I'm sure it would hearten Morrissey to read such a thing:

"Morrissey had 2 back to back songs that had such intense visuals. When I say intense, I mean graphic. Really graphic. The 1st song's visuals were a compilation of police brutality caught on video and it was the hardest thing to watch. The 2nd one was for Meat is Murder. There were so many  clips of slaughtering and torture, I broke down and cried my eyes out during the show. I'm going vegetarian. I understand not all animals are mistreated so horrifyingly, but still, I no longer wish to consume any animals. Seeing them in so much pain and seeing their faces go from panic to blank death stares was so fucking heartbreaking. I was so upset, I was shocked but also embarrassed when I realized I was the only person in my area crying, but at least now that I'm going vegetarian, I'm not gonna be the cause of any more animal deaths."

butterfly bby ♡

This blog entry is starting to get rather long, so I guess I should try and wrap it up. The final three songs in Portland were all classics: Everyday Is Like SundaySuedehead and Trumpshifters Of The World Unite. All in all, an incredible concert. There were no successful stage invasions and no shirt toss...probably because Moz wore a blazer and not a shirt! Jo's blue rose was left on the stage.


Not much Youtube footage has emerged from Seattle (Thursday) but the set was fairly similar to Portland, with the only change being My Love, I'd Do Anything For You replacing All The Young People Must Fall In Love. Again no stage invaders or shirt toss.


And so to San Fran last night, and that nod to us lot watching in the Wrong Arms. Alma Matters was left out, as was Istanbul and Carol. Back came All The Young People, and also included were: Jacky's Only Happy When She's Up On The Stage (new single next week?),  Kiss Me a Lot, and..... Glamorous Glue, which was played for the first time in twenty five years. Most people think that the inclusion of Glam Glue was nothing other than a "pleasant surprise", but the topic of conversation in The Wrong Arms on Friday between myself, Heather and Dan Abnormal (@Nothappysad75) was about....glue! To be precise, we were discussing the meaning of "same old glue" in the song I Wish You Lonely, but the singing of Glamorous Glue last night was a direct nod to the occupants of The Arms and NOT just a pleasant surprise.

San Fran also saw the return of the tosser, with Moz tossing one off at the end of Trumpshifters.


Just as I was about to publish this blog entry, the Morfessa twitter account re-opened. Morrissey has posted me a DM message and favourited two tweets. His message was as follows:

"What more do I need to do for you to blog. Hashtag Lazycunt"

One of the favourited tweets was regarding the conversation about glue, which further endorses last night's song, whilst the other tweet that was favourited was one I posted following the Portland concert. I had quoted a remark left on Solo about former BRS member, MerryAnne (@sadglamour), who; having been unable to winch herself on stage, was helped up, and subsequently ignored. Here is my tweet:

""Poor girl who couldn't get on stage herself, was helped up by security. Moz didn't even go over to shake her hand" Hashtag NeverDenyTheMoz"

MerryAnne made a big thing about the 'unofficial Moz' not being real, and now her denying Moz is resulting in him ignoring her.

MerryAnne continues to slag me off on Twitter to her little army of followers, so she will get no sympathy from me. I wonder if she is big enough to admit she was wrong? Perhaps she could take Moz a blue rose to the next concert she attends as a form of an apology to him, although I expect she will simply remain in denial. Her loss.

Next stop, Paso Robles.

*Foot Note* This blog entry was published on Sunday November 5th at 6pm. I updated the date on the Grafton Street photo on Monday 6th November and for some bizarre reason, the original posting date was updated to current time. Must be gremlins.... or Kremlin!


  1. great read colonel, I knew you couldn't stay away long, as for the tour it looks like we are a missing a fantastic one, IF he plays South America I WILL be there, have a fab time all those attending

  2. So much to blog about today - I love that DM from Morfessa. Morfessa also 'liked' my tweet in which I posted the Tosca aria from the tour promo video. Does that indicate that the appearance of the opera aria was more than just a coincidence? Very exciting to see the success of STDIB (congrats to M), and the tour is certainly off to a thrilling start.

  3. San Francisco last night Morrissey dedicated Home is a Question Mark to his Grandfather, I thought that was very sweet of him.

  4. How lovely to have a new member of BRS embrace the spirit, with a rose for Moz on the first date. Let's hope it is the first of many, this year & next.
    As ever its grand to see Moz & band back on the stage giving their all & more.

  5. My apologies, the Grafton Street photo is from 1946, not the 1960's. I was working with a tiny snippet of the backdrop taken from a video and eventually stumbled upon the photo on a Dublin town twitter account. I copied the date from their tweet, despite my misgivings that the cars looked much older than the 1960's. Now, of course, if you search for that photo better links show up with the correct date.

    1. Well done for finding it. I have amended the date.

  6. What a fabulous start to the tour. As always, I am so jealous of the concert venues in the States. Why is Boz only wearing socks and shoes with his tunic and not trousers like the others?

  7. Hello, all is going fine and I'm happy, for Moz, for his Band e for the lucky people attending this fantastic tour. My favorite Cover by Moz is Back on the chain gang, I always loved this song Morrissey's cover is simply sublime. Cheers ho Jo for her cupcakes and goodnight to all of you!👍🏻❤️😘


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